Liz’s Storyline Turned Out to Be the Biggest Snooze of All, Pun Intended — and Can Chase and Brook Lynn Just Get Together Already?

May 16 - 20:

Liz sleepwalking - Chase and BLQ drama GH

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Is it May Sweeps or May sleeps on General Hospital? Because until the end of the week, it felt like not much had happened in Port Charles. Brook Lynn and Chase are the best couples on the show, though they aren’t even official yet, and the writers insist on throwing ridiculous roadblocks up in front of them. Trina’s storyline feels like it’s stalled, the Wiley hearing needs to be over and done with, and Marshall’s arc is still a snoozefest. At least progress was made on Liz’s haunting, though it’s what everyone guessed since day one of this story.

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The Return of Linc

First things first, Leo’s performance was adorable, as is his bond with his person Chase. Leo asking Chase to sing one of Brook Lynn’s songs was sweet, and dang if Josh Swickard doesn’t have a pretty good voice! Just when it looked like Chase and BLQ  would finally get it together, Linc resurfaced to lay claim to all the songs Brook Lynn wrote while under contract with him. At this point, it feels like the writers are just coming up with anything to keep these two apart.

Chase Ned Sing

Too bad there wasn’t a Nurses Ball this year for Chase to perform in.

Credit: ABC screenshot

While I can understand BLQ’s attachment to her art, why can’t she just write some new songs? Are all those songs in her book from her days with Linc? Or maybe she can pull a Swifty, aka Taylor Swift, and find a way to regain her music. For the love of the almighty, just give us fans of this couple a break and get this ship moving.

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Well That Was Predictable

With the psychic being brought in, the eerieness of the Ouija board, and the flower vase breaking, I really thought the haunting of Liz story was taking a turn away from the fan theories. But in the end, it really looks like it turned out to be sleepwalking, and perhaps a sleeping-aid sending Liz into trances during which she haunted herself. While they at least didn’t go the other route, having Liz develop Dissociative Identity Disorder, it makes the sleepwalking choice no more interesting.

Liz trance destruction GH

It was Liz the whole time. Shocking, right?

Credit: ABC screenshot

The story turned out to be a snooze, literally. And what is the payoff? Maybe we’ll get more answers next week, or maybe we won’t. They could at least salvage it somewhat if it brings back Jeff Webber or Liz’s mother.

Finally, Spencer Opens Up

I’ve been ranting in several of my columns that Spencer working on his own against Esme has been infuriating on several levels. That we know he supports Trina but watching everyone, especially Joss, berate him has been nauseating. Even if he does deserve it on some level. Plus, Esme is way too smart and Spencer can use all the help he can get. I’m not sure if bringing Sam in was the wisest move giving her brilliant PI track record, but I really enjoyed the scenes between them, and when Sam told him he was one of the good Cassadines too.

Spencer confides in Sam GH

Sam and Spencer, just a few of the “good” Cassadines.

Credit: ABC screenshot

Then there is Nikolas, who has been written into a hole thanks to Esme and his support of her. As a fan of Nikolas and Ava, I don’t know if I can even root for them anymore given how idiotic Nikolas is acting. And when he inevitably is seduced by Esme, so what? He will ultimately deserve the hell he’s bringing on himself and my guess is few fans will feel sorry for him. When are we going to get a payoff from this entire Esme mess?

I’m On Valentin’s Side

Michael and Drew made Ned the big offer that they were pretty damn skippy sure he’d like, COO! It’s not only a demotion, but he will have to share the position with other COOs. As Ned called it, it’s a nuts and bolts job that involves no creativity and flair. Michael’s always talking about the importance of family and loyalty, but he’s not showing much to Ned right now. As I said last week, I really do not like that they’re turning Drew into a boring businessman and now Michael’s lapdog.

Valentin entices Ned

Ned’s better off with Valentin that the other cutthroat Quartermaines.

Credit: ABC Screenshot

I’m not sure what Valentin thinks he can do in this situation, but perhaps if he has Ned’s vote then they can thwart the merger somehow. Whatever he’s planning, I hope Ned teams up with him and takes Michael and Drew down. Michael’s gotten too high and mighty lately. He’s already running Aurora, and I’m sure he wants to be back as CEO of ELQ too.

What Has Happened to Vanna?

I loved watching Felicia tell Valentin off for ghosting Anna since his return to town. The lack of him on our screens has been frustrating, as is whatever his mysterious agenda is that they tease every now and then. Now Anna is basically ghosting him back, telling him she’ll let him know when there is an opening in her dance card for him. Fans of Vanna have waited so long to see them together, only for the show to backburner them and basically say, “Nah, we have other stories to tell right now.” The thing is, there are a lot of people who’d rather be watching a Vanna romance.

Marshall, Marshall, Marshall!

Another week with an intense focus on Marshall, but does anyone care? His big secret was a bust, the character is so, “woes me,” and nobody seems to want to admit maybe they are better off without the deadbeat. The only interesting thing to come out of this storyline this week was when Portia asked Curtis if he’d never let something go on for so long that he doesn’t know how to fix it? Yeah, slowly we are getting back to the secret about Trina’s father.

Portia's secret buried GH

Portia’s storyline got buried for boring old Marshall.

Credit: ABC screenshot

On Friday, Jordan finally was hit with the memory of what Portia said that day, that she might die before ever telling Trina the truth about her father. It’s been so long since that tease, does anyone want to see this playout anymore? It’s another example of the pacing and long-drawn-out stories that rub many viewers the wrong way.

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Gladys Moves In

Well, Gladys finally confronted Sasha, and in order to make sure Sasha stays clean, she’s moving in with her and Brando. I hope they find a really big house with separate wings! I can’t decide if this is going to be a comedy of errors to watch or a comedy of horrors. Gladys is growing on me, and frankly, the most interesting character in this storyline, and it’s not even her story.

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Gladys moves in

The mother-in-law from hell could be about to resurface as Gladys moves in with Sasha and Brando.

Credit: ABC screenshot

Let’s Get This Hearing Started… and Done With!

I’m so thankful that Nina’s visitation hearing is about to begin because I don’t know how much longer I can watch Nina, Michael, Sonny, Carly, and Willow basically having the same conversations and arguments over and over. That Michael and Carly are banking on The Invader article trashing Nina is hilarious given the very public record of their own entanglements with the law, not to mention Sonny’s business. And Friday Nina reminded Bobbie that she doesn’t have the cleanest of pasts either. Bobbie and Nina’s snark-fest was entertaining, but it’s pretty hypocritical watching everyone who has been given second, third, and even fourth chances decide Nina is worthy of none. Then again, that’s a soap for you!

Bobbie confronts Nina GH

Bobbie and Nina’s confrontation was far more entertaining than anything she’s had with Carly.

Credit: ABC screenshot

Of course, the whole storyline has become less about Wiley, and more about Michael and Sonny’s relationship than anything. I won’t be shocked if most of the courtroom scenes are them screaming at one another. And speaking of screaming, did Michael really have to make the kids’ fair all about him and Sonny? Sonny was only being nice to Willow, and Michael tore his head off. Michael has me literally defending the likes of Sonny! Ack!

That’s all I’ve got for this week. Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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