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Deconstructing GH: Viewers were captivated by Sam trapping Sonny

July 24 - 28:

It was an action packed week in Port Charles, what with Sam’s shooting Sonny and leaving him to die, and Spencer escaping his kidnapper. Let’s dive into what happened.

Sonny vs. the pit.
Sonny learned that Garvey, who of course escaped transport to jail, was behind Spencer’s kidnapping to lure Sonny into a trap for revenge. This storyline would have made more sense if Garvey had kidnapped Kristina or Michael, but then they couldn’t falsely blame Valentin. Whatever! Garvey has pretty much been window dressing in this whole storyline, which has been about Sonny and Carly’s reunion being threatened by Sonny’s mob ties, and Sam’s descent into madness.

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Survey says? Toxoplasmosis!
Finn diagnosed Sam with toxoplasmosis, which is normally contracted through an animal. Aside from the danger it poses to Sam, it could have been transferred to Scout in utero. That was a twist I didn’t see coming. It has been fun watching Kelly Monaco play Sam dealing with this disease, and it will be really interesting to see the reactions of those around her to what she did. Sonny already knew she was sick, but Carly isn’t one to forgive so easily. Then there is Franco. Many on social media have wondered if this storyline might be used to heal the wounds between Jason, Franco and Sam.

It was great to see Sam’s family rally around her, including Julian. I was glad that Alexis called him, but once they realized Sam contracted the disease in the wild the night she gave birth to Scout, things got uncomfortable for Jules. Jason blamed him for not warning them about Olivia, and then of course there was Kristina, who was furious to see Julian and so quickly forgot that he just passed on info that warned Sonny about Garvey. It looks like Julian has a lot of work to do to make things up to his family still.

Garvey’s last stand.
In typical soap fashion, Garvey claimed to Carly that he killed Sonny. Hopefully she doesn’t believe him, but I’m guessing he’ll die before he can tell the truth. Meanwhile Joss and Oscar were playing near the pit Sonny was in, but of course didn’t locate him. Without food, Sonny can’t last long. That is the one thing that indicates this story won’t drag out for weeks.

From Hamlet to The Princess Bride.
Spencer turned up at the PCPD, having escaped his kidnappers on his own. Of course, he didn’t know who took him, but tried to blame Valentin. He eventually admitted the truth, but hilariously quoted “The Princess Bride” in warning Valentin that he would get revenge. “My name is Spencer Cassadine, you killed my father, prepare to die!” I vented in last week’s Deconstructing GH that Nina can’t seem to give up on Valentin. I am glad to see she was being cautious about Valentin, but we all know it’s a matter of time before they are together again.

Maxie’s layover.
Maxie finally returned to Port Charles, but if you blinked you probably missed her. She only came back during a layover on the way to a fashion conference. She needs to get her butt back to town permanently and put an end to Nathan’s involvement in this Man Landers nonsense. Fortunately we haven’t had too much of that story this week.

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Obrecht’s revenge.
Obrecht managed to dig up that Hayden was once married, and her ex-husband ended up in prison due to a Ponzi scheme that Hayden, aka Rachel Berlin, was involved in. It sounded like Rachel was guilty, but Jared did the time for her. Yawn! This revenge story is the pits so far. Granted it’s just started, but rehashing her con-woman past and inventing a husband out of nowhere seems like a sloppy way to quickly write her off. Even her ex wanted to let the past stay in the past. I am worried Hayden is going to get an ill-written sendoff to match how badly they bungled her character this past year.

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A happy day for Auntie Stella.
Stella was sitting high and mighty when she learned Jordan and Curtis were through. I never cared for Curtis and Jordan that much, but watching Aunt Stella get what she wanted sure has me rooting for them. I loved Jordan telling the gloating Stella, who claimed the break up was for the best, “It must be hard being right all the time!”

As usual, these are only my opinions. Please leave your own thoughts in the comments.

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– Dustin Cushman


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