Nikolas Wakes up to Esme’s Games a Little Too Late on General Hospital – Plus, What Ryan’s Big Reveal Means for His Daughter Going Forward

July 25 - 29:

Ava, Esme, Nikolas and Ryan SoapBox GH

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It was the week General Hospital fans had been waiting a long time for, Spencer finally stood up for Trina, and Ava learned her husband slept with Esme. However, the latest revelation regarding Esme’s mother left many scratching their heads. There were some other happenings around Port Charles too, but this week was really about Trina, Spencer, Ava and Esme.

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Who’s That Girl?

Since learning that Ryan was Esme’s birth father, the question, “Then who is her mother?” has been pondered by many. Felicia was most peoples’ number one guess, but now Ryan has revealed even he doesn’t know her mother’s real name. Say what? It was a magical and mysterious romance, and Ryan claimed she was the love of his life, but she up and disappeared and he never really knew who she was.

Esme needs answers GH

Please, daddy, tell me who my mommy is. (ABC screenshot)

So it appears Esme’s mother is a brand new character. As we pointed out in an article on the topic, this could pave the way to cast a well-known actress in the role. Then again, so what? If Esme’s mother was someone near and dear to viewers’ hearts, it could have had a huge impact on where the character’s storyline could go moving forward. Maybe she could have been redeemed? Or we could better understand her motivations? Now though it feels like without a parent we can care about, the character has reached a dead end. Some fans are still holding out hope that Ryan is lying about her mother, or the fact that he’s even her father and perhaps Kevin is. There needs to be another twist to this story, otherwise, they might as well kill Esme off at this point.

Spencer Takes the Stand

Spencer cleverly dropped the tidbit that Esme left the room after the big blowup between her and Joss but before they left the cabin. It was a great setup for Diane to again cast a spotlight on Esme as the guilty party. Ava catching onto that too and questioning Spencer, who responded, “What can I say, I’m an idiot,” was a great bit of banter between the characters. It feels like Ava is finally seeing a side of Spencer she can have a bit of respect for or at least the Spencer she used to know. It’s a pity that Nikolas’ stupidity with Esme has blown their chance at being an actual family.

Spencer testifies GH

Better late than never, but Spencer’s testimony may have done nothing to help Trina. (ABC screenshot)

Nicholas Chavez once again killed it on the stand testifying he didn’t believe Trina was guilty, that he was with her when the video was sent out, and he was coming forward because at some point, “You have to stop doing the easy thing and start doing the right thing.” Of course, the ADA pointed out that an email can be scheduled. So then why is there not more focus on the fact a video can be scheduled to record, or it could have been triggered remotely? Plus, during their confrontation, Spencer reminded Esme she went back to the cabin to pick up something he left, giving her time to retrieve the burner phone. Is this ever going to come up? These are more ridiculous plotholes that make this trial infuriating, similar to how I vented in last week’s column there had to be security cameras outside the cabin!

Comatose Oz

With Oz’s life on the line, Esme could now go down for at least attempted murder. However, they have to prove she did it, and connect the dots. While Jordan and Britt are getting close thanks to the fact that Spencer brought the same prescription opioids to Britt to identify, and admitted they were Esme’s, once again there is another piece of evidence that magically doesn’t exist. Just as with the burner phone, Esme’s prints should have been found at Oz’s place. Does this girl have the ability to wipe them away remotely? Or does she just not leave fingerprints?

Oz in a coma

Given the way things are going, Esme is likely to pull Oz’s plug soon. (ABC screenshot)

Once again, as soap viewers, we are expected to suspend reality for the sake of the storyline. No way can Esme call up the hospital and claim to be Oz’s daughter and get information on his status without somehow proving she is who she says she is.

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Esme Versus Ava

Victor had the right idea upon learning of Nikolas’ colossal mistake and insisting they take Esme out. However as many pointed out on my Twitter feed, Esme is still needed to clear Trina. At this point though, is she? If the PCPD did their job, they could have proven Esme did it without a confession. Now that the cat is out of the bag and Ava knows Nikolas screwed the little witch, he probably wishes he had let Victor deal with her!

Ava vs Esme GH

It’s time Ava dropped that house on Esme! (ABC screenshot)

I have to wonder if the writers will remember that Ava and Nikolas’ postnup gives everything to Ava should Nikolas cheat on her. Because it would be great to see her give Nikolas, Spencer, and even Victor the boot from Wyndemere. Though she might feel more sympathetic towards Spencer when she learns he tried to clear Trina, and Spencer learns his dad had sex with his “girlfriend.”  Other viewers are hoping Ava hooks up with Victor to stick it to Nikolas, but would Victor go there? The two characters’ previous banter has proven to be fun.

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Ava confronting Esme was a thrill to watch, as both actresses gave powerhouse performances. As much as viewers hate Esme, there is no denying Avery Pohl is a fantastic actress to make us hate Esme the way we do. Ava finally realized there is more to Esme’s story, and hatred of her was a great “Ah Ha!” moment as well. Ava’s not going to let this go until she finds out all of Esme’s dirty little secrets.

Odds and Ends

• Valentin once again lying to Anna’s face about where he was after he left the clinic and that Victor is holding Charlotte hostage to force his hand, is getting old. I adore Vanna, but it’s getting hard for me to even care about them with this storyline dragging out and the fact that we only get fleeting moments of them every few weeks.

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• Michael’s vendetta against Sonny is one thing, but now Joss is also ready to take him down too? It’s a bit much, especially given Joss beat Michael to the punch and had a way to take him down without all the scheming Michael’s going through to do so. Sonny, and Carly, both made the point Joss would be punishing Avery and Donna over their anger towards him. What might Kristina have to say about her siblings’ actions?

• The show could have used Sasha going to rehab as a way to end this storyline few people seem to care about. However, now they have Felty and Smoltz scheming to reveal Sasha may have been on drugs when she hit Harmony, which is sending Sasha spiraling again. Does anyone care though?

As usual, these are only my thoughts and mine alone. Please join the conversation and leave yours below!

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