Fans of General Hospital’s Elizabeth Are Divided Over Her Haunting Storyline – and Esme’s Got an Axe to Grind But Didn’t Do It at the New Joint in Town

February 28 - March 4

The mystery of Liz and the Axe Club GH

Credit: ABC screenshot/ABC

This week felt a bit slow on General Hospital. For Liz fans though, she’s finally in a storyline that had her front and center almost every day of the week. Inconceivable! A new set debuted with the Port Charles’ ax-throwing club, and a new actress took over the role of Jordan. Finally, Esme unleashed her full revenge scheme against Trina and Joss. Let’s get to discussing all that went down on the ABC soap.

The Haunting of Liz Webber

Love it or hate it, and some fans aren’t happy with the direction the story seems to be headed, but Liz is finally involved in a real storyline, and a mystery to boot. It’s got transporting wedding rings, shredded gowns, arson, and Franco’s creepy paintings appearing out of nowhere. Of course, the second Liz thought she had figured out that it was Betsy doing these things to her, the audience immediately knew it wasn’t Betsy at all.

Creepy Liz painting GH
Above: Franco certainly had a style mixing the macabre and beautiful.

I, like many, have theorized Liz is haunting herself. Although many fans are downright opposed to a Dissociative Identity Disorder storyline because they find it insulting to Liz’s character, as well as the trope has been done-to-death by soaps. She could however be doing it in her sleep and not realizing it, especially if she’s on sleep medication.

Another suspect emerged this week and that is not-so-little Jake. Yup, puberty has hit! Between his insanely talented sketch of Franco and feeling his step-dad was being forgotten, he could be in bad-seed mode again? Has someone triggered Helena’s conditioning of the poor boy? I also thought Cam, who seemed to have a little bit of an attitude when Finn stepped in to keep Liz safe, could be the guilty party. But he’s got enough troubles to worry about. I’m enjoying the storyline, but it’s also the type that fans are dissecting to death, so no outcome is likely to be a true surprise for us.

Signed, Sealed, Delivered

Sonny and Carly gave up on marriage number five quicker than I thought, with both signing the divorce papers. As I noted in last week’s column, this feels like it could be the final CarSon divorce. Of course with these two, there is always hope they’ll reunite. But again, Carly gloating to Ava that she’s survived all of Sonny’s past affairs isn’t exactly something to be proud of when it comes to a relationship. Maybe it is time to give CarSon a rest, at least for a while.

olivia, sam, carly axe-throwing club gh
Above: There’s a new joint in town, even if it was established in 2018.

Olivia and Sam taking Carly to the ax-throwing club was a lot of fun, and Olivia bringing the photo of Nina for inspiration was hilarious. Olivia’s sense of humor really needs to be used more. As for Nina, I enjoy the character, and really like that unlike so many others, she has the guts to stand up to Carly and Michael. But her victim mentality gets as old as Carly and Michael’s hypocrisy. I thought Britt calling Nina out on her BS was a smartly written, and much-needed scene. It doesn’t matter what you did or didn’t intend to do Nina, you did become the other woman in the marriage! Even Nina acknowledged it wasn’t what she wanted to hear, but needed to hear it.

As for the popular new hot spot in town, I joked on Twitter about the club and where it’s been this entire time because someone could have easily lured Peter there and axed him accidentally, pun intended. Others noted the show really made the most out of the new set this week because half the town seemed to check it out.

Anna and Obrecht were among those who decided to chug some beer and throw some axes. Their scenes were brilliantly written and acted, and I’m a huge big fan of the “new” Obrecht. It was a nice touch to have Anna note she wasn’t going to just forgive and forget Obrecht for the hell she put Robin through, but at the same time agreed to forge a path forward, one which as she put it, they weren’t plotting to kill one another constantly. Watch out Ava and Nina, there could be a new pair of frenemies looking to take over your title as the oddest friendship formed!

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Not at All Subtle

Nina and Willow went from bonding over troubled childhoods and problematic mothers to at each other’s throats over whether she should be able to visit Wiley. Nina once again threatened to take Willow and Michael to court over visitation rights. It seems obvious that they’re reigniting their animosity just to drop the bomb that Nina is Willow’s mother. Maybe there is another direction this storyline will take that nobody will see coming, but right now, the writers’ intentions seem pretty obvious.

Above: I’m going to sue you, Michael, Carly and everyone else who is being mean to me!

As much as I’ve enjoyed Alexis finding a friend in Harmony, I rolled my eyes hard that Alexis was going to stand by her as she made all the wrong decisions. I mean, sometimes as a friend, you have to let someone blow their lives up if they won’t take friendly advice. The way this is playing out though looks to completely undo Harmony’s redemption, likely end her up back in the slammer and Alexis will be out a friend.

Stella’s Bad Day

With Jordan back in Port Charles, and Curtis and Portia planning to move in together, the show has finally resumed the long-stalled plot that Stella swiped their divorce papers. Though she still doesn’t remember what was in the envelope due to her stroke, she pointed out to Cam that if they were that important then she would have gotten a call about them. So, wouldn’t the same apply to Jordan and Curtis? Have neither wondered why they’ve not been notified that their divorce has been finalized after all this time? I know, I know, there I go being logical again!

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Above: Jordan is back, and Portia may have competition for Curtis.

As for the NuJordan, the actress is still getting settled into a role, so it’s too early to judge how she’ll fit in with the cast. However, a lot has been said about her youthful appearance compared to her co-stars. The actress Tanisha Harper is actually older by only a few years than Briana Nicole Henry, but younger than Vinessa Antoine. However, she looks so much younger than either of the previous Jordans. So yeah, it will take some getting used to, and I’d love to know what her skincare routine is.

Spencer is Finally Seeing the Light, But Not Soon Enough

On Friday the show honored the anniversary of Courtney Matthews’ death, even if technically they were a few weeks late. But the show runs on soap time, not real-time.’s Curtis Harding already speculated that a visit from Courtney could be what turns Spencer around.

And while Spencer didn’t get a ghostly visit from mom, the day did affect him. He realized he was unable to place flowers on her grave due to the fact that he’s stuck in Spring Ridge because of the choices he’s made. Excuse me? Did I hear correctly? He didn’t blame his father or Ava, but finally seems to be taking responsibility for his own actions? Hallelujah! For weeks I’ve been fed up by his insufferable whining and blaming everyone but himself and his psycho girlfriend. Of course, the only thing Esme took away from the conversation was that Spencer felt Trina would understand what he was going through, so she unleashed the sex tape into the digital world to wreak havoc.

Esme releases sex tape GHAbove: Add brilliant campus computer hacker to Esme’s list of criminal talents.

Sonny and Nikolas’ quarrel at Courtney’s grave was a great bit of dialogue. Nikolas’ dig at Sonny about Courtney always being Spencer’s mother just as Carly would always be the mother of his children was a pretty low blow, but a good one! I had to chuckle though at Sonny’s advice to Nikolas to own up to his past mistakes instead of running from them because the latter only leads to misery. Pot meet kettle, Sonny?

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As always, these are only my opinions. Please leave yours in the comments below and join the discussion with fellow General Hospital fans.

Take a look at the evil deeds characters did they’d like to forget in the photo gallery below.


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