Tabyana Ali Has Knocked It Out of the Park Taking Over the Role of Trina on General Hospital — Plus, Finally Some Vindication for Fans of Neil and Alexis

March 28 - April 1

Trina, Neil and Alexis on General Hospital

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It was quite a week on General Hospital. Between Trina’s arrest and hearing, Esme’s latest scheme, and the return of Neil… in a way, I was on the edge of my seat most days. Let’s just dive right into what went down in Port Charles. 

As The Church Lady Always Said, “Well Isn’t That Convenient!”

As I noted in last week’s column, there are so many issues when it comes to the case and evidence against Trina. I already mentioned tracing the incriminating phone’s geolocation, and the fact that Esme’s fingerprints should be all over it. Now we have Esme, Jordan and Spencer all pointing out that Trina blacked out and doesn’t remember the night the tape was made as a reason that she could have made it. The problem? The tape was released weeks later, not that night. Also, why is Jordan not questioning how Trina blacked out after one drink? Did she miss the police academy class on roofies? Others have pointed out that Esme had to return to Sonny’s cabin to get the phone. This is Sonny’s cabin, so there has to be an alarm system and video surveillance.

Both Dante and Jordan said it, the anonymous tip, and the phone turning up with no password, is just a little too convenient. With everyone insisting Esme did it, why don’t they go back to the tip line phone call? Even though it’s anonymous, calls to the police are generally recorded, and Esme’s voice could be identified.

Above: Sadly no matter who plays the part, Jordan is still terrible at her job.

Then there is the issue that when the tape was released on campus, Trina was in the park shocked to see Spencer out of Spring Ridge. Spencer just brought up to her, in his stupidly defending was Esme did for him, that Trina has also lied for him. Not only was Spencer there with her the moment the video was sent out, but Jordan also spotted her as Spencer hid.

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As frustrating as the storyline is, the acting of all involved has been superb. Tabyana Ali, the new Trina, was thrown into a major storyline and has been amazing in the role. General Hospital has knocked it out of the park with both Trina’s recast along with Jordan’s. Sadly though, no matter who plays Jordan, she’s still an awful detective.

Trina is through with Spencer
Above: Add a better boyfriend to the list of things Trina deserves.

I was especially relieved that Cam and Joss did not believe Trina did this to them and even went to her arraignment to support her. Had they turned on her as the idiot Spencer has, it would have made sitting through this storyline even more unbearable. Plus, Carly, Ava and Sonny coming together to deal with Esme has been fantastic. When they are working together instead of against one another, they are incredibly entertaining as a group. Sonny intimidating Esme in his office was also a stellar scene, and it appears Esme finally has met someone who actually put the fear of God into her.

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As a Sprina fan, watching Spencer choosing to believe Esme over Trina was crushing, and I’m not sure if I’ll be able to hold out hope for them. Trina telling him off was amazing, and she deserves someone who treats her right. Enter Officer Rory! Though he hasn’t had many scenes, his bringing Trina water in the interrogation room and smiling at her was so sweet. I’m just hoping he’s not too good to be true, IE a dirty cop. As for Spencer, at least by Friday, he was showing some loyalty to Trina in hoping she could prove her innocence, and his quip to his father that Esme is obsessed with all things Trina was a good one. Open your eyes little man!

Tweedle Dumb and Tweedle Dumber

It’s been hard enough watching Spencer make a fool out of himself over Esme, but now Nikolas has caught the stupid bug too. Everyone under the sun has been pointing the finger at Esme for the sex tape, and Nikolas should be smart enough to know if Sonny’s gotten involved, it’s true. However somehow she’s convinced Spencer and Nikolas she’s the victim, and now is living at Wyndemere. Ava came home to that shock, and I can’t wait to see her blow her top on Monday. Spencer asked his father if there was a bomb shelter on the island because he’d like to be there when he tells Ava about Esme was a good line. There are those underground tunnels, which would make a great place to stick Esme.

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As for Esme’s pregnancy, she still hasn’t confirmed if she’s pregnant or not. My initial feeling was that she’s not and will have to fake the pregnancy to keep her game up. If so, it’s a plot that was just done with Brook Lynn. Because of that, I almost expect her to be pregnant, as terrible as that story would be. I did get a good chuckle when Spencer told Victor about the possible bun in the oven and his response was, “Is that all?”

Above: Victor has ways of dealing with unwanted baby mamas, so he claims.

Though Esme worming herself into Wyndemere and Nikolas’ life will likely please daddy dearest Ryan, I can’t imagine he’ll be happy at her continued involvement with “those children” as he called them, because it’s distracting her from his plans. And if she’s pregnant, I shudder to even say it, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Ryan is the father. At this point, adding incest to their twisted relationship and warped minds isn’t that far-fetched.

A Redemption Too Good to Be True

I was starting to enjoy Harmony’s character and her friendship with Alexis, and just like that, the writers introduced a curveball flushing it all down the drain. The second Harmony seemed too familiar with Alexis’ house I, and so many other fans guessed she killed Neil. His overdose came out of the blue and was suspicious. At the time I thought Shiloh would have been found to be behind it, and perhaps he was. Because Neil helped deprogrammed Kristina, could that be why Harmony killed him? Honestly, bringing the memory of Shiloh back after all this time seems like a pointless move. So why else would Harmony kill Neil?

Above: How silently do Alexis and Neil sleep that they didn’t wake up?

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Shiloh had secrets on all his cult members, and likely he knew that Harmony stole Nina’s child and raised her as Willow. Yeah, that still hasn’t been confirmed on-screen, but the not-so-subtle hints have been dropping left and right that’s coming, including Phyllis pointing out that Harmony and Madeline were good friends. Then there are some of the cheesiest lines hinting at it, such as Michael saying Willow and Harmony both wanting to give Nina the benefit of the doubt must be genetic, and Harmony telling Nina that Willow is as strong as her mother is. Did Neil, in his work with Willow and Kristina as well as his experience with cults, somehow uncover that Willow is Nina’s child?

Then out of the blue Neil’s brother Brendan returned, looking for a payday from Alexis who he still blames for Neil’s death. And sure enough, he located a big fat folder on Harmony in his dead brother’s suitcase. If he thinks he can blackmail Harmony, he better watch his back because she’s libel to stick a knife in it. Plus, unless she’s lying about her financial situation, she’s flat broke.

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