Deconstructing GH: Hayden & Finn dominated an offbeat week

August 7 – 11:


As Dustin lamented in last week’s Deconstructing GH, it was the Sonny Corinthos show. This week, he was an afterthought in comparison as the soap hopped around a lot with Finn and Hayden being the most consistent storyline throughout. The brief glimpses we got of other backburnered characters showed promising sparks of what could be, if only we didn’t seem them so sporadically.

The good doctor?
I was planning on complaining about James DePaiva being in just one episode, never to be seen again, and lo and behold he returned as Dr. Bensch this week. I read Wednesday’s recap before watching the episode and my immediate reaction was that they were laying the ground work for a sexual harassment storyline involving Kiki. It didn’t play that way when I watched it, so I hope I’m way off base there. His scene with Jordan (as out of the blue as it was) was a great reminder of what a likable actor DePaiva is and gave me hope that he’ll be a good guy (or even better, a charming rogue), assuming we’ll see more of him. I could get behind a pairing with Anna or even Alexis, though after this column was written, we confirmed that William deVry is returning to General Hospital.

Too many cooks in the kitchen.
Olivia vs Cook was downright silly. However, it gave us a nice scene with Monica encouraging Olivia to make her mark on the family and Dillon needling Ned about taking ELQ back from Michael. I’m all for more Q storylines, but last time we saw them, Ned and Olivia got married. Shouldn’t they be annoying Monica and Dillon by canoodling all over the mansion instead of barely speaking to each other in the two scenes they were in together? Did they even go on a honeymoon? And since they never returned to the storyline, is Cook really fired? The preview for next week suggests Monica might have something to say about that.

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Love in the afternoon.
Another goofy one-day-only storyline was rarely seen Mac and Felicia indecently exposing themselves to Aunt Stella, accidentally, of course. It served two purposes though, neither of which I’m sure I liked: more Man Landers talk to make a still-silent-about-his-role-in-it Nathan squirm and Stella trying set up her nephew with Valerie. I’m not sure I want round two of Curtis and Valerie, as they never really clicked for me, but I did enjoy Stella and Valerie’s rapport at Kelly’s, so I am keeping an open mind.

Griffin-Kiki-visit-Ava-GH-ABCThe sinner and the priest.
They’re building up to a Griffin and Ava pairing, right? The bad boy and the good girl is classic storytelling, so why not flip the script? Morally questionable Ava needs someone to lean on during her ordeal, while Father Dr. Griffin could sure as heck use a storyline, not to mention a love interest. But while I’m excited to (hopefully) watch their relationship deepen and I like Kiki with Dillon, I couldn’t help but notice how gorgeous Kiki and Griffin looked standing next to each other when they visited Ava and wondered if I should be shipping them instead.

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Young love.
Teens on soaps don’t always work, but Joss and Oscar have won me over. They’re definitely adorable, but there has to be more to the story. Since Oscar has mentioned more than once that he doesn’t know who his father is, soaps logic would suggest that viewers probably do. Some fun speculation was tossed about when we posed the question on Twitter:

My personal favorite because I miss this character:

And a new mystery I didn’t even consider:

The usual suspects.
Carly’s mellowed over the years where Sam is concerned and wouldn’t do anything to hurt Jason so why keep Sam shooting Sonny a secret from her? It makes sense not to tell anyone else, but it doesn’t make sense not to tell Carly. Besides, Franco got off for his various crimes, which were far more serious, due to a brain tumor, couldn’t Sam use her illness as a defense should the truth get out? Seems like a lot of unnecessary drama. It would be far more interesting to watch the foursome band together to protect Sam.

Too little, too late.
The only good thing to come out of Hayden being written off the canvas is that her secret wasn’t dragged out for too long. Finn caught her in a lie and she fessed up to hitting that girl while driving under the influence. That never would have happened if she were staying. The bad thing about her leaving is she has never been more likeable. Despite her misdeeds, Hayden has been sympathetic and had good chemistry this week in scenes with her father Raymond, her ex Jared, her sister Elizabeth and especially her fiancé Finn. They’ve never been cuter, but alas, Hayden is on her way out. How will that happen exactly? Despite trying to reverse her embezzlement, will Hayden still go to jail? Will she just take off, leaving Finn with no fiancée and no child? Whatever happens, I just hope Finn and Curtis remain friends.

These are just my opinions and it’s all in good fun. What are your thoughts on these storylines as well as the ones I didn’t touch on? Tell us below!

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– Lori Wilson


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