General Hospital Finally Ends Peter’s Reign of Terror, but Is It Too Good to Be True? – Plus, Brook Lynn and Maxie’s Scenes Were Heartbreaking Yet Heartwarming

February 21 - 25:

Ding Dong Peter Is Dead GH

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General Hospital appears to have finally delivered what so many have wanted to see for years now, Peter’s demise. But is he really dead? If you thought things couldn’t get worse for CarSon, well they just did. Spencer has become an even bigger mess, and that cushy prison doesn’t appear to be teaching him a thing. And Sasha going down this predictable road is a been there, done that storyline.

Ding Dong The Wicked Wretch Is Dead!

It’s hard to believe it happened, but it did. Or did it? After all the terror Peter has sewn over the past several years, he sure went out with more of a whimper than a bang. The final showdown was exciting thanks mainly to Maxie and Felicia. Between the odds that it would be Felicia of all people a fleeing Maxie was able to flag down, to Peter running them off the road, and Maxie leading him on a chase… Those were great edge-of-your-seat moments.

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The cornered Maxie telling Peter she’d rather die than be with him and that if he killed her to admit he was at least a monster first, was a powerful scene. I relished Peter’s tears and watching him whimper that Maxie was supposed to save him. There was something poetic about Felicia delivering the final blow to Peter and saving her daughter, especially given the guilt she carries about not being there for her children when they were growing up. I just would have liked to have seen Maxie, or Anna, pick up Peter’s gun and shoot him in the head. The audience needed that closure. We want to make sure Peter’s not only merely dead, but he’s really most sincerely dead.

Above: Yeah he deserved to die alone, but someone had to make sure Peter actually died.

As he lay dying, Anna let her nephew-son know she didn’t call the ambulance, but she wouldn’t let him die alone as even he didn’t deserve that. And while it really did seem Peter took his final breath, I immediately couldn’t help but think that he didn’t die and Anna arranged for him to be transported elsewhere to lock him up, much as Kevin did with Ryan. Because how else would they bring the character back down the road?

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And while yes, Peter’s death would have made a great murder mystery, that opportunity has long passed. It would only have kept his name on the screen longer, along with flashbacks I’m sure. This way he’s gone and we don’t have to hear him mentioned daily.

The question now is, will Wes Ramsey reappear as a new character? Much like Michael Easton and Roger Howarth have. Did Peter have a twin that nobody knew about, one that, unlike Peter, was delivered to safety and not raised by Faison? Or will an amnesiac appear in Port Charles with their face surgically altered to look like Peter, and everyone left wondering and fearing he is Peter?

The Kiss So Long Coming

After learning Bailey was safe, and Anna and others were on the trail of Maxie, Brook Lynn and Chase finally relaxed long enough to share a kiss. And what a kiss it was! This is a duo that oozes chemistry. Both actors are great no matter who their scene partners are, but their characters are long overdue for some happiness.

BLQ and Chase kiss at General HospitalAbove: Chase and BLQ almost set off the hospital fire alarm and sprinklers!

When the time we all knew was coming arrived, for Brook Lynn to give Louise back to Maxie, it was a heartbreaking episode. The dialogue between Maxie and Brook Lynn was exceptionally written and touchingly delivered by the actresses. Maxie’s choice to keep the name Brook Lynn gave her daughter, noting she was her friend as much as Lulu was, was heartwarming. However, it paled in comparison to Maxie asking Brook Lynn to be Bailey Lu’s Mama Brook Lynn. Of course, it didn’t make it any easier when Maxie departed with the baby, and  BLQ broke down. Fortunately, she will have Chase to lean on.

A Hot Mess

Carly appears to be moving full steam ahead in her divorce with Sonny, and wants it over and done with as quickly as possible with as little drama. Apparently, Sonny did not get that memo. He went on another bender and this time actually called up Nina for help. At least he didn’t drive drunk, but to call Nina of all people? For someone who has sworn he wants to make his marriage work, he’s not acting like it. And his proposition to Carly they live in a marriage of convenience for their girls was downright insulting.

Above: Some viewers may have needed some Pepto after that scene.

Once at his place, and after he sobered up the next morning, Sonny was pulling Nina into a kiss and tried to take it further. Once in a blue moon, Nina thinks clearly, and fortunately, this was one of those times. She actually for once gave him good advice in telling him that he needed to get his meds stable, slow his drinking, and figure out what he wanted while in a clear state of mind. Who would have thought Nina would turn out to be the stable and rational one at this point?

Ava taunts Carly GH
Above: Ava and Carly play Let’s Make a Deal.

Carly meanwhile is getting all her cards in order. Her chat with Ava about how they can continue helping one another was entertaining to watch. When Carly and Ava are plotting together, instead of against one another, they actually make a great scheme team. When Ava pointed out she really didn’t need Carly’s help given her good friend Nina has more sway over Sonny than she does, Carly’s response, “I’ve outlasted every one of Sonny’s affairs,” was a simply perfect come back. At the same time, is that really something to boast about? Could this be the affair that breaks CarSon for good?

Odds and Ends

• It was nice to actually get scenes between Ava and Leo. Yeah Ava, you forgot you have a young nephew thanks to your late brother! I found their talk about art really sweet.

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• From the moment the show decided to let baby Liam die, I predicted Brando would go work for Sonny as the new Jason in his grief, and Sasha would go back on the smack. Well, at least half of that prediction came to fruition, not that I wanted it to. This is a storyline I simply have no interest in.

• Esme appears poised and ready to blow up Joss and Cam’s lives with her video of them sexing it up. I’m going to guess she’ll frame Trina as the one who releases the video on the web or something. Again, I’d rather be watching the story involving Esme’s infatuation with Ryan, not her being a vindictive psychotic mess because her boyfriend likes Trina more.

• Laura has finally begun connecting Luke’s death to Victor and the re-emergence of The Ice Princess. Last week I suggested the bizarre heatwave, which is still going on, could be connected to Mikkos and the weather machine. They haven’t gone that far, yet. However, I’m still really interested in where this mystery is going.

• Victor clearly did Spencer no favors in putting him in Spring Ridge with a paid off guard to protect him. Protect him from what? Ryan the vegetable? Watching Spencer stomp his feet and cry to Nikolas, “Prove you love me daddy by divorcing my wicked stepmother!” was pretty pathetic.

• Harmony lying to Willow’s face and arranging for a forged birth certificate wasn’t surprising, but at least I’m enjoying a storyline involving Willow again.

• Friday’s episode and Shawn’s news of a move to San Francisco was disheartening. Then again, ever since his character returned, he’s really had nothing to do other than prop up Alexis’ storyline. At least the writers have hinted he may not be headed out of town so fast after his talk with Alexis about their resurfacing feelings for one another.

As usual, these are only my opinions. Please leave yours in the comments below and join the discussion with fellow General Hospital fans.

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