Absolutely Nobody Believes Esme Is Really Dead on General Hospital — Plus, the One Thing That Needs to Not Happen In Willow’s Storyline

August 1 - 5:

Nobody believes Esme Dead GH

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This week on General Hospital, Trina’s trial finally concluded, but it was Esme’s fall that was the real shocker. Willow finally got the news we were all expecting, and Sasha had her biggest meltdown yet. Other than that, the week ended on a slow note with a bunch of storylines we only occasionally get to see.

Esme Takes a Dive

Ava backhanding Esme across the face after the little witch gloated to Ava that she drove Kiki to her death was a phenomenally acted scene by Maura West. Both actreally gave their all in that rumble, but it was Esme who ended up going over that damn parapet. Ava joking to Nikolas that they know the fall isn’t fatal, and she was exhibit A, was a great line to add some comic relief to a dire situation. Perhaps Nikolas shally think of installing a safety fence, or some netting up there? Still, Ava is right and without a body, we all know Esme is alive. Some have even predicted she’ll be found and taken care of by a very much alive Nelle. Perish the thought of these two ever teaming up!

Esme probably should have researched that parapet a little better. (ABC screenshot)

Esme probably should have researched that parapet a little better. (ABC screenshot)

Bravo to Ava for making sure Nikolas knew that she was still done with the cheater, even after Nikolas scrambled to help cover up her fight with Esme. However on some level, they still are in this together, and the secret about Esme probably will bring them back together. I for sure am looking forward to Spencer finding out what his father did, and how it impacts his living arrangements at Wyndemere as well.

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Spencer Faces the Slammer Again

Even though he finally did the right thing, Spencer now faces going back to prison because of his daybreak. Yes, he broke the law, but he also went back to prison to serve out his sentence, so that at least will show a judge he didn’t intend to break out for good. Plus, we all know sending him back will end his storyline, and that’s not going to happen.

Trina’s testimony felt like the right way to end this farce of a trial, and Diane telling to be the heroine of her own story was a great way to give Trina confidence on the stand. Of course, she finally admitted she had feelings for Spencer back then but was also quick to point out she doesn’t anymore. Seeing her growing ever closer to Rory, what does this mean for Spencer and Trina? This triangle feels like it’s only just beginning and Spencer still might have a fighting chance. However, he’s got a big hill to get climb to do so. Cue the Kate Bush song!

Who Is The Real Dex?

One of the good things to come from Spencer standing up for Trina is that Joss now knows he’s not a jerk. Though predictably she’s upset with Cam for keeping her in the dark about Spencer’s plan. However she was right on one thing, Spencer’s plan was never going to work and Cam should have seen that. Given Joss had a second run-in with Dex, right after venting to her mother that she’s not pleased with Cam, it looks like the show is not-so-subtly pushing Joss into Dex’s orbit.

Whose side is Dex really on? (ABC screenshot)

Whose side is Dex on? (ABC screenshot)

Speaking of Dex, I loved him calling up Michael to renegotiate their deal. Anything that makes Michael’s life a little more difficult is fine with me. I have been expecting Dex to flip, and either turn out to be a double agent for Sonny or simply decide he likes the power and money he gets working for Sonny over Michael.

Portia’s Stolen Plan to Save Trina

The plan to wake Oz up sooner rather than later is confusing me. Everyone is acting like they are running out of time and Trina’s about to face the electric chair. Even if the jury convicts her, should Oz finally wake up then he can still exonerate her. This is all for drama, though truthfully who knows how long Trina would be in prison before Oz wakes up. But this plan is bound to fail. Of course, I could be wrong and it will work beautifully, but when does that happen on soaps? Portia also has enough drama as is what with Trina being Curtis’ daughter, which is why she’s been paranoid about her inheriting his mental illness. So why continue to bury the story we want to see with this drama?

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Who Didn’t See This Coming?

If you were shocked that TJ suspects Willow has leukemia, then I have a bridge in London to sell you. Everyone and their mother saw this storyline coming the minute Carly decided to hide the truth about Willow and Nina being daughter and mother. Of course, Terry, in explaining the causes and symptoms, made sure to point out it could be genetic. Well of course it is, and Willow will need a genetic match to save her life! Wherever this so far predictable storyline is headed, one thing I’d rather not sit through is watching Willow lose her baby. After what happened with Jonah, and then Liam, the show doesn’t need to go there again so soon. Or frankly ever again.

TJ gives Willow the news we all knew was coming. (ABC screenshot)

TJ gives Willow the news we all knew was coming. (ABC screenshot)

Where Are We Going With This?

As I noted in last week’s column, having Sasha go to rehab would have been a quick and easy way to wrap up this storyline, which it doesn’t appear many viewers care about. Now Smoltz, who showed himself to be an awful human being, egged Sasha on to reaching her breaking point. It’s just too bad she took the parking sign and smashed Smoltz’s windshield instead of his head. And while I might not be digging this story, both Sofia Mattsson and Johnny Wactor knocked it out of the park with their acting and raw emotions. Likewise, the scenes between Sasha and Gladys in the interrogation room, with Gladys explaining how she’s come to love Sasha, were touching. Gladys’ character has come such a long way and is probably the one thing this story has going for it.

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Odds and Ends

• Liz’s latest episode had her hearing her younger self call out to her daddy. What does that have to do with Peter’s not-so-dead body that she flashed to though? This story has been about her dad since the beginning but is moving so slowly that it’s become one of those storylines that it’s easy to lose any interest in it that you might have.

• Gregory and Alexis’ friendly wager ended with him the winner, but it felt like we the audience were the real loser. This is just another storyline that pops up every three weeks and is hard to invest in because of that fact. Also given we already have Cody and Britt, and Brook Lynn and Chase, the last thing we need is another would-be couple who have a hard time seeing eye to eye and are always bickering. Britt and Cody, and Brook Lynn and Chase especially have just been going round and round on a trip to nowhere for a while now.

These are simply this author’s opinions of what went down in Port Charles this week. Join the conversation below and comment!

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