Valentin and Victor’s Storyline Has Finally Picked Up Steam on General Hospital — and We’re Closer to Answers Regarding Liz’s Self-Torment

July 4 - 8:

Liz Val and Victor Soapbox GH

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Another week over on General Hospital, and again it felt like little happened. I maintain what I wrote in last week’s column: the storylines need a jolt of adrenaline to move them along quicker. We at least got some understanding as to what Valentin has been up to, but there are still more questions to be answered. We are also getting some predictable answers regarding Liz’s issues, but that storyline also dragging on. Hopefully, Sasha’s latest public breakdown will bring an end to her drug use storyline.

One Question Answered, Still More to Go

Learning Victor is keeping Charlotte basically hostage from Valentin and that’s why Valentin was forced to help him implicate Jennifer Smith was a nice twist. A much better revelation than Valentin willingly helping Victor with his plan. However, how does a grandfather override a parent when it comes to putting and taking a child out of a boarding school? I guess we have to accept its soap rules, and Victor still has a lot of connections and power.

Victor and Valentin talk in park GH

You know son, I used to have talks in the park with a nice lady named Fran once upon a time. (ABC screenshot)

We are still no closer to learning what Victor is up to. Why kill Luke? Why try and get rid of Laura? Was that drug Valentin put in her drink supposed to kill her, or do something else to her? Whatever it was, it’s nice to see Valentin couldn’t go through with it. Also, what did the Ice Princess have to do with anything, and what is the threat that’s still coming to the Cassadine family? With Victor back in action, here is hoping we will finally get some answers before he drops off the radar for another several weeks or months.

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Meanwhile, Anna is onto Victor’s game and knows Valentin wasn’t in the clinic the whole time he claimed to be, and that Victor is using his son. It would be nice to see Valentin bring Anna and Laura in on everything and they secretly work together against Victor.

Another Public Breakdown

Sasha’s latest breakdown, imagining the baby doll was actually an alive Liam, was heartbreaking to watch but well-acted on Sofia Mattsson’s part. Morgan Fairchild as Haven was deliciously evil as always, and I adored Gladys calling in to save Sasha from her stage fright. I’m just hoping now that Brando knows about the drug relapse, and that Sasha still hasn’t dealt with Liam’s death properly, that this will fast forward this story to its conclusion. As with Marshall’s secret, it’s just not must-see-soap-tv.

Sasha and Haven on TV GH

Morgan Fairchild was as delightfully wicked as always. (ABC)

Liz is Definitely Cracking Up

It’s been a while since we last saw Elizabeth, once again a testament to the poor pacing of storylines on this soap. Last time I speculated her breakdown may have been triggered last fall with the photo of her parents that Aiden showed Violet, and this week seemed to confirm that. The mere mention of her parents triggered Liz into acting out and screaming at Kevin. Then she went and decided she was all better and checked herself out of Shady Brook!

Liz upset about Jeff and

Screw Bruno! We don’t talk about Jeff and Carolyn! (ABC Screenshot)

At least with Liz out of Shady Brook, this storyline also can hopefully move forward. When she returned to work and sniped at Britt, it was clear she was nowhere near better. She seems to be regressing back into a sassy and bratty teenager. Though it seemed like they weren’t going there, it now looks like we could be headed for the dreaded dissociative identity disorder diagnosis for Liz. I’m still holding out hope that this story will bring Jeff and Carolyn home.

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The Metro Court Drama

Predictably, Sonny offered to help Carly out of her mess and give her the money for the Metro Court, but she refused. I have to give her props for not letting Sonny bail her out, and for telling Drew not to take charge of her problems. Still, Sonny could have bought the shares as a silent partner and let Carly continue working, though there isn’t much soapy drama in that.

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Carly kicks Spencer and Esme Out

Joss is a walking lawsuit waiting to happen. (ABC)

Watching Joss, Esme, and Trina pushing each other into the pool was a new twist on Joss usually just tossing Spencer alone in. As I noted last week, Spencer’s DNA scam and claiming he found Esme’s mother may be all for nothing if she already knows who her mother is through Ryan. And while I also pondered how she could be Felicia’s daughter because the timing doesn’t make sense, a Twitter reader came up with a brilliant theory! That is, Ryan at some point harvested Felicia’s eggs and used a surrogate.

Couple Conundrums

Brook Lynn and Chase continue to go round and round with one another, and it’s a merry-go-round I’m ready to get off of. I’m a fan of these two, but the ridiculous storylines they are throwing in their way of being a couple are getting tiresome. Brook Lynn also keeps making the same mistakes over and over with Chase, and that too has become lame. Fortunately, by Friday, Chase appears to have agreed to Brook Lynn’s crazy scheme to make him a pop star. This could be a fun twist, or it could just go terribly wrong. I guess we have to wait and see.

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Britt and Cody have a lot of couple potential, and Cody telling Comet that he was pretty sure Britt liked him was a great scene. Cody also revealed a bit more about himself when he wasn’t sure if he’d ever be able to open himself up to love again. And it appears Cody did in fact pressure Spinelli into getting him matched up with Britt on the app. I can’t wait for next week to see how that goes. Still, Spinelli’s secret involvement in the app is doing nothing for me. And my final thought, I loved Cody referring to Olivia as Mama Falconeri and later Mama Q. Adorable!

As usual, these are just my opinions. I love reading yours, so join the conversation below!

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