Trina’s Trial Is Hopefully the Beginning of Esme’s Downfall on General Hospital — and the Metro Court Drama Sets Up New Rivalries

July 11 - 15:

Trina's trial will bring down Esme GH

Credit: ABC screenshot

In what feels like it took forever to get here, Trina’s trial is finally getting underway on General Hospital. Hopefully, this means Esme’s going to be getting her comeuppance soon. Other storylines continue to drag and aren’t providing viewers with any answers. Let’s dive into what happened in Port Charles this week.

Victor’s End Game Still Unknown

I reiterate what I said in my last week’s column, I wish Valentin would bring Laura and Anna in on Victor holding Charlotte hostage, and what Victor is up to… at least as much as he knows. However, I am loving Valentin thwarting Victor’s attempts to kill, or at least maim, Laura. Valentin’s plan to get her out of town plays into Genie Francis’ annual summer vacation. Of course, Finola Hughes is also known for her summer vacations as well, which makes me wonder how this storyline can continue to play out if both of these vets aren’t on screen? Are we just going to have to deal with yet another pause of this storyline for a few weeks to months? We’ve been waiting long enough to find out what Victor is up to, and it’s getting to the point if anyone will even care if they keep dragging it out?

Valentin fails Victor

Valentin was introduced as the worst of the Cassadines? Now he’s at Victor’s mercy! (ABC Screenshot)

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The Dating Game

So what we all figured out came to pass, Cody pressured Spinelli to set him up with Britt. I’m interested in seeing where Cody and Britt are headed, but couldn’t give a rat’s behind about Spinelli and his dating app. Why is he keeping his involvement a secret? Really, who cares if you have designed a dating app?

Cody and Britt Flirt

That’s the nicest stable I’ve ever seen, but living upstairs from the horses has got to stink! (ABC screenshot)5

As for Britt, where is the storyline with her having Huntington’s Disease going? Some fans have theorized she doesn’t have it, and Victor tampered with her test results as a way to lure Obrecht into his clutches. It would be great if this proved to be true and we could just nix the disease aspect for good. We also still don’t know what Wu is blackmailing Britt over regarding what she and Faison were up to while on the run. It would be smart to have Cody somehow involved with that, but I’m not sure I have enough faith in the show to bring this to fruition. The show is known for just leaving tidbits like these dangling until someone decides to use them again, or just forget about them entirely.

Esme Feels the Heat as Trina’s Trial Gets Underway

Rory and Trina are a cute couple, but I still want to hold out hope for Trina and Spencer. However after all his secrets and plotting, even if to help her, I’m not sure if Trina should be with him. He has a lot of growing up to do still. Then again, so does his father, Nikolas!

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Diane taking over Trina’s trial must have something to do with Kin Shriner needing to be off-screen for some reason, and I’m bummed about this. Don’t get me wrong, I love watching Diane in court, but this was Scotty’s chance to shine. Plus, Kin has such amazing chemistry with the younger cast, and it’s a bit of a disappointment we won’t get to see that play out in court.

Esme taunts Ava GH

The fact that Esme hasn’t been shoved off the parapet has to be a Wyndemere record at this point. (ABC Screenshot)

Trina’s alibi is still the weakest part of this storyline, as she could have ended this months ago. It’s not as if she owes Spencer a damn thing. Plus there is the ridiculousness that they seem to have all but forgotten Jordan saw Trina in the park that day and at the same time too! You can’t have a better alibi than the police commissioner.

Watching someone other than Ryan make Esme squirm has been a long time coming. However, where is Esme going to get the cash needed to pay Boz the bartender? When Spencer was cut off it’s not as if she had a huge trust fund for them to live off of, and they were forced to move in with Kevin and Laura.

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While many viewers hate when soaps get political, I applaud the dialogue between Portia and Stella on Friday’s episode regarding Trina having a harder time facing the justice system because she’s black, and Portia feeling she had protected her daughter from the world too much. Stella’s speech about having to believe in 2022 things are better than in the past, even though there is a long way to still go, was empowering. I wouldn’t be surprised if there is another Daytime Emme in the actress’s future!

Metro Court of Fools

So are we to believe Nina actually thought Carly would accept her offer to buy her half of the Metro Court to give back to her? That aspect of this story is too much ever for me! And when Carly turned down everyone’s help, why didn’t Ned and Olivia just buy her half regardless to protect Olivia’s investment and not get stuck with a business partner like Nina? It seemed to only dawn on Olivia to do just that after Nina bought it!

Nina vs Carly GH

What will Nina and Carly be fighting over next? (ABC Screenshot)

Given that Carly is keeping the truth about Willow from Nina, I’m not shedding any tears seeing Carly lost and destitute. It feels this is going to be the set-up for something to develop between her and Drew. I wonder how Sam will react to that? First Carly gets Jason (again), and now Drew? And when Carly’s secret comes out, and Drew finds out she lied to him about Nina and Willow, will he still stand by her? That’s the point at which I hope Nina exacts her revenge by using her half of the Metro Court in a vengeful way. Then again, it would be nice to see Nina take the high road, and do nothing to Carly because that would drive Carly insane!

Olivia’s telling Nina that she would never live up to Carly’s personal or professional standards was a great scene, and I’m looking forward to more of Olivia and Nina butting heads. It should be interesting to see how this rivalry and partnership plays out.

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Paging Amy Winehouse

I hoped with the truth about Sasha and the pills coming out that we had reached a turning point in her addiction storyline. However now she’s channeling Amy Winehouse and crying she’s not going to rehab. She’s headed for another overdose, but the real question is, will anyone even care? This is a storyline that never should have been started.

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