Willow’s Pregnancy Was No Surprise on General Hospital — and All the Stories Need to Kick It Into High Gear

June 27 - July 1:

Not surprised by Willow's pregnancy GH

Credit: ABC screenshot

It was another shorter week on General Hospital, and next week’s holiday will give us a second four-day week in a row. Willow’s storyline is turning out to be exactly what everyone expected and then some, and Carly is slowly losing everything except her family. The show really needs to move these stories along though as they are crawling at a snail’s pace!

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Ned’s The Man

I was thrilled that Valentin kept his word and nominated Ned as Chairman of the Board at ELQ, and Drew actually redeemed himself a bit by voting for Ned in the spirit of family unity. Michael on the other hand, couldn’t get over the betrayal. Of course, that’s exactly what he and Drew did to Ned by trying to push him into a paper-pushing position and springing the merger on him. Ned was on fire when he told Michael he was thinking of what was best for ELQ, while Michael only was thinking about what was best for himself. Okay, sure Ned also voted his ego as Valentin said to Martin, but Michael seems to have tunnel vision lately. Valentin has been good for ELQ’s bottom line, and the merger could have caused more problems than solutions.

Ned aces angry family GH

Ned’s now on Michael’s list of everyone who has wronged him. (ABC Screenshot)

Then there is Olivia… For someone who doesn’t care about the company, she had a lot to say about Ned’s vote at the meeting, betraying his family, and betraying their marriage vows. Ned clearly didn’t know how he was going to vote until push came to shove. I like Olivia, but she has quickly become the preachiest of all the Quartermaines.

Carly Loses Everything… Almost

I don’t feel one bit sorry for Carly in losing her half of the Metro Court, because she and Michael have needed to be knocked off their preachy pedestals for a while. In my column last week I theorized Sonny or Michael would come to Carly’s rescue, and Drew tried to before he knew how much Carly had gambled. With Aurora in trouble, neither he nor Michael can probably afford to bail Carly out. Olivia offered to help Carly out, but she refused to accept Ned’s money given he screwed Michael and Drew over. While I’m glad Ned did, I did respect Carly for not taking a way out given what he did to her son and friend. However Sonny still can save the day, and I wouldn’t put it past him to do so. The shell corp doesn’t seem to be owned by anyone important but is going to sell her half of the hotel to make a buck. I could see this becoming a secret Sonny will keep, acting as a silent partner, and it could cause problems for him and Nina.

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Carly loses everything GH

Don’t cry for me Port Charles, the truth is, I’ll never leave you. (ABC screenshot)

Credit: ABC screenshot

Willow’s Pregnant With a Zombie Baby

I don’t think anyone was surprised that Willow turned out to be pregnant, but clearly, that’s not the only thing wrong with her. As she noted, she’s been having these spells for months, and she’s only three weeks along. Plus I’m no expert, but I don’t think being pregnant should make you look like a vampire or someone coming down with the zombie virus. Absolutely no viewers will be surprised when whatever is wrong with her, and potentially the baby will require a transfusion or organ donation. I’m going to guess it’s Leukemia and she’ll need a bone marrow transplant. The minute Carly kept the secret about Nina and Willow this story became perfectly predictable in practically every way. Hopefully, it won’t take nine months for the rest of TJ’s tests to come back.

Willow has crazy sick eyes

Watch out Nina, Willow may try to eat your brains! (ABC screenshot)

In related thoughts, bravo to Sasha for defending Sonny to Michael, after he immediately blasted his father for assuming he said something to Willow and caused her to be rushed to the hospital. In his desire to blame Sonny for everything wrong in the world and punish him, he’s going to end up alienating a good portion of his family in the end. As I’ve said before, only Michael could actually have me rooting for Sonny. Yack!

Cassadines in Cahoots

The show is really dragging out whatever Valentin and Victor are up to, and they need to push this storyline into high gear. Actually, most of these storylines could use an adrenaline injection because everything feels like it’s dragging. I hope in the end, Valentin is playing Victor and planning to double-cross him.

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Thwarting Esme

Spencer’s heartfelt apology to Britt was long overdue, but it also came in part because he needs help with his plan for Esme. While we know he wants her help trying to find Esme’s biological parents, I was really hoping he would have confided the full truth to Britt about what he was up to regarding Esme to Britt. She could have been of great help, and she’s an amazing schemer.

When Spencer revealed his plan to Cam, regarding trying to trick her with a bogus DNA test claiming to have found her mother in return for a confession, I was doubly impressed by the young Cassinde in the same week. Unfortunately, Esme has already found her father and likely knows exactly who her mother is from him, which means the plan will be a bust. If she does turn out to be Felicia’s daughter, there is going to be some time-bending ret-conning going on to explain how she’s younger than Maxie and Georgie.

Marshall wants to help GH

Marshall is surprisingly likable when he’s helping Trina. (ABC screenshot)

With Trina’s trial set for two weeks, hopefully, we are coming to an end to this nonsense and will see Trina vindicated. I’m not putting it past Esme to find a way to pin it on someone else, especially after Rory possibly overstepped and tipped Esme off that he too was onto her games. Rookie mistake?

Ava Shows Her Smarts, and Nikolas is Still an Idiot

I really thought Nikolas was in part pushing for the divorce to avoid triggering the prenup infidelity clause which would have handed everything over to Ava. So color me surprised when he was still willing to give her half of his fortune as a show of good faith. He’s not always a bad egg, just a dumb one. Ava’s refusing to allow them to rush into signing the papers could result in the unintended consequences of the clause being triggered though and leave Nikolas pennyless and likely stuck with a pregnant Esme.

Ava refuses divorce GH

Nikolas tried to sign the divorce papers, but Ava said, “No, No, No!” (ABC Screenshot)

Nikolas meanwhile continued to showcase the fact that his brain has gone missing. Esme convincing him to get her internship reinstated is only going to cause him problems with his mother and Kevin, which he already knows. Nikolas has become painful to watch.

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Spinelli’s Society Singles App

It seems clear that Cody has asked Spinelli to fix a date through the app for him with Britt. I’m all for exploring more between Cody and Britt, and what his fascination with Faison is. However, the Society Singles storyline with Spinelli is a bust for me. It’s unclear why he wants to keep his involvement a secret from everyone, and the fact that no other characters are using the app isn’t pulling me into wherever this is going.

These are simply my opinions. Please join the discussion and leave yours in the comments below. Also for those celebrating the Fourth of July, have a happy holiday weekend!

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