Carly Keeping Harmony’s Secret on General Hospital Feels Like a Rehash of the Nelle Lie — Plus, Several Couples Put Smiles On Our Faces

May 2 - 6:

Carly keeps Harmony's Secret From Willow GH

Credit: ABC screenshot

It was another big week on General Hospital with Harmony’s storyline taking up most of the airtime. With her having kicked the bucket, we should hopefully start seeing some more balance. Still, though, Willow needing answers, and not getting them, is likely to continue to dominate the canvas. Brook Lynn and Chase, Felicia and Mac, and Martin and Lucy brought the feel-good moments of the week, which we need more of to balance some of the darker stories.

A Not So Harmonious Exit

In last week’s column, I felt the lack of Alexis in Harmony’s hospital story didn’t make sense given how much she was involved in Harmony’s breakdown. Fortunately, she came back to face Harmony, but again, having her try and find closure with an unconscious Harmony just didn’t feel like Alexis got any closure.

Alexis sees Harmony GH

Alexis deserved one last shot to tell Harmony off.

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Harmony, on her death bed, confessed as much as she could to Carly. Carly finally put it all together, that Willow and Nelle were twins and both Nina’s children. Predictably, Harmony begged Carly to keep her secret and to protect Willow from Nina. Given only a few weeks ago Harmony was feeling guilty about what she had done, or at least that she owed something to Nina, it seemed like a one-eighty. Then again, that describes Harmony’s entire storyline and redemption.

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Given how much Carly hates Nina, Harmony didn’t have to beg her to promise and keep the secret. Harmony saying Nina would smother Willow with her love, and she needed to be protected from her, was laughable. While many fans hate Nina and what she’s done, she’s been nothing but good to Charlotte and even Sasha, who conned her. Before the Wiley battle, she was even getting along with Willow, and she helped protect James from Peter. Then you have Harmony, who has done more heinous things than Nina not only to others, but to Willow, and is the person Willow should have been protected from all along.

Willow begs Carly to keep her secret GH

Help me Carly Corinthos, you’re my only hope!

Credit: ABC screenshot

I am hoping the truth about Willow will come out sooner than later. This is already feeling like a re-hash of Carly keeping the truth about Nelle from Nina, and we all know what that led to. I’m guessing that Willow’s tiredness and fainting spells will amount to some disease requiring a transplant, which could force Carly’s hand. Then again, that’s a predictable soap trope, so hopefully, they’ll go another way.

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When the truth does come out, Carly will be in the hot seat with many. Michael’s already cut his father out of his life, will he do the same with Carly? Or will he understand why she did what she did? If so, how would that affect his relationship with Willow, who has been begging all week to be told the truth? It’s going to get messy, and I can’t wait for it to come out. Of course, how Willow reacts to Nina being her mother and Nelle her sister is going to be the can’t miss part of the story.

Dragged Through the Mud

The encounter between Diane, Nina, and Scott was one of the best parts of Friday’s episode. Scott made a great point that Michael and Willow’s sleazy tell-all would make it open season on Harmony, but Diane didn’t seem to care and just went on attacking Nina and Nelle. Again, Nina’s done horrible things, but it’s as if Michael and his parents are angels compared to her, which is not the case. There is more dirt on Michael’s side of the family, and now Harmony, that can be used against painting Nina as the monstrous grandmother from hell.

Nina advising Scott to dig into Willow’s past and find something about her was intriguing because we never explored what exactly Willow did for Shiloh during her stint in Dawn of Day. I have to say, this is the most interested in Willow I have been since she got involved with Michael. Nina has one thing right, Willow can’t stand up to Michael, and she’s been a bore ever since they hooked up.

Scott, Nina, Nail Salon GH

The nail salon seems to be the busiest joint in town.

Credit: ABC screenshot

Valentin asking Carly to make peace with Nina and end this feud wasn’t surprising on one hand, yet on the other it was. I can’t wait to hear her answer on Monday, especially given the tease in which he asked her if she doesn’t feel even a once of pity for Nina.

May the 4th Be With You

As a Star Wars fan, I appreciated the May 4th episode, which was pushed to the 5th due to a previous pre-emption. The scenes with Brook Lynn, Chase, and Violet were adorable as always. Chase’s tea party voice was hilarious, as was his explaining to Violet that lightsabers weren’t swords. It’s so nice to finally see the mixed signals between Chase and Brook Lynn be a thing of the past.

Lightsaber duel GH

Dear Violet, please never succumb to the powers of the dark side.

Credit: ABC screenshot

Britt stunned me, in a good way, with her talk with both TJ and Terry. Hearing Britt telling TJ that she is looking for doctors who are not just excellent at their job, but are compassionate and willing to listen to their patients, didn’t seem like the old Britt. Her disease has changed her.  Likewise encouraging Terry to let her deal with Amy and to enjoy her date was simply a fun little scene, as was Terry’s reaction that Britt continues to surprise her. I still hope at some point we learn Britt doesn’t have Huntington’s, and it was a trick that Victor to get to Obrecht.

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Amy, Terry, Chet, and the Friction to Come

Amy continues to be the annoying character she always has been with this feud she has created with Terry. Her attitude problem is off the charts, and hopefully, she’s on her way to getting fired. Her attack on Terry in the nail salon was over the top, and Terry rolling her eyes at Amy was on point. Then Amy went and complained to Chet about her awful boss, not realizing Chet is going out on a date with her. Even Chet seems to think his sister is too extra at times, and I don’t want to see this cause a problem between him and Terry.

Amy yells at Terry GH

Wah wah wah is all that comes out of Amy’s mouth.

Credit: ABC screenshot

Odds and Ends

•  Martin and Lucy’s reunion was sweet, but also hilarious, with Lucy’s high heel shoe ending up dangling from Martin’s foot. It was also nice to finally see Valentin not stand in their way any longer.

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• The mystery of what Valentin is up to continues with him making a call and telling someone that he knows what has to be done. I hope his character isn’t backsliding and doing something that could jeopardize what he has with Anna.

• I’m not sure how I feel about the Mac and Felicia misunderstanding the other wanting a baby story, but it’s always good to see them together. And Robert cracking jokes about Mac at his age not knowing if his diaper or a baby’s needing changed was hilarious.

•  Here is hoping this medium Liz has called will push this haunting storyline along, because reducing it to one episode a week is dragging it out and making it even more frustrating. After the incident in the Metro Court, how has nobody even thought that Liz is doing this to herself?

• Lenny’s visit with Sonny was touching, but his appearance and embracing Phyllis was the best part of his return.

• It’s too early to tell how Dex will work out as the “new Jason,” but so far I’m liking his character.

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• I had hoped Sasha flushing her pills would be the end of this ridiculous drug storyline, but after the photographer offered to hook her up, it doesn’t seem so. At least Gladys has a hint of what’s going on now that she’s seen the photos on the memory card.

As always, these are simply my opinions. Agree or disagree, I want to hear yours! Please join the conversation below and post in the comments.

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