Josh Kelly Made an Unforgettable Entrance as Cody Bell on General Hospital — Now, If Only We Could Forget Nikolas and Esme Had Sex

May 31 - June 3

Dante and Cody, Nikolas and Esme GH

Credit: ABC/ABC screenshots

This week General Hospital was livened up a little by a splash entrance from Josh Kelly as Cody Bell. And as fun as the Social Setups mixer was, it couldn’t remove the bad taste left in our mouths from watching Esme and Nikolas’ sexcapades. And Nina’s hearing went about as well as we guessed it would.


Nina’s hearing is finally over and she lost, as most expected she would. However as Carly put it, Nina’s not likely to just bow out gracefully. Surprisingly she tried to leave town, but ole Sonny, aka “Mike,” wouldn’t let her run from her troubles. Besides, she has to stick around in order to renew her vendetta against Carly once she learns about Carly’s latest secret.

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Willow appears to have been taking lessons from Carly and Michael on how to climb up on that very high pedestal in order to preach about how horrible what Nina had Scott do to Michael is, and how it will one day hurt Wiley when he learns what was said about his daddy in court. Then again, Michael and Willow have said they are pretty much going to do the same thing regarding Nina to make sure Wiley knows how awful she is so he won’t want a relationship with her. Pot meet kettle? And like I said last week, it was as if Michael and Willow really thought Nina wouldn’t play dirty after they did with that Invader article that they had published to sway the court.

Nina gets bad news GH

Your motion has been denied! Now get out of this courtroom.

Credit: ABC screenshot

Even though Willow and Michael think they’ve won, they’ve actually lost and just don’t know it yet. That’s because Carly did what Carly does best and decided to hide the truth that Nina is Willow’s mother not only from Willow and Nina, but she point-blank lied to poor Drew’s face. I was really surprised Drew couldn’t see through her lies, because he still has Jason’s memories, and should know Carly’s playbook by now.

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So now we sit and probably predictably wait for either Willow or Wiley to get sick and need a transplant from Nina. I mean come on, we know it’s just a matter of time.

ELQ Takedown

So is Michael so gung-ho about the ELQ/Aurora merger to really oust Valentin, or does he want to be back in charge to take down Sonny? Even though Drew warned him their family company can’t be used for his personal vendetta, does anyone think Michael will listen and truly leave ELQ out of it? And does he really think he has the business smarts to outmaneuver Sonny?

Nu Michael and Willow GH

Hey, that doesn’t look or sound like Michael. Robert Adamson is temporarily playing the role.

Credit: ABC screenshot

As someone who once wanted to take over Sonny’s business, Michael’s sure done a 180 in how he now views Sonny, as a criminal with no honor. Still, this feels like a rehash of their last spat when he took custody of Avery and used Sonny’s criminal history to back up his move. He can yell all he wants that this is about protecting his family from Sonny, but really he is just mad at his daddy and wants to hurt him, again.

Vanna Tease

In last week’s column, I mentioned how Vanna was almost completely absent during May Sweeps. Well, we finally got to see them hanging out, at the gun range of all places. Could they have found anyplace less romantic? Although it does fit their characters, and what we got was better than nothing. Now we have a date between them to look forward to… If Victor doesn’t screw things up, and it doesn’t take two weeks for their date to actually air, or if it even will even be shown at all.

At Least They Did It On The Floor

It took a while, but Esme finally seduced Nikolas, which has been weeks in the making. Not only wasn’t it a surprise, but the way it played out was downright tacky! I mean none of us expected it to be romantic, and doing it on the floor, with the dirt and bugs, is where they both belong.

Esme and Nikolas sex GH

Esme looked like she was ready for round two with Nikolas.

Credit: ABC screenshot

The torture that is watching Esme wreak all this horror has dragged out for so long, that even when she goes down, it’s hard to say if it will really be that gratifying to watch. She’s turned so many characters into blathering idiots, and I can’t even root for Nikolas and Ava after this. Place your bets on whether Esme will have another pregnancy scare or not!

Splashdown at the Singles Mixer

Josh Kelly’s entrance via a parachute and in a swimsuit at the Social Setup mixer was sure one heck of a way to make a first impression on Port Charles. Who would have thought that the Social Setup event would have been the highlight of the week?  Brad was hilarious gawking at Cody in his swim trunks and he could barely stuff his tongue back in his mouth. Even Britt was charmed by the man who swept her off her feet… and into the pool. Cody and Britt really could make a great couple, and he’s already proved he has the aspect of danger and adventure about him that she loved about Jason.

Britt and Cody meet GH

Britt gets the wind knocked out of her by Cody, literally.

Credit: ABC screenshot

Cody turned out to be a childhood friend of Dante’s, but as of Friday’s episode, was supposedly leaving town for another gig. Yeah, we know that’s not going to happen. His presence may finally make Dante’s storyline a bit more interesting because his romance with Sam has been lacking fizz and falling flat. Now Cody’s hear to shake things up, but Dante clearly wants his friend to high-tail it out of town. What could he know about Cody that we don’t? Hopefully, he doesn’t have too many terrible skeletons in his closet. He needs that bad boy edge, but let’s not say, make him the gangster power player from the West Coast. Yeah, whatever happened to that storyline?

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Finally, it seems that Spinelli is behind the Social Setups business, as he has been far too involved in defending it to Britt and others. However what is with his new duds? Miami Vice called from the 1980s and Don Johnson needs his threads back!

That’s all I’ve got for this week! Chime in and leave your own comments and thoughts below!

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