The Big ELQ Vote and Special 15,000th Episode Celebrating Laura Were the Highlights of a Shorter Week

June 20 - 24:

The ELQ vote GH

Credit: ABC screenshot

Due to a number of pre-emptions, it was a shorter week than normal for General Hospital. And one of the episodes we got was the 15,000th episode focusing on the threat to Laura’s career as mayor. However, Friday’s episode had a few great twists in turns to carry us into next week.

Valentin Saves the Date

Last week I wrote in my column that I was so bummed that it seemed like Valentin used his date with Anna for intel on Jennifer Smith. This is a couple that the show has been dragging its feet on, and having Valentin appear to be up to no good for Victor’s benefit just makes no sense. It’s simply a plot point to put a stumbling block in their relationship, just as they are doing with Linc, Chase and BLQ.

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Fortunately, Valentin not only turned the date around but got Anna to agree to a second date. Hopefully, they won’t be talking espionage on that one, and it’s long overdue that these two hit the sheets. On Friday’s episode, Martin hinted to Valentin that Laura had a way to make his Victor problem disappear, but the pending ELQ vote didn’t give Valentin time to react, which could have given us a hint as to what he’s up to with his papa.

Sneaky Spencer & Esme the Victim

For once I have to give Spencer credit. His plan to locate Esme’s parents is brilliant, and asking for Victor’s help was a smart move. However, when the truth comes out it’s going to unleash a huge tidal wave through Port Charles. This reveal could affect a lot of people, especially if what seems obvious comes to fruition, that Felicia is Esme’s mother. Kevin of course would be her Uncle, and Maxie her half-sister.

Spencer wises up GH

Spencer finally has a good plan in place to expose Esme (ABC screenshot)

Felicia telling Ryan off was a great scene, but the underlying implications of both her and Kevin’s conversations with Esme seemed to clearly foreshadow what is to play out. They both warned her not to trust Ryan, who was a master at manipulating people to see his way of thinking. It seems obvious they are setting Esme up to be a poor, brainwashed victim of Ryan’s who simply wanted her daddy’s love, and that’s how they will attempt to “redeem” Esme. That and her aforementioned family in Port Charles.

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Another bit of foreshadowing was dropped during Victor and Spencer’s talk about Esme continuing to live at Wyndemere. Victor reminded him of the pregnancy scare and hoped he was being safe because God forbid she did come into the family way. That seemed to be a hint that she will be carrying Nikolas’ child, along with Esme telling Ryan she was playing the long game.

Kevin Outsmarts Esme

Even though it wasn’t the takedown of Esme we wanted to see, it was still a small victory watching Kevin have Esme’s Springridge internship terminated and her barred from seeing Ryan. Esme was pissed! How will she visit Daddy Dearest now? The only possible way would be to reveal she’s his daughter, but she can’t do that without blowing her cover.

KEvin puts Esme in her place GH

Kevin finally knocks Esme down a peg! (ABC screenshot)

The Big ELQ Vote

So Michael and Drew were thwarted when Ned voted to keep Valentin as CEO, and Lucy broke the tie to keep the Cassadine in charge. Even though this wasn’t supposed to be Friday’s episode, it was a terrific way to end the week. Michael needed to be knocked down a bit because he’s become too full of himself, and I’m still disappointed in Drew for trying to push Ned out. Hopefully, Valentin will keep his word and keep Ned on in some fair capacity at ELQ, but given the way they’ve been writing Valentin lately, who knows!

Of course, the real loser in all of this, who doesn’t know she’s a loser, is Carly! Carly revealed to Olivia that she sold her half of The Metro Court to the Stillwater Venture Group, but had 30 days to buy it back and was sure she’d make enough money with the merger to do so. However, Valentin killed the merger. So not only is Carly out of her half of The Metro Court, she may find herself completely broke! Plus she chose not to go after Sonny’s money in the divorce to boot, so how will she afford that mansion? Will she beg Michael and Willow to move in with them? And just who is this Stillwater Venture Group? Someone important is likely secretly behind them.

Valentin stays CEO GH

Valentin is sitting pretty, but will he keep his word to Ned? (ABC screenshot)

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Meanwhile, Willow once again was hit with a dizzy spell and almost fell down the stairs. How long is the show going to keep this up? Either reveals she’s pregnant, or she’s got some major disease that will require a transplant but just get on with it.

Cody’s Secrets

So Cody was just about to depart Port Charles when he learned Britt was Faison’s daughter. It intrigued him so much that he paid her another visit because of his bruised ribs and tried to talk about her daddy with her. She wasn’t having that discussion, but it was enough to keep him in town. What is Cody’s connection to Faison? Could this have to do with that tease that Britt and Faison, while on the run, were up to no good?

Cody in his undies GH

Britt got another chance to check out Cody (ABC screenshot)

The Mayoral Recall Vote

This week marked 15,000 episodes of General Hospital, with a special episode focusing on Laura and a challenge to her being mayor of Port Charles. It was a good episode, but I could have done with a lot more flashbacks. There also seems to be a simple way for Laura to fix this mess. With Bobbie pointing out she signed a different petition, and others might have been duped too, they could make this known and make the signatures available to be verified by those who signed that they signed a petition to recall Laura.

Cyrus gets a visit GH

Cyrus is raining hellfire and damnation down upon Laura (ABC screenshot)

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Of course, Cyrus was a pivotal member of The Friends of Port Charles group seeking to remove Laura from office. He’s still going on about finding God, and he’s been transferred back to Pentonville. Why do I see him magically getting out of prison and trying to run against Laura for mayor?

As always, these are only my opinions. Please join the conversation and leave your thoughts below in the comments.

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