Harmony’s Story Has Made for a Riveting Week on General Hospital — But We Are Missing Victor and Valentin

April 25 - 29:

Harmony was great but where are Victor and Valentin?

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This entire week on General Hospital has been one wild ride, though there were a few bumps in the road. Plus, the show continues to sideline some of its best stories, such as Victor and Valentin clearly working together to frame Jennifer Smith, to give us less than stellar drama involving Curtis and his daddy issues. Overall though, it has me geared up for May Sweeps, which begins next week!

Harmony’s Downfall Was Missing One Thing

Watching Harmony completely lose her marbles was the high point of the week. From almost sending Carly over the cliff, to attempting to bash Alexis’ skull in with a rock, Inga Cadranel’s performance was Emmy-worthy. However, Jordan was finally on point for once when she questioned Carly about Harmony’s motives, and why she felt driven to commit all these murders and attempted murders simply to cover up her secret about Willow. It definitely seems completely over the top. Then again, this is someone who was the right-hand woman to a cult leader. How though, can her character be salvaged after this? There seems to be no way to redeem her at this point. Maybe she’ll become Heather Webber’s new roommate at Darkham Assylum?

Where was Harmony’s concern over losing Willow as a daughter during her time with Shiloh?

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Unfortunately, the lack of Nancy Lee Grahn, who was temporarily out due to surgery, was a huge letdown. This was the pivotal turning point in Harmony’s arc and the lack of the “real” Alexis was noticeable. Nothing against Stephanie Erb, who stepped into the role temporarily, but it just didn’t feel right not having Grahn there. Plus, what should have been a shining moment for Alexis, felt as if Carly swooped in and took the story over. Of course, Carly is a big part of the story as she’s the one who figured out Harmony’s big secret. In last week’s column I pondered if Carly would keep the truth about Nina from Willow, should she eventually put the pieces together. Based on the fact she didn’t tell Jordan about connecting Harmony to Nina when she was being questioned, it looks like Carly will keep her mouth shut. Plus, the truth would likely devastate her precious Michael, and she clearly can’t have that. If she does keep the secret, just as she did with Nelle, it’s bound to come out and I will be waiting with popcorn in hand to watch Nina go psycho on Carly.

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Sasha’s Breaking Point

The scenes between Sasha and Nina, discussing loss and grief, were on point. The show missed the mark in not finding a way to make Sasha Nina’s actual biological daughter, but at least they still have a bond. And even though I find Sasha’s turning back to drugs to be a predictably boring story, Sofia Mattsson knocked it out of the park with her performance this week breaking down after hitting Harmony and the sleazy photographer threatening her.

Gladys has grown to become a great character.

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I can’t believe I’m going to say this, but Gladys has grown on me. She’s always had some great inappropriate one-liners, but the writing for her in this storyline, and her protecting Sasha was a great turning point for her character. And the fact that she still has the photographer’s memory card is giving me hope she’s about to figure out Sasha is back on pills, so this drug storyline will come to an end soon. Also, Brando putting that sleaze Smoltz in his place to protect Sasha was a great scene!

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Again Michael?

As usual, Michael had my eyeballs rolling into the back of my head hard. He was at his most self-righteous this week lecturing his father. His entire spiel about wanting to redeem the Corinthos name and disowning his father made me want to reach through the screen and punch him, and I so wished Sonny had done so. However, Sonny telling Michael that when he changed his mind one day, which we all know he will because we’ve already been there done that with Michael, he’d have to beg for his forgiveness was epic. And Brando telling Sonny that Michael’s attitude was in part Sonny’s fault for spoiling Michael rotten was right on. Michael is a spoiled brat who has pretty much had everything handed to him. I mean, what CEO lives in his grandma’s gatehouse? Move out, get a house, get a life dude and stop policing everyone else!

I’ll never forgive you for cheating on my mommy and getting divorced for the trillionth time!

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Esme the Poisonous Scorpion and Officer Invisible

Laura was steller telling Nikolas that Esme was a scorpion and he needed to get her out of his house before she poisons them all was on point. Nikolas’ response that he had everything under control gave me an ounce of hope that like Spencer, he’s playing Esme. But it is a very tiny ounce of hope. And Maura West as usual gave an emotional performance when Ava tearfully told Nikolas their marriage had much bigger problems than Esme, and that they don’t trust one another. Friday’s episode was just full of powerful performances from the ladies of Port Charles.

Trina reads Esme for the filth she is.

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Meanwhile, Trina and Rory just aren’t giving me the feels I was hoping for. Perhaps it’s still too early to tell. And even though we the audience know what Spencer is doing, his methods are just all wrong. He said it to Cam, in the end, Trina may end up hating him when all is said and done, but he can live with that. Trina meanwhile had one of the best lines of the week when Spencer told her she was wrong about Esme and she responded, “About her being a twisted witch or the love of your life?” And she followed it up by calling out the truth of who Esme is and that soon she’d be left all alone with no one left to fool except “that idiot,” aka Spencer.

Odds and Ends

• Lucy suggesting that Liz bring in a medium to see if there is a presence in her home has made this storyline a little more interesting. Hopefully, the show has realized everyone suspects Liz is doing this to herself and is trying to steer it in another direction.

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• Marshall’s big secret that he was sent to a mental hospital for evaluation was a huge bust. Now he’s left town, and frankly, he should stay gone.

• Curtis telling Portia that he cares for Trina like a daughter, and promising no more keeping secrets from her, felt like the show is finally getting back to Portia’s admission so long ago that she lied to Trina about her father.

• The Finn and Violet scenes at the nail salon were adorable, but at the same time, complete filler. Still, any chance to see Violet is a win.

Violet has a heart bigger than the one on her shirt.

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• The nail salon was just one of two new sets this week, the other being the Metro Court Gardens. Of course, it was clearly the Metro Court pool set repurposed, and I hope that doesn’t mean we won’t see the return of the pool this summer.

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• While I enjoyed this week and Harmony’s breakdown, where the heck has Victor disappeared to? And why aren’t we getting more Valentine and Anna drama? Once again the uneven pacing of stories is coming across, and it’s a shame that some of the best stories have been put on the back-burner to give us the boring Ashford family drama.

As always, these are simply this writer’s opinions. I love hearing what other fans think, so please comment below and join the discussion!

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