Harmony and Alexis Are Serving Up the Best Drama on General Hospital — While Marshall’s Story Is Dragging Like a Wet Blanket

April 18 - 22

Harmony Alexis and Marshall GH

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This week’s episodes of General Hospital felt a bit all over the place. Harmony’s storyline was the most entertaining of the week, while the Spencer and Esme story keeps chugging along, though is still infuriating. Then there is Marshall, who is dragging everyone he’s connected to down with him and his secret that many viewers don’t care about. With May Sweeps around the corner, here is hoping we’ll see a lot of storylines at least partially resolved, or at least hit a new turning point.

Cam and Spencer Go to Jail

Officer Rory seemed a little overzealous to me in swooping in to arrest Cam for decking Spencer. I mean it was hardly a pub brawl, more like a high school cafeteria fight among friends. I was at least glad in the end both Cam and Spencer were let go. If only at the scene Spencer said he wasn’t going to press charges instead of losing his cool and accidentally backhanding Rory. I will say, Spencer’s comment to Cam that Rory was barely older than them did make me chuckle. It was as if the show felt it needed to be pointed out to make a Rory and Trina relationship viable.

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Laura having a long-overdue talk with Spencer about adjusting his attitude was great, and I loved her telling him, “I will not be dismissed!” Still, though, all of this trouble came about over Spencer not wanting Joss and Trina to know he is trying to prove Esme set Trina up. How many people are going to have to go to jail over Esme at this point?

Speaking of Esme, she was all over Nikolas this week and it was nauseating. If he can’t see the games she’s playing, then I can’t be bothered to be invested in his character while waiting to see if he wrecks his marriage and life over this girl. I’m trying to hold out hope that like Spencer, he’s playing Esme. I just wish Spencer, Nikolas and Ava would sit down and talk to see if they are all on the same page because the three of them working together give them a lot better odds of taking Esme down.

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Brendan’s Murder Unravels Harmony

Jordan once again had me rolling my eyes watching her grill Alexis about Brendan’s death, almost as if Alexis was a suspect. And while I appreciated Jordan trying to make a teaching lesson over Brendan’s death with Rory, those bruises being perimortem trauma is just basic forensics. Bruises of that color and shape, are not likely to occur after death or as trauma from water-induced damage to the body. And before someone asks how the heck I know this, my other career is in anthropology.

I continue to dislike the undoing of Harmony’s redemption arc, but watching Inga Cadranel playing the character completely coming unhinged has been entertaining. Plus, this story is the best the show has going on right now. Harmony demanding Alexis kill the story Smoltz wants to run, and Alexis telling her that they need to revisit their living situation, made for good drama and continued to build the tension between these “friends.”

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Oddly, Harmony appears guilt-ridden over both Brendan and Neil’s deaths. Is she a conflicted soul, or just a crazy killer criminal? In last week’s column, I noted that Carly was starting to become suspicious of Harmony‘s motives, and hoped we weren’t heading for a repeat with Carly learning the truth but keeping it from Nina. I would hope Carly wouldn’t do that at least not to Willow, but with Nina involved, who knows! After hearing Harmony’s drunken confession about not being Willow’s family, and then catching her trying to burn Neil’s file, I’d say Carly could be the next on Harmony’s hit list.

A Seance at Liz’s

The haunting of Liz continues, and the scene with Aiden and the Ouija board probably was the most entertaining thing to happen to this storyline in a while. And while they want us to believe Liz is being haunted, the only other person in that house who could have knocked out Chase was Liz herself. Naturally, when they finally went to check Chase’s camera, it cut out right before Chase was knocked out. Given the fact nobody can catch a break in this investigation, maybe it is a ghost haunting Liz.

Anna and Valentin’s Long-Awaited Reunion Gets Sidetracked

Valentin finally returned to Port Charles and thankfully left his porn stache back in French Polynesia, but his first stop was to visit Alexis? Don’t get me wrong, I love their relationship, but that just seemed odd. Not only that, his visit was partly business in trying to get her to use the paper for the Cassadine family’s boon, even suggesting Victor thought having a media outlet in the family was a good idea. I loved how Alexis shot him down fast and pointed out it wasn’t her paper. Plus, her advising he absolutely should choose his family members was right on.

And speaking of family, what was the point of aging Charlotte only to ship her off to a boarding school? Having Charlotte be there and helping Aiden with the Ouija board and investigating “Franco’s ghost” would have been a plus to that storyline. I’d much rather see the younger crowd solve this mystery than the bumbling adults.

Valentin and Anna were finally reunited, and all they seemed to be able to do was talk about Peter. To paraphrase Jan Brady, “Peter, Peter Peter! Enough about Peter!” Hopefully, that will be the last time we have to hear them discuss Heinrick. Valentin returning to Anna’s, after departing, to plant a hot kiss on her was sweet. But Vanna fans need more! Also, while Anna and Valentin’s relationship has always been built partly on espionage and secrets, I worry whatever Valentin is up to with Victor could be a deal-breaker for Anna. I truly hope Valentin is playing his daddy.

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Please Do Everyone a Favor and Leave Town, Marshall!

Damn that Epiphany and Trina for trying to talk Marshall into staying in Port Charles when he said he was going to leave town. Please leave town, and take your secrets with you! Here is hoping May Sweeps will reveal what he’s hiding, as the longer this drags out the more I not only don’t care about Marshall, but I don’t like him. His attack on Drew, accusing him of being born with a silver spoon in his mouth and not knowing what it’s like to work for a living, was so off the mark. And here I thought Marshall said he did his homework on Drew during their job interview. And you’d think Curtis would have told him about Drew’s non-conventional past.

Social Setup – Port Charles’ Matchmaking Service

As much as I enjoy Britt, this matchmaker storyline is the pits. And now, for some reason, Spinelli of all people is invested in the service. Why? Is he behind the software aspect, or is he a member? Either way, we seem to know none of the guys Britt has matched with, so there is nothing to invest in here. Her interactions with Drew had promise, but just like with Carly, would he only be a Jason replacement in Britt’s eyes?

As usual, these are simply my opinions. Please leave your own in the comments below and discuss the show with other fans.

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