Trina’s Trial and Spencer and Esme’s Explosive Confrontation Made for Soapy Goodness on General Hospital

July 22 -25

Trina's trial and Esme and Spencer's blow up GH

Credit: ABC screenshot

Trina’s trial kicked into high gear this week and provided some great episodes of General Hospital. Spencer and Esme’s relationship finally went nuclear, and it was a long time coming. We also got a much-needed and welcomed break from the Carly and Nina drama. And it only took far too many months, but Austin is finally becoming a little more interesting now that he has a mysterious backstory. And between sparing in Sonny’s gym and the sauna, this week sure delivered up a lot of skin!

Objection! Hostile Witness!

Cam and Joss’ testimonies at Trina’s trial were extremely powerful scenes. Joss’ was especially emotional with her breaking down and describing Trina as her best friend since middle school who has been the one friend who has always been there for her. This trial is serving up a lot of Daytime Emmy-worthy performances. It was also fun to watch Joss take a page out of her mother’s playbook and become a hostile witness on the stand, trying to not let the ADA twist her words. Good on Joss for sticking up for Trina.

Joss is a hostile witness GH

Joss: “I object to your questions!” (ABC Screenshot)

Jordan’s testimony about Trina wanting to fully cooperate and help find who set up her friends was also great. I just wish as I noted in last week’s column that she or Trina would remember Jordan was with Trina when the tape was released. Spencer isn’t her only alibi!

How on earth did the ADA know to call Rory to the stand and question him about the High Sider incident? The report only cited two underage girls, no one was named. That felt like a stretch just to stack the evidence against Trina even more for drama’s sake.

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I’m glad they finally addressed the camera situation at Sonny’s cabin with Joss stating there were no camera’s inside the cabin. But what about outside? There has to be some because this is Sonny we are talking about! This has been one of the biggest blunders of the whole story, which I hope will finally be used to show Esme returning to retrieve the burner phone.

Mother May I?

Spencer finally revealed to Esme that he knew she taped Joss and Cam and tried to force her to get Trina off the hook by dangling her fake bio-mom’s identity in front of her. Watching it all play out was a great episode. I’d been wondering for a while now if it would work, and if Esme already knew who her mother was. From her reaction, especially asking if Victor found her father, it seems like she doesn’t know after all.

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Nicholas Chavez knocked it out of the park by letting Spencer’s hatred for Esme shine through. His line to Esme, “You’re not psychic, your psycho!” was a stellar piece of writing. Avery Pohl was amazing as always as the psycho Esme, and watching her call Spence a weak and pathetic little boy was also a great line.

Esme and Boz GH

I’m not sure who I feel sorry for here, Esme or Boz. (ABC Screenshot)

With Curtis searching for Boz, and Esme out of money, the little psycho reached into her bag of old tricks and drugged the bartender. We’ll have to wait till next week to find out if he lives or dies, but this could be the nail in the coffin for her. He knows she drugged him, and if he doesn’t live, an autopsy should show what drugs were in his system. If he does live, they can still be identified, unless he becomes too afraid of her. With Spencer taking the same drugs to Britt to identify, assuming she used the same pills, that seems more than enough to cast an eye in Esme’s direction. Then again, this would require the PCPD to do good work.

Society Setups’ The Bachelorette

Cody predictably bombed his date with Britt, which continues to drag this story out and the secret to what his ultimate agenda is. I feel like based on comments I have read on the internet that I’m in a minority in liking Cody, and see the potential for him and Britt. However, I do wish we’d be given some more hints as to where this is going.

Cody and Britt's bad date GH

Cody may be charming, but he’s terrible at talking to the ladies. (ABC Screenshot)

Spinelli finally admitted to Maxie that he was behind Society Setups and she echoed what I’ve been commenting on the last few weeks, who cares and why the secrecy! This is Spinelli, so I can’t imagine he’s up to something nefarious and the dating app is all a cover.

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Open Mic Night

Seeing the Haunted Star again was a lot of fun, especially since the Floating Rib burned down. They need to make more use of the set. Watching Epiphany and Chase sing was also entertaining, but this ongoing storyline with BLQ and Chase teaming up to take Linc down is a snoozefest. If they were at least a couple it could be a tiny bit more fun, but it feels like Linc owning BLQ’s songs is a silly reason for these two not to be together already.

Finn and Chase at the gym

Port Charles seems to have gotten caught in the heatwave hitting much of the US this week. (ABC Screenshot)

Return to the Fold

So it appears avenging his father’s name wasn’t the only reason Austin came to Port Charles… or the writers realized he had become boring as sin and they just decided to make up some other secret agenda to make him interesting. He’s been ordered to return home to the fold after failing to do whatever he was supposed to do, and his boss is a woman.

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Of course, my first thought when there is a bad female boss is always Helena. But after learning Ms. Wu also owns the High Sider, along with having her finger in several other businesses across town, I wonder if it could be her? They could always bring Cassandra Pierce back from the dead too. Then again, Helena would make sense and this could be a part of the big threat coming that Victor is afraid of. Hopefully, it doesn’t take as long for Austin’s story to play out as Victor’s, which seems like has been going on for an eternity at this point.

Austin meets the mystery man GH

Who is Austin’s boss and what’s he doing in town? (ABC Screenshot)

Willow’s Unknown Illness

Finally, the ball has been set in motion for Willow to have some life-threatening illness that will likely require a family member to step in and save her life. A low white blood cell count could mean a lot of things, but I’ve been leaning towards Luekhemia since this all began. And while TJ and Willow are both new to this doctor and nursing thing, it seems to me they’re being nonchalant about it and have this, “We’ll figure it out,” attitude. If it were me I’d be demanding every test be run and the results rushed, and use my Quartermaine connections to make it happen.

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