Cody’s Mother of All Reveals Was About the Only Thing That Happened on General Hospital — Plus, What Could Be Waiting for Spencer in Prison

August 8 - 12:

Cody's mom reveal GH ABC

Credit: ABC

The past two weeks of General Hospital have felt like they crawled along for most of the episodes, save for one or two big reveals. Last week it was Esme’s plunge off the parapet, and this week it was Cody revealing his connection to Scott. Most of the other storylines feel stuck in limbo, just like the couples, who at this point it seems there are few to even root for. Let’s dive into what happened this week in Port Charles.

So Who Is The Father?

After decking Scotty, which seems to be a Port Charles rite of passage, Cody revealed that his mother was Scotty’s late wife Dominique Stanton. Her sister Katherine’s family, the Bells, raised him and is where he got his last name. So who is his father? That’s the unanswered question for the time being. It was only a matter of time before they connected Cody to someone other than Dante to secure his spot in Port Charles. And if Dominique’s first husband Leopold turns out to be his father, that might be why Cody seemed so interested in Britt’s connection to Faison given his involvement with Faison led to his death.

Cody meets Scott

Cody should probably avoid the Metro Court pool in the future, as he’s always getting in trouble there. (ABC)

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Then again, he seemed to indicate he wasn’t entirely sure who his father was. And it seems like it would be way too easy to have it be Leopold. Given his whining about his lost fortune, could he turn out to be another Cassadine? Still, no matter how many connections they give Cody in town, many fans would like to see his character split for the way he’s badgered Britt into all these dates and won’t take no for an answer.

Trina’s Trial Almost Over?

The teases for next week indicate Trina’s trial is back with a verdict. If they come back with a not-guilty verdict because of Sonny’s jury tampering, it won’t be a satisfying conclusion to this story. While we know Trina is innocent, and this whole storyline is in part about how justice can be blind, seeing Trina go free because she is innocent and the jury saw that is the satisfaction we the audience really need from this storyline. That alone makes me worry Trina will be found guilty.

Meanwhile, Portia and Curtis are trying to forge ahead with their plan to wake Oz up, which I still feel will end up going all kinds of wrong. However, the twist with Jordan being the one to help them pull it off, and allow Portia to slip into Oz’s room, was something I didn’t see coming. That was a great bit of writing.

Prison for Spencer?

In last week’s column I felt for sure there was no way Spencer would serve time in Pentonville. Though he turned down Robert’s deal, Victor is still pressuring the Governor to overturn his sentence, which is for three months. Pentonville stories tend to be the pits, so what kind of storyline could they come up with for Spencer? Then I remembered they made a point to note Cyrus has been transferred to Pentonville, and he could target Spencer given he’s Laura’s grandson. Still, though, would anyone want to watch such a story play out?

GH cyrus leaves GH waves screenshot

Spencer has another great uncle, Cyrus! (ABC screenshot)

Credit: ABC screenshot

The other possibility, which is looking unfortunately likely, is that poor Trina will end up in Pentonville along with Spencer. While nobody wants to see Trina in prison, it would potentially allow her and Spencer to cross paths often and figure out what they are to one another.

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Hello Dex!

Dex was the latest man to be gawked at while enjoying the Metro Court pool, and by Joss and Trina no less. Mary Poppins popped immediately to mind and I found myself saying, “Close your mouth Joss, you are not a codfish!” If it wasn’t obvious before that they are setting something up to happen between Joss and Dex, well it is now. Poor Cam if something does happen between them.

Trina Meets Dex

The Metro Court pool has become a meat market this summer. (ABC)

Spinelli’s Secrets and Austin’s Boss

We finally learned why Spinelli has been so determined to hide that he’s behind Society Setups, and that’s because his algorithms are using illegal data mining methods. Still though, as I’ve said over and over, does anyone care about this story? What it really seems to have come down to is that Spinelli is still hung up on Maxie. Is he trying to scientifically prove to himself, and maybe her, that they are supposed to be together?

Austin lies to Maxie GH

Austin’s lies may doom his future with Maxie. (ABC)

Meanwhile, Austin is keeping his own secrets regarding Pautuck and his mysterious female boss. We know he was sent to Port Charles to do something and has failed to do it. The question is, did he really come to make a play for the Q’s money, or something else? If his attempt to get shares of ELQ was in earnest, could he be working for someone who has a beef with the Quartermaines? Somehow this story has hooked me, but it’s one of those stories that is moving at a snail’s pace because Austin only shows up every now and then.

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Austin’s lies likely will be the end of his relationship with Maxie. Especially given she just got out of a relationship with the biggest liar ever, Peter. Then again, there probably will be few fans crying over the end of Austin and Maxie. With it extremely doubtful Ryan Paevey will return to the soap, it might be time for the show to screen test actors with Kirsten Storms and hire the best one to play Nathan back from the dead.

The Couples Merry-Go-Round

I commented last week there were too many couples on the show going nowhere, and this week continued to showcase that. Nina and Sonny finally made it official and I thought to myself, wait… they weren’t a couple already? At least we finally got to see Kristina again, and I actually appreciated her saying that given all the stuff she’s pulled, she’s in no position to judge anyone. At the same time, she had the right to be unhappy with what Nina did to their family.

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Brook Lynn and Chase are still going nowhere. They really just need to put Chase back on the force as that seems to be the only solution to their problems. Then there is Sam and Dante, whose current crisis is whether to move in together or not. Really? With the mentions of Lulu lately, one can hope she’ll wake up soon and put an end to this couple.

Chase and BLQ so close GH ABC

Just kiss and get on with it! (ABC screenshot)

Finally, there is Anna and Valentin… What can I say? It feels like the writers are determined to destroy them. I used to love them, and still think the actors have amazing chemistry together, but now it’s almost painful to watch them playing something out of Spy vs. Spy.

As usual, these are only my thoughts on General Hospital. Please leave yours in the comments below!

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