Spencer Proves He’s No Dummy and Gives Sprina Fans Hope on General Hospital — Now If We Could Just Say the Same for Chase and Brook Lynn

April 11 - 15:

Spencer Trina Brook Lynn and Chase GH

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Spencer slightly redeemed himself this week on General Hospital, but he still has a long way to go. Other couples are having their own, yet maybe not as serious problems, such as Dante and Sam, Finn and Liz, and Chase and BLQ… who aren’t yet an official couple. And as much as fans are looking forward to Esme being taken down, there are still a lot of unanswered questions about her that need to come to light. Let’s dive into what went on in Port Charles this week.

The Case Against Trina is Too Perfect

It was nice to see both Jordan and Dante continue to acknowledge they believe Trina had been set up, and the evidence is just falling into their laps. Jordan calling Esme a basic mean girl was a great line. And while I’d love to finally see them nail her, that would mean writing Esme off the canvas. I can’t fathom the show wanting to lose Avery Pohl at this point because she plays a great psychopath. Of course, this means somehow Esme will probably skate even if Trina is cleared.

Rory seems adept at eavesdropping.

Credit: ABC Screenshot

Then there is rookie Rory, who was eavesdropping on Dante and Jordan discussing the evidence against Trina. I and others immediately worried he could be a dirty cop working for Esme, but after seeing him interact with Joss and Trina at Kelly’s, I’m thinking that’s not the case.

Rory could also just be a green rookie as Jordan said, and looking out for Trina. Could he bungle the evidence somehow, leading Scott to be able to have it thrown out? Others have also been quick to suggest this story could bring Taggert’s sister and Trina’s Aunt Gia back to town. Conveniently she was just mentioned a week or so ago by Taggert!


Well One Cassadine Isn’t a Dope Over Esme

For weeks now I’ve been ranting about the stupidity of Nikolas and Spencer when it comes to Esme, but now it appears Nikolas is the only dope. During a confrontation between Spencer and Trina at Ava’s gallery, we finally learned Spencer’s no dummy. Even though it was a fantasy all in his head, Spencer revealed he invited Esme to Wyndemere because he knew she framed Trina and he’s trying to get the goods on her. He also admitted he was falling in love with Trina. There is actually hope for Sprina yet!

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Spencer fills Cam in on his plan GH ABC

Spencer leaves Cam almost speechless with his confession.

Credit: ABC screenshot

However, will Spencer be able to outsmart Esme on his own? It’s doubtful. He at least brought Cam in on the plan, but still wants Joss and Trina cut out. Probably not a bad idea, because just like her mother, Joss has trouble keeping her mouth shut. All Esme has to do is push her buttons and Joss would spill that Spencer has been playing her all along. Plus, Trina knowing would likely put her in more danger from Esme. There is someone I think would be perfect for Spencer to turn to, and that’s Ava. It would be a great way for Spencer and Ava to move forward if they could work together in bringing Esme down. One can only hope if he’s seen the light about Esme, that perhaps his feelings towards Ava and his father are shifting too.

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I will say I let out a big “Hallelujah” when Spencer asked Trina if she had told her lawyer that they were together when the video was released, and he was her alibi. I was beginning to think they’d all but forgotten about that. She hasn’t told Scott yet but vowed she would if she had to. Had to? We’re past that point, Trina! Tell Scott!

Ava leaving Nikolas alone in bed could leave an opening for Esme to crawl in.

Credit: ABC screenshot

Meanwhile, I’m loving Ava giving Nikolas a case of the cold shoulder and blue-balls. Nikolas made a comment to Ava that he was entertaining getting to know Esme to keep an eye on her, but can we believe that he’s woken up to her too? I am looking forward to finally seeing her taken down, yet nobody still has any idea that Esme is Ryan’s daughter. That’s not the only secret she’s holding onto either. Is she really adopted? Does she have adopted brothers and sisters? It seems the one person she hasn’t fabricated is Maggie, as she read a letter from her in an episode this week. However, was Maggie really her nanny? Was she a foster parent? Once Trina is in the clear, I hope the show will start to give us answers as to who Esme really is.

Esme lurks in the dark GH

Esme’s got more secrets than a WSB agent.

Credit: ABC screenshot

Harmony’s Past Catching Up to Her

Before Friday’s episode, I felt it seemed pointless for Brendan to be pushing Harmony to get him money when it would be far easier and quicker to get a payday out of Nina or Michael. Then again, that wouldn’t make for soapy daytime drama! And just like that, when Harmony’s plan to pay him off failed, he was about to go to Michael. I joked in last week’s column that Harmony’s liable to stab Brendan in the back. She did one better when she began to strangle him and he went over a cliff. Of course on a soap, that doesn’t mean he’s dead.

Meanwhile, Carly and Alexis have been pondering what Harmony meant when she said she owed Nina something. The week ended with Carly learning Harmony worked with Phyllis in a clinic years ago. Why does this feel like deja vu? Don’t tell me Carly will be the one to figure out how Nina and Willow are related, only to keep her mouth shut the same ways she did about Nelle?

This is a Stick-Up!

One of the best things to come from Nixon Falls has been Phyllis. I love that she’s breathed new life into Charlie’s, and Sonny offering to sell it to her for one-hundred bucks was really sweet. I adore Phyllis’ relationship with both Sonny and Nina, and the fact that she doesn’t sugarcoat things with them. She tells it like it is!

Brando Charlie's Bar Fight GH

Just call him Jason 2.0.

Credit: ABC screenshot

As for the robbery at Charlie’s, aside from the continued teasing that there is a big bad out there that could be after Sonny’s territory, it just seemed to again hint that Brando is going to become the next Jason. And how is nobody catching Sasha popping pills out in public?

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Confuddled Couples

Last week I noted that Sam and Dante really don’t have a storyline of their own. They still don’t, but now they have problems because Carly asked Sam to help her find out what evidence the PCPD has against Trina. Sam, being the worst PI ever, got caught snooping on Dante’s phone. I mean really Sam, right in the middle of the restaurant? What did you think would happen? These two desperately need some kind of excitement if the show expects us to root for them on any level.

Then there is Carly and Drew, who it seems are being potentially paired together because… there is no one else for them? For me, Drew is just a Jason stand-in, and for Drew, well he can’t have Sam so I guess Carly’s his next best possibility? Then there is poor Monica. I wonder how she’ll react watching another son fall for Carly. Maybe Carly should just stay single for a while and process her life without Sonny.

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As for Finn and Liz, well at least Finn had the brains to call in Chase for help. And thank you Detective Chase for finally suggesting someone put up cameras at Liz’s place, which I suggested in last week’s column. I did get a kick out of Aiden downloading an Ouija board app to try and contact Franco’s ghost. Just stay away from the demons kid!

Chase in a towel on phone GH

Chase hasn’t been shirtless in a while, so the show decided to fix that.

Credit: ABC screenshot

Finally what more is there to say about Chase and Brook Lynn, except shut up and kiss one another. The miscommunication between these two can only go on for so long before it becomes tiresome and a joke.

As usual, these are simply my opinions. Join in the conversation and leave yours in the comments below.

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