Deconstructing GH: New mysteries intriguing, but some stories still stink

August 28 - September 1:


The last few weeks of “General Hospital” have been fairly slow. Fortunately, the action picked up the pace this week. While some storylines were great, others were a bit silly. Then there are those that nobody likes, but the show seems determined to cram them down our throats.

Uh oh, Jason’s been shot, again.
Viewers collectively smacked their heads when Sam idiotically barged in on Sonny and Jason’s meeting with the five families and put herself in the line of danger. Petrov shot at her the moment she burst through the door screaming, which was not a subtle or sly entrance at all. Of course, Jason dove in front of the bullet and took it right in the chest. For weeks now we’ve dealt with Sam’s fears that Sonny was going to get Jason killed, when in the end it was Sam who put her husband’s life in jeopardy. I just hope Jason doesn’t end up with amnesia again.

Nelle the black widow.
Nelle’s new back story as a potential fiancé killer and now a jewel thief is just terrible. It will likely amount to nothing, especially if they want to turn the character around and make the audience like her. I was impressed that Carly refused to turn over this latest dirt to Michael, but Bobbie likely will and it will all probably amount to her coming out looking bad instead of Nelle. Felicia’s inability to dig up any dirt on Nelle before because she didn’t realize her real name was Janelle Benson was laughable. Is your Google broken girl? Are you doing your sleuthing on Netscape 2.0 and Bing?

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Jewel thief.
It seems suspicious that the sapphire necklace just happened to disappear shortly after Valentin appeared in Morocco. While he was with Nina when it went missing, it doesn’t mean he didn’t pay someone to lift it for him. His disappearing the minute the cops appeared to investigate was also shady. Given Anna’s investigation into the diamond connected to the jewel thefts in Eastern Europe, this storyline has potential for being a good mystery. Many of our readers commented on last week’s blog that they hope this is a way to bring back Nikolas and redeem Valentin at the same time.

The end of Ask Man Landers?
Maxie finally returned to Port Charles and learned the truth about Amy and Nathan’s Ask Man Lander’s scheme. Hopefully this means the end of this awful storyline is in sight! However, I did get a chuckle when Maxie saw the cutout of Nathan and wondered what kinky things he and Amy were into, when she still thought they were sleeping together. I’m also glad I’m not the only one that thought the giant cut out of Nathan was ridiculous and did a poor job hiding his identity as Man Landers.

Girls gone wild.
Kristina taking Valerie to lesbian night at the Floating Rib was pretty funny. It is also good to see them making more use of Valerie. I liked that Valerie was a good sport about it, and was shocked when she planted a kiss on Kristina to help make Parker jealous. Valerie-Kristina-GH-XJJ Too bad she doesn’t know the whole story about Parker, because she may not have wanted to help Kristina out. It seems clear that they are going to put Kristina and Parker together, which bothers me because of the student teacher relationship. It’s time for Kristina to find someone new.

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Franco’s mysterious painting.
As I noted in last week’s Deconstructing GH, Franco’s painting of his imaginary friend may not be so imaginary. Even little Jake seemed to guess the painting was about two brothers. Franco later looked at some mysterious photos of two children, one of which I’m betting is going to be Steve Burton’s character. The show continued to tease us with that photo, but the storyline didn’t go anywhere. I would rather have seen more development with this plot point than the silliness with Nelle being a fiancé killer.

Olivia vs. the cooks.
Olivia-pizza-Ned-GH-XJJ Olivia’s feud with cook 1 and now cook 2 is getting a bit silly. With Sonny selling his restaurant, many think Ned is going to buy it for her so she has can explore her passion for cooking. This could be an interesting story, and I’m all for giving Ned and Olivia more airtime.

These are just my opinions on this week’s episodes. Please share your own in the comments.

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– Dustin Cushman


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