An Overkill of Certain Storylines Was a Dominating Force in This Year’s May Sweeps on General Hospital

May 23 - 27:

Nina, Marshall and Liz dominate May Sweeps GH

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May Sweeps came to an end this week on General Hospital, and a lot of it felt like a dream we woke up from and asked ourselves, did any of that really happen? Or maybe “what didn’t happen that should have” is a better way of thinking about May. The month flew by and it feels like there was little to no progress made in most of the storylines.

Checking Into Shadybrook

So faced with the fact that Liz, either sleepwalking or under the influence of sleeping pills, was terrorizing her own family, she decided she needed to go away. At least until she figured out why deep down something inside her was afraid of her moving on with Finn. And just like that, Kevin arranged for her to go to Shadybrook. So after months of this storyline, what? Liz is just going to figure it out on her own off-screen? I am really hoping there is still more to come, or that this will be a plot point to have Liz’s parents finally return. For now, though, I’m left simply feeling, “That’s it?”

Liz has to go away GH

Liz went away to find answers, and we’re wondering what those answers are?

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Dragging Out The DNA Reveal

Carly sat on the fact that the DNA results on Nina and Willow were ready in order to watch what went down in court. Not that we the viewers need her to open them to know what the results are, it’s just dragging out the inevitable that Carly will justify keeping this from Nina and Willow based on the court drama. But then how will she convince Drew to go along with keeping the secret? I would like to believe this secret won’t be kept for months, but it probably will at least through November Sweeps based on the pacing of some of these storylines. Meanwhile kudos to Brad for having the guts to stand up to Carly at the yoga studio and throw what she and Sonny did regarding Michael and AJ in her face. You could tell by her expression she was pissed that he even dared look in her direction, let alone talk to her in the first place.

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Carly listens in court GH

Everyone say it with Carly, “Keeping this secret is for the best.”

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The Headache Inducing Hearing

Nina’s visitation hearing was nothing more than the same arguments between Michael, Sonny and Nina we’ve heard time and time again being rehashed in the courtroom. Though there were a few noteworthy points. Watching Diane tear Sonny apart on the stand I couldn’t help but wonder how it will impact their friendship and legal relationship. Scott got some good digs in pointing out the hypocrisy of who does and doesn’t qualify as a person of morals and character when it comes to Wiley’s grandparents. Willow and Michael seemed appalled and dumbfounded by how low Scott went in bringing up Michael’s past with Claudia and taking Avery from Sonny. Then again, did they expect Nina to roll over and take the high road after their Invader article? I’m half expecting the judge to find them all to be fairly horrible people and that Wiley would be better off without any of them in his life.

Just Spit It Out

I’m not sure what is worse, the fact that we still haven’t heard Marshall’s entire story as to what went down years ago, or that Marshall’s truth likely won’t make this storyline any more interesting. Someone needs to spit it out at this point so this can be put to bed and everyone can move on.

Curtis TJ discuss Marshall GH

Marshall’s secret is taking a Game of Thrones length of time to come out.

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Brook Lynn’s Songs

Last week I voiced in my column the same opinions Chase and Drew did, that BLQ could write new songs. Of course, she shot that down after Linc began turning her work into techno nightmares, but Chase keenly observed she might be fighting for them as a way to avoid her still-not-healed heartbreak over having to give Bailey back to Maxie. That actually makes a lot of sense. However, it still does nothing to remedy the fact that writers are just coming up with whatever problems they can to keep Brook Lynn and Chase apart at this point. By the time they get together, will their fans still be shipping the couple?

Amy Strikes Again

Watching Amy scheme to put an end to Chet and Terry’s relationship was infuriating, but at least this was one story that didn’t drag out. As soon as it started, Amy confessed what she’d done and that she was wrong to do so. Of course, we’ve now learned it played out this way due to the fact that Chris Van Etten is leaving as Chet. So due to unforeseen circumstances, the story will either go back on hold or be dropped altogether, should the character not be recast. Seeing that the character of Chet is barely on, I don’t see the point of recasting. Sadly this was a storyline I was looking forward to watching play out, and now it seems to be a goner.

Chet and Terry Missed Opportunity GH

Dreams of what could have been for Chet and Terry.

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May Sleeps Odds and Ends

I opened last week’s column asking if it was May Sweeps or May sleeps, and that sums up how I felt about the month. Even though a good number of fans have historically groaned that the Nurses’ Ball is nothing but several episodes of fluff, I would have rather had another Nurses Ball than what we got… Liz sleepwalking, Nikolas continuing to get snowed by Esme, and way too much Marshall.

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Early in the month, Dex was introduced as a potential new bit of muscle for Sonny, aka the next Jason, but where did he go? Sonny decided he might have a job for him, then he vanished. Also, where was Wu this month? They’ve set up this storyline with the secret poker games, forcing Brad to work for his aunt, and Selina blackmailing Britt over what she and Faison were up to, then nothing. And don’t get me started on the complete lack of Vanna.

Is Austin still on the show? Is there anything for him to do on the show? The same can be said for poor Drew. What is the purpose of his character at this point? He’s just floating and appearing every so often to give his two cents about whatever problem someone else is having.

Drew gives advice GH

Drew in what appears to be one of his only shirts dishing out advice as usual.

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Ned had a great dig at Drew regarding the ELQ and Aurora merger noting he had to get to work as he’s the only Quartermaine who actually works at ELQ. If we are supposed to be invested in this storyline it might help to give ELQ an actual place on the show. On the other soaps, the companies are places of drama, not just something to be fought over. ELQ just pops up every few years when there is a battle over who the next CEO should be. But why should we care?

Victor finally returned to Port Charles, but right now all he’s doing is babysitting Ava and Nikolas. With Victor back, hopefully, this means we’ll also see more Anna and Valentin. Ava scored the line of the week when she brought up Esme and how Spencer’s excuse for defending her is that he’s young and stupid, and she asked Nikolas’ what his was.

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Trina and Rory definitely could make a good couple, but I still help but feel the rookie cop is too good to be true. There could also be some potential for Alexis and Gregory as a couple. Then again it’s another instance of his son having slept with the same woman he has. It’s Jackie 2.0!

As always, these are only my opinions. Please leave your own in the comments below.

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