General Hospital Served Up a Mystery for Austin and Another Arrest for Chase — But the Scattered Stories Resulted in a Disconnect Throughout the Week

June 13 - 17:

Soap Box Chase Arrested GH

Credit: ABC screenshot

It feels like General Hospital has taken all their storylines, put them in a bag, and then decided to blindly pick a few and just decide to go with whatever was chosen. From one day to the next, it felt like there was little cohesiveness to what was going on. But on the bright side, it was a Marshall and Willow free week, as I vented enough about them in last week’s column.

BLQ’s Stolen Songs

The return of Linc, and his holding of Brook Lynn’s song catalog hostage, feels like the new “Marshall” storyline. That is, it’s boring, few care about it, and it will probably drag on for far too long. The entire storyline was clearly contrived to delay Chase and Brook Lynn finally getting together, which is why it’s incredibly annoying. As if it’s not already bad enough, we got another round of Chase losing his cool defending Brook Lynn, who really needs to just listen to Chase for once. Chase decked Linc, only to be arrested again for assault. At this rate, Chase is never going to get his job back and they’ll likely play that as a way to continue to keep Chase and BLQ from finally becoming a couple.

Rory arrests Chase GH

Rory appears to be the only cop at the PCPD working these days. (ABC screenshot)

Camp Pautuck

Finn’s camping trip to bond with Liz’s boys clearly was a setup for the Austin drama that occurred. Still, I can’t remember the last time we saw all three of the boys together for such a length of time. But like I said, it really was more about Austin, who met the mystery person in the woods who was spying on him and Maxie. Many people of course dreaded it could be Peter back from the dead, but I don’t see why Austin would be in cahoots with Peter. My guess is that it’s his father Jimmy Lee, who isn’t as dead as Austin claimed him to be. Whoever it is, for once they’ve found a way to make Austin’s character somewhat interesting and give him a real storyline. Still, I am feeling no electricity between him and Maxie.

Austin talks to mystery person

Just who is Austin chatting up? (ABC screenshot)

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Esme’s Plan

Esme teased daddy dearest that his plan was good, but her’s was better. But what is her plan? And after Felicia’s warnings, could she potentially be setting things up to betray her father? Meanwhile, Nikolas grows dumber and dumber, and now he’s asking Ava for a divorce to move forward and re-marry with a clean slate. Say what? The only thing I can gather is that he’s thinking of the prenup and if one of them cheats, it’s null and void. Then again, Nikolas has been so stupid lately, I can’t imagine he is thinking that strategically to protect his fortune from Ava.

Ryan punishes Esme GH

Esme should listen to Felicia’s warnings about Daddy Dearest. (ABC screenshot)


If Joss and Trina were going to sneak into a bar with fake IDs, they should have known better to use ones with those idiotic-sounding names. And does no one ID at the door in Port Charles? They just waltzed right in! While they learned Esme bought a burner phone, they don’t have any proof of it, and only got themselves busted when a brawl broke out and the cops arrived. And was anyone really surprised when Rory turned up and had to question them? The dude is everywhere nowadays. At least he let them off with a warning and is going to help them look into the bartender. But what really skeeved me out about the whole situation was the ride-share driver whose car they got into at the end of the show. I thought for certain something awful was going to happen to them because he was a little creepy.

Vanna’s First Date a Bust

Just like with Brook Lynn and Chase, I don’t understand why the writers are throwing any and every obstacle they can in Valentin and Anna’s way. Here is a couple that fans have been waiting far too long to see together, so what do they do? They tank their first date by making it all about Valentin digging for information on Jennifer Smith. Hopefully, he can salvage what’s left of the double-feature at the drive-in on Monday’s episode. The couples on this show are a mess!

Ann Val Drive In GH

Valentin should have taken Anna to see Spies Like Us. (ABC Screenshot)

Sonny’s Not The Same

Carly and Sonny once again rehashed everything that’s occurred since Nixon Falls, as if we needed to go over all the details of how Sonny has failed his family yet again. It’s not like we don’t hear it every time Michael is on-screen. However, both Michael, and Carly, have lamented that the Sonny that came back from Nixon Falls was not the Sonny they knew. That right there is the major issue.

Sonny and Nina Chat ABC

Sonny to Nina, “I’ve been to Nixon Falls, but I’ve never been to me.” (ABC screenshot)

Putting aside what Nina did, and Sonny as “Mike” falling for Nina, the entire ordeal changed Sonny when he thought he was “Mike.” He came back different, and Carly and Michael expected him to be their same old Sonny. Carly used to scoff at “Mike’s” cowboy hat, and it seems clear they didn’t want this new Sonny, they wanted the old one. They never bothered to try and understand what he went through and how it changed him, for the better or the worse. And while a lot of viewers aren’t liking the idea of a Sonny and Nina pairing, once again this is another couple that seems to have no direction. They are going to take it slow, per Nina’s request. Newsflash, this storyline is moving slowly as is!

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Odds and Ends

• So Carly bought up a ton of Aurora stock to help Michael and Drew shore up everything and oust Valentin from ELQ. The problem? The ELQ-Aurora merger is supposed to be a secret, as Drew told Lucy, though it seems to be the current worst kept secret in Port Charles. Still, I’m not a legal expert, but I’m pretty sure what Carly did could be considered insider trading, as she has knowledge about the upcoming merger which will make her stocks even more valuable.

Carly and Drew Pool GH

Carly and Drew’s flirtations are even more awkward than Sonny and Nina’s. (ABC screenshot)

•  Maybe it’s because he’s easy on the eyes, but I like Cody. However, let’s speed up his story and find out where things with him are going. I don’t need to hear any more about Dante and Cody’s adventures at summer camp. I did however enjoy Britt coming to Cody’s rescue after Wu had her sideman beat the dickens out of him.

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• Between the music playing when Carly was ogling Drew in the pool, to Linc threatening to sell Brook Lynn’s music to a porn studio, I have to wonder what was going through someone’s head at General Hospital during the planning of Friday’s episode.

As always, these are only my opinions. Please leave yours in the comment section below!

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