Ryan Is a Major Threat That Victor Is Totally Clueless About on General Hospital — Plus, Another Fake Pregnancy Storyline?

March 21 - 25:

Victor versus Esme and Ryan on GH

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This week on General Hospital seemed to be all about the bad guys and gals getting the upper hand, and nobody is none the wiser. One storyline, in particular, has become frustrating to watch. Not only because of the subject matter but the glaring inconsistencies we are expected to overlook. Currently, Victor remails my favorite not-so-bad guy on the show and I am liking the mystery surrounding his end game.

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Ryan Ups His Games

With Peter “dead,” it only seems natural that the soap has brought Ryan back to fill the void of someone for the fans to hate. The fact that Esme is his progeny doesn’t hurt either, because she’s just as loathed as he is. So far, Victor has been more of the classic love-to-hate soap villain than someone in the class of Peter, Nelle, Ryan and Esme. And while Victor is so focused on Project Demeter and keeping Laura, Anna and others from learning what he’s up to, he’s completely left his family open to attack from Ryan and Esme.

Ryan partners with Spencer
Above: Was it Ryan playing against Spencer, or was it Harmony?

Not only has Ryan ordered Esme to find a way to break up Ava and Nikolas, but he’s also now preying on Spencer’s hatred of Ava to try and get him to act out again against his father and stepmother. After being locked up in Spring Ridge for his crimes, being friend-dumped by Trina, and seeing what Cam and Joss are going through, one would expect a little character growth from Spencer. Sadly he isn’t showing much and has imprisoned himself in this cell of loneliness because of his own hate and stubbornness. It’s getting hard to have any sympathy for him. He chose to defend Esme again and again, believing she was the only one he had on his side. Now that she’s dropped her possible pregnancy bomb on him, a little light bulb has gone off in his brain saying, “I could be tied to her for life!”

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Esme drops a bomb on Spencer GHAbove: At some point, Esme’s bound to pull one trick too many and lose track of all her lies and stories.

As for Esme’s pregnancy, well obviously when she left Laura’s with a smile on her face it seemed clear she wasn’t pregnant. And now she’s throwing herself at Nikolas for help. Originally I thought she was going to make it look like she slept with Nikolas, which many commenters noted would be lazy writing seeing Nelle just did that not long ago with Sonny. Then again, as Joss said on Friday’s show, Esme is Nelle 2.0. However faking a baby, just to stay close to the family, is equally a been-there-seen-that a million times storyline.

Project Demeter… Running Out of Time

At the family dinner Nikolas arranged, Victor again dropped hints of some big danger headed towards their family, and that they were running out of time and needed to come together. It’s hard to figure out if Victor really is up to no good, or if in some twisted way, he’s trying to protect his family from whatever this big bad is out there is. He even joked to Nikolas he wasn’t out for world domination like his grandfather was.

Above: Victor plans to pin Luke’s murder on the perfect scapegoat. Could it be Peter?

As for Project Demeter, last week I again theorized in my column that it may have something to do with Mikkos’ weather machine, based on the story of Persephone and Hades. However Anna, in quickly recapping who Demeter is, also pointed out she presides over the cycles of life and death. Symbolically, these are also tied to the changing seasons in many cultures and religions. But it got me thinking, could Project Demeter be about bringing someone back from the dead? It would synch with Victor’s interest in cryogenics and his work at Crichton-Clark. The question is, who does he want to bring back? Or has Project Demeter already brought that person back, and that’s the threat to his family? The only person I could fathom it could be would be Helena, which could tie into Luke’s death storyline and the ice princess.

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Dreading the Inevitable

The younger characters and their storyline have quickly gone from one of my favorites to what would be fast-forward material if I had that luxury. Watching Esme frame Trina, and being stuck waiting to watch Trina take the fall and every one turn on her, is not must-see-soap-tv in my opinion. I could watch some twisted dark real-life crime show on any given network if I wanted to watch this type of story. For many of us, soaps are a retreat from the difficulties of life, a fantasy. So watching this deeply disturbing storyline, which is very close to real-life headlines and cases of bullying out there, is not enjoyable. Esme will eventually go down, and that will be rewarding to watch. But I have to wonder if that payout will be enough for sitting through this frustrating ordeal?

Above: Trina is back on our screens, and unfortunately in a boatload of trouble thanks to Esme.

If you haven’t tuned in lately, Tabyana Ali debuted on Friday as the new Trina. It was her first episode, so it’s a little too early to judge how well she’ll fill Sydney Mikayla’s shoes. She seems to be far more soft-spoken than her predecessor. I’m eager to see her in scenes with Spencer/Nicholas Chavez to see how their chemistry is, and how she’ll fair against Esme/Avery Pohl.

As I pointed out last week, there are so many issues with Esme planting the phone on Trina, including the fact her prints were all over it. Other fans have called out other aspects neglected or we are expected to gloss over, like Trina being the only one wasted on one drink, and the fact that Trina hasn’t looked in her purse and seen the other phone this entire time. These are only a few things that make sitting through this storyline so upsetting.

Another Baby Swap Storyline… How Original

After learning Phyllis and Loraine, aka Harmony, both worked at the Crichton-Clark clinic where Nina was in a coma for twenty-some years, it’s more evident than ever that somehow Harmony must have taken Nina’s baby and swapped it with Nelle.

Harmony's connection to Phyllis and Nina GH
Above: It looks like both Nina and Phyllis were duped by Madeline and Harmony.

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Though the idea of yet another baby swap storyline feels like more lazy writing, on a positive note it is one more step in ridding the show of Nelle’s presence. The out-of-nowhere revelation, right at the end of Nelle’s run, that she was Nina’s daughter never seemed to make sense. And after all his high and mighty proclamations to Sonny about his choices regarding putting Nina first, it would be nice to see Michael in the hot seat in regards to Nina. If she turns out to be Willow’s mother, will he accept Nina as part of their life, or cut them both out of his and Wiley’s?

Odds and Ends

• It was great to have Ms. Wu back, and her plans to run a high-stakes poker game out of Curtis’ club with Brad in charge should be interesting. I’m just hoping Wu doesn’t step on Sonny’s toes too much because I enjoy their working partnership and would rather not see another mob-rivalry storyline. Plus, we still haven’t found out who Jennifer Smith was working for, who wants to move in on Sonny’s territory.

• Though the sex-tape storyline is frustrating, watching it bring Carly and Liz together for the common goal of protecting their kids was nice. Their scenes, and complementing one another despite their past feuds, were well written.

• When Marshall first came on the scene, he had potential. Now, like so many storylines on the show, it seems to be dragging. This week also seemed to be over-dominated by his presence and not much interesting coming from it. Marshall ordering Sonny to stay away from his family was laughable, and even Sonny found it so. Curtis, a character I normally really like, was completely out of line in the way he talked to Jordan when she wouldn’t bend the law to help him look into his father’s past.

As always, these are only my opinions and thoughts. Join the conversation below with fellow General Hospital fans and leave your feelings.

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