The Nelle and Willow Twist Was No Surprise to Most General Hospital Viewers — But Esme Not Being Pregnant Was a Huge Relief

Willow and Nelle Twist, Esme Not Pregnant GH

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General Hospital continued to advance stories that require the viewers to suspend common sense and not ask questions, but questioning their shows is what soap fans do best! Liz’s story has become maddening, the twin twist still has aspects that don’t add up, but fortunately, we got a mostly sex-tape-free week. Let’s dive into what went down in Port Charles.

No Baby On Board

Without a doubt the best part of the soap this week was the reveal that Esme wasn’t pregnant. Hallelujah! Not only was it a surprise, but a great one. It was also a relief. Unfortunately, she’s now using the fact that there is no baby to continue to manipulate Spencer and Nikolas.

Ava discovers Esme

Ava calling Esme a off-brand sociopath was the line of the week.

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In last week’s column, I wrote how frustrating it was to watch Nikolas act so stupid and fall for Esme‘s games. That’s why it was nice to see Ava call him out and pushed him to remember who he is and what he’s capable, of while also reminding him the same about her. Ava vowing not to let Esme run her out of her home and marriage was exactly the scene we needed to give us hope that we won’t have to watch this girl run over everyone in town for much longer. It’s too bad Ava can’t delegate her responsibilities overseeing Spencer’s trust fund to someone else, for example, Trina’s mother Portia. That would boil Esme’s blood.

Surprise Nina, It’s Twins!

A lot of viewers responded to last week’s column that they were unhappy about what they’ve done to Harmony’s character. I agree as I have enjoyed what we thought was her redemption act, but now it’s all unraveling for her. And her character is confusing, likely so on purpose to throw us off. Last week she menacingly looked on as Alexis went back to her dark office for her phone, but nothing came of that. This week she’s trying to get out of Alexis’ home and hair and made the mention that she’s done enough to her. She almost seems sorry for Neil’s death. In recalling his murder, Harmony even shivered as if what she did upset her.

Harmony only stole one of Nina’s babies.

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As if we already hadn’t figured out from the abundance of clues being dropped that Willow was Nina’s daughter, who Harmony stole in cahoots with Madeline… Well, I hope the show didn’t expect us to be shocked when on Friday we learned that Nina had twins. Yup, Willow and Nelle are sisters. Michael’s bad luck with the ladies continues! Of course, how this information was kept from Phyllis is mind-boggling. As the once comatose Nina’s nurse and caretaker, that’s important medical information for her to know. Then again, Madeline likely wouldn’t have cared if Nina died and took the babies with her.

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I’m hoping they won’t drag the reveal out till next Spring. With Willow constantly overtired, it seems like some type of cancer storyline is coming and she’ll need a transfusion of bone marrow or something, thus leading to the big reveal. I’m almost dreading watching it all play out. Michael and Willow have become insufferable. However, watching Michael and Carly potentially soil their pants over the Nelle-Nina-Willow connection will be worth it.

The Return Of Jennnifer Smith and The Ice Princess

We still are no closer to understanding what Victor’s grand scheme is, but it feels like we are getting there. It’s clear the Ice Princess plays a major factor in what he’s planning, and he’s not the only one after it. Jennifer Smith was back and looking to procure it not just because of what it meant to Luke but also to finance her and her mystery partner’s mob dealings and eventually take over Port Charles.

Who is Jennifer Smith working with?

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I was glad they brought Jennifer back and didn’t forget that important tease from Luke’s memorial service involving her and her mystery partner. However, by the end of the week, Valentin had framed her for Luke’s death and stealing the Ice Princess and she was carted off. Hopefully, this isn’t the end of this story, as I’ve been dying to know who her “darling” is. And could they be the presence that seems to have Victor so rattled and intent on pulling the family together?

The scenes with Victor imploring Laura to consider working with him, instead of against one another, were intriguing. These two veteran actors are also stellar working with one another. As Laura noted Victor seemed sincere, and asked, “Where is the Victor I know?” I’m enjoying how they’re writing Victor as a complex character and villain, rather than just evil as with Ryan, Nelle, and Peter.

Victor’s one smooth criminal, but what’s his endgame?

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Valentin’s return was a welcomed treat, though that mustache he was sporting was distracting. I kept expecting a guitar with a wa-wa pedal to start playing as the soundtrack, especially as Jennifer was in the shower describing how she was soaping up her body. It’s obvious that Valentin was working under orders from Victor, but why? This is the Cassadine story they should be focusing on instead of Esme brainwashing all the males in the family.

Take a Chance On Wu

Selina’s back and took no time putting her plans into motion for her poker games and Brad’s part in the family business. Her blackmailing Britt with knowledge of what she and her father Faison were up to years ago in Lisbon was intriguing.  At the same time, the show has been focused on redeeming Britt in the eyes of many, so hopefully, this doesn’t lead to her backsliding. However, there will, and should always be, a little bit of bad to The Britch.

Ms. Wu’s got dirt on Britt, then again, who doesn’t?

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The moment Drew asked Curtis about his investigation into Marshall’s past, and then noted that Sonny not helping him might be a good thing so he’s not in debt to the mob, it was obvious Curtis was going to strike a deal with Selina. And that he did.

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I feel this entire storyline is unfortunate for Curtis. As I’ve previously noted, Marshall’s character is dragging Curtis down, and now Aunt Stella’s along for the ride. What could have been an intriguing mystery as to why Marshall up and left his family years ago has turned into a storyline I don’t care about. I’m just not interested or invested in what Marshall is hiding anymore. And with all the teases surrounding his pills, it seems to be drug-related.

Odds and Ends

• It’s time to end the haunting of Liz. This again could have been a great story, but it’s turning out to be a predictable DID or PTSD-related one with Liz haunting herself. Just like the realities that we are forced to overlook in Esme’s framing of Trina, the same type of issues can be found with this storyline. Has no one thought to install cameras in the house to monitor what is going on? And are we to believe Liz’s boys aren’t old enough to know how to turn on and off a house alarm?

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• I know the show is trying hard to make us like Dante and Sam as a couple, but it feels like they are just floating and being injected into storylines here and there. While Sam initially found herself in Victor’s orbit due to Drew resurfacing, why is she still involved in Laura and Anna’s investigation into Victor? And Dante just seems to be involved because Sam is. They as a “couple” have no storyline of their own.

• I was so happy to see they hadn’t dropped the Terry and Chet romance storyline, even if it took the show almost two months to resume it. However, having Chet off-screen for another month or so makes no sense. Are we going to see this play out on screen, or will it be another redo of Epiphany and Milo?

• Austin and BLQ calling a truce was long overdue. Now if only Brook Lynn and Chase could get things straight between them.

As always, these are only my thoughts. If you have any guesses as to Victor’s endgame, or who Jennifer Smith is working with, leave them in the comments below with any other opinions of the show.

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