The Reveal That Esme Is Ryan’s Daughter Was Creepy and Left Us Feeling Icky — Plus, the Sex Tape Fallout Has Many Worried About Trina

March 7 - 11:

Esme and Ryan are icky GH

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This week’s episodes of General Hospital were a mixed bag. Some had us on the edge of our seats, while others had us reaching for caffeine just to stay awake. The big Esme reveal, which wasn’t a surprise, was still jaw-dropping. And we’re still no closer to learning what Victor’s ultimate goal is.

The Big Reveal We All Saw Coming

So, everyone who guessed that somehow Esme was Ryan’s daughter,  you were correct! There is clearly one hell of a backstory waiting to be told here, starting with was Esme ever adopted to begin with? If she was, how did Ryan track her down, and of course, who is her mother? There is already speculation the rules of time will be bent and Felicia will be revealed as Esme’s mother. That’s a horrible twist to put Felecia through given her history with Ryan. Then again, it would make sense as to why Kristina Wagner was after all this time put back on contract.

Ryan and Esme Relationship GH
Above: Esme calling Ryan daddy made our stomachs turn.

More sickening than the thought of Felicia being the psychopath’s mother is Esme and Ryan’s borderline incestuous relationship. Esme is clearly infatuated with her father, rubbing his hands and legs, calling him “daddy” and reminding him not even Ava will ever love him the way she does. Ew! Just when you thought it wasn’t possible to make Ryan and Esme any creepier than they already are!

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Sex, Lies and Digital Videos

After unleashing Cam and Joss’ sex video across the PCU campus, Esme took her plan to the next level and tried to pin it on Trina. We all know there is another twist coming though, and my money is on somehow Esme will have made sure the video will eventually be traced back to Trina’s phone. So far Joss and Cam don’t believe Esme would do that to them, though it sounds like Joss isn’t one-hundred percent sure she didn’t. Again, nobody seems to really be questioning how Trina ended up so sick that night.

Esme releases sex tape GH
Above: The fallout of the sex tape is only beginning.

Trina getting in Esme’s face to defend herself was amazingly acted. I’m really going to miss Sydney Mikayla, who is leaving the role to focus on college. Her replacement has some huge shoes to fill! However, General Hospital has a great track record when it comes to casting replacements. The new Jordan, who I touched on in last week‘s column, is definitely one of those stellar recasts.

One thing that left me scratching my head was why Esme has been so focused on and jealous of Trina if she’s just been playing Spencer. Spencer seems to have been Esme’s convenient reason for turning up in Port Charles when really she’s there to help daddy-dearest break up Ava and Nikolas. Has she, in the course of using Spencer, actually fallen for him? And what will it take for Spencer to wake up and see Esme for who she is?

By the end of the week, Cam and Joss had to reveal what had happened to their parents. The scenes and dialogue were really well written, and I applaud the writers for using the incident to touch on the double standards when this happens to people. Cam noted he was being treated like a hero, while Joss was getting slut-shamed. I was also glad to see Carly think to immediately call Spinelli for help, as that was my immediate thought as well.

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A Very Cassadine Wedding

Victor has turned Ava and Nikolas’ private vow renewal into a gathering for the entire Cassadine clan. What game he’s playing, and why he wants everyone together, remains a mystery. But nothing good can come from a wedding at Wyndemere. Who will be thrown off the turret this time around?

Meanwhile, I continue to love seeing Laura and Ava working together against Victor. The two actresses are just phenomenal when they share screen time. I also really liked Sam and Drew helping Laura with her plan, but why did Sam have to go and pull Dante into things? It’s bad enough the show is really pushing us to accept them as a couple, but for many, it’s not happening.

Above: Hey Dante, three is company, four is a crowd!

Then there was poor Drew’s face when Dante turned up. The look Laura gave Drew when Dante appeared at Sam’s door was everything and showcased how Genie Francis can emit emotion with her eyes alone. I will admit the plan they came up with to slip the tarot card in with Peter’s belongings was brilliant and hilariously executed with Britt and Maxie’s help. Britt and Maxie are giving off that Lucy and Ethel vibe that Maxie had with Lulu, and I’m all in for more of it. Now that Victor has the fake card, hopefully, it won’t take weeks or months for him to try and use it. I’m dying to know what his end game is!

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My old theory that this may have to do with another weather machine scheme looks unlikely, as the bizarre heatwave that hit Port Charles seems to have all but disappeared. What was the point of the wacky weather to begin with? Granted my weather has been crazy in real life, but soaps normally don’t make a point to mention such things unless there is a plot it will facilitate.

Wake Me Up When It’s Over

Sasha, back on the pills, convinced Brando they should head to Canada and elope. Maybe Brando is just still on a natural high from the sex and the fact that Sasha is no longer avoiding him, but shouldn’t he be questioning why she’s suddenly so upbeat? No matter, it didn’t make the story less of a snooze. Gladys’ concern that they were making a huge mistake was more entertaining than Brando and Sasha’s elopement. And clearly, there must not be too many rideshares in Port Charles. For someone who needs space, Carly seems to use any excuse lately to go to Sonny’s penthouse.

Sasha and Brando marry on GH
Above: The most uneventful wedding Port Charles has ever seen.

Odds and Ends

• Thank the stars Sonny talked Nina out of going to the courts to force Michael and Willow to let her see Wiley. Still, it’s probably temporary, and it won’t be long before she goes through with it. My guess is if they’re going to reveal Willow, not Nelle, is Nina’s kid then this is how they’ll do so. Nina has never had a blood test, as far as I can recall, to prove Wiley is her grandchild.

• BLQ was back finally and we are getting back on track with a Chase and Brook Lynn romance! For once I didn’t find myself completely disliking Michael. His conversation with Brook Lynn about Chase was right on, and hopefully, next week will bring good things for this ship.

• Alexis, Diane and Harmony’s night out wasn’t riveting, but it is always a treat to see Diane and Alexis together. More scenes with them in it, please! However, Diane pushing Alexis to date again was a bit much. Alexis needs to proceed very slowly given her terrible track record with men. Once again I have to ask, why the hell did they kill off Neil?

•  Are we ever going to see Liz with all her three sons together again? One of them is always somewhere else.

• Will Terry and Chet ever have a second date?

As usual, there are only my opinions. I love hearing from other fans and what they are thinking, so join the conversation and leave a comment below!

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