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Deconstructing GH: More balance needed with characters’ airtime

July 31 - August 4:

It was a bit of a slow week in Port Charles waiting for Sonny to be rescued from that damn pit. His character’s continued domination on the show is really starting to test the nerves of many viewers. Let’s discuss what went down on “General Hospital.”

Undoing Hayden.
I really am not a fan of what the writers are doing to Hayden’s character. We know Rebecca Budig is leaving General Hospital soon, but it seems like they are determined to destroy her character and all the progress she made over the past two years by inventing a horrible secret from her past. Hayden let her ex-husband Jared, who by the way she’s apparently told everyone about but never mentioned on the show, go to jail for a drunk driving accident she committed leaving a girl paralyzed. I originally feared they were going to cause Hayden to lose her baby and leave town, an idea I hated. Now I think as sad as it would have been, I’d prefer that storyline over this one.

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Meanwhile Finn is on cloud nine, and decided to let go of his past with his dead wife by burning her last letters to him. That seems like a very odd way to say goodbye! Maybe if he hated his wife I could understand, but he loved her. The writers bringing her back up after all this time makes me wonder if she’s not as dead as we thought, though I’m not sure how she would have survived her Blackwood Syndrome this long.

Trapped in the pit, week two.
I noted in last week’s Deconstructing GH that Sonny wouldn’t be in the pit very long given he can’t last without food. Oh how foolish that statement was, because I forgot that soaps can drag a day or two on for weeks or months if they want to! Fortunately they didn’t, with Carly finding him at the construction site after Michael realized he may be there. Still, the week was dominated by Sonny in that pit, and viewers are really becoming more annoyed than ever with “The Sonny Show” as it’s come to be known.

Morgan Morgan Morgan!
Stone Cates, who many have fond memories of, appeared to Sonny in an angelic vision to give him words of wisdom and urged him to fight to survive. Unfortunately, much of the visit was spent by Sonny talking about Morgan and wanting to see him again. While it made sense given Morgan was in part named after Stone, it seems like a week can’t go by without talking about his character. It’s time to let Morgan go and move on!

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Bullets and jewelry.
The laugh out loud moment of the week was Oscar giving Joss a necklace made out of the bizarre metal they found at the construction site. It took Michael and Nelle to point out that it was a bullet casing. How has Joss grown up in Sonny’s house and have no idea what a bullet casing looks like? Nelle meanwhile not only knew what it was, but that it had been fired recently, prompting Michael to comment that there is so much about her that he still doesn’t know. Carly will no doubt dig up that dirt, but I’m not sure I care to watch more of Carly and Nelle going at one another at this point.

No justice for Nikolas?
It is unfortunately looking like Valentin won’t pay for Nikolas’ death. Valentin bribed Ava with the plastic surgeons that fixed him up to repair her face. His price is of course that she change her statement about what happened to Nikolas so that Spencer’s lawsuit against him gets thrown out. Ava seems to be forgetting that Sonny warned her he would come after her if she tried to get any type of plastic surgery. Fortunately Ava refused his offer because she believed Spencer deserved to know the world isn’t as unfair as it seems. The burns seem to have changed Ava, she really seems to want to do right by Nikolas and be a better person. However I don’t think she’ll be able to resist having her face restored and will eventually cave to temptation. Meanwhile, Laura made the tough decision to send Spencer back to boarding school in France. Watching him beg to stay was heartbreaking, and I am going to miss him, Laura and Kevin being a family.

These are just my opinions. Please leave your own thoughts in the comments.

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– Dustin Cushman


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