General Hospital Finally Appears to Be Revealing What Fans Have Suspected All Along About Willow — Plus, What Is Victor Searching for?

February 14 - 18:

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General Hospital continues to deliver amazing February Sweeps stories. One however has been arguably years in the making, if the show follows through with a popular fan theory. Peter continues to get away with the impossible, but hopefully, his time is finally coming to an end. And it looks like Liz is haunting herself.

Valentine’s Day in Port Charles

Though there is currently a serious lack of happy couples, and arguably ones fans can get behind, the Valentine’s Day episode was a lot of fun. Terry’s blind date from hell with the mystically enlightened anti-medicine creep Tanner allowed Terry’s character to shine as more than just Liz’s friend. Her dig on whether science or magic was responsible for his hair plugs was a great come-back to his blatherings. Chet coming to her rescue was pretty obvious from the get-go when she initially mistook him for her date, but it was still a lot of fun to watch unfold. Hopefully, the show will continue to follow through with this storyline, and not just leave it as a one-and-done thing.

Chase and Terry's Date GH
Above: Terry and Chet were a lot more fun than some of the other couples the show is pushing nowadays.

It was great to see Felix again, but I didn’t like that he and Brad talked about Lucas, who is constantly off-screen nowadays. Between what Carly’s going through, and Luke’s recent memorial, where has Lucas been? Likewise, where were Anna and Valentin on Valentine’s Day? And why did Anna, in her heart-to-heart with Finn, tell him she was alone, but not lonely? When are we going to get more Vanna?

Harmony’s Not-So-Big Secret

Last week I joked that out of nowhere, Willow had become interesting again. As I mentioned, I liked the character from the beginning, but she became a total snooze once paired with Michael. After Harmony revealed to Alexis she faked her daughter’s birth certificate because she was born on a commune, fans immediately began to think the show was moving to finally reveal that Willow was Nina’s daughter. Given we saw a young Nelle in flashbacks with the heart-shaped necklace, and Phyllis confirmed to Nina that she delivered the baby to Frank, it just didn’t seem possible. And just like that, the impossible became possible after Harmony revealed she wasn’t even Willow’s birth mother. A woman name Joan showed up pregnant, gave birth without any doctors and nurses, and then took off leaving the baby behind at the commune.

GENERAL HOSPITAL - ABC's "General Hospital" stars Katelyn MacMullen as Willow Tait and Inga Cadranel as Harmony Miller. (ABC/Craig Sjodin)
Above: To quote the old sitcom Dinosaurs, “Not the mama!”

From the moment we found out that Nina’s child survived, and they set Nina and Willow up to loathe one another, it was so obvious she was her daughter. However the show eventually revealed Nelle was her daughter, a huge disappointment, but it was an unexpected twist. How though will they undo this? Many are suspecting Nina had twins, but this would have had to have been kept from Phyllis. There is no way Phyllis wouldn’t have revealed that to Nina. Then my mind went to Madeline secretly splitting up the girls or giving Phyllis a fake kid she somehow procured to deliver to Frank. This way she could ensure that if Phyllis ever decided to tell Nina the truth and Nina went searching for her child, she’d find a fake.

Out of nowhere, Willow and Nina shared a bizarre conversation, which initially began with them discussing Wiley. Both shared their unconventional childhoods and upbringings, and their distant mothers, which just screamed, “Yup, Nina’s your birth mother!” If true, it will be interesting to see how the writers pull this off. It will also put Willow and Michael at odds, especially seeing that Michael’s hatred for Nina has intensified after learning Sonny slept with her. And Carly’s latest moves will also cause more issues now that she wants her ruthless divorce lawyer Rebecca Diamond to go after Nina. Given Michael’s attempt failed, what does Carly think her lawyer can do?

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We all know that soaps are known for defying the laws of reality, and we viewers just have to go along with it for the sake of a good story. However the fact that Michael learned as far as the U.S. government is concerned, Willow doesn’t exist, raises so many questions. How did she become a teacher, let alone pass the background checks? Same for her new career in nursing. How does she pay taxes? Does she pay taxes? There’s only so far a fake birth certificate can get you.

Victor Teases His Agenda

Victor played the wrong card, so to speak in trying to activate Drew, and found out he was once again duped by Peter. Seeing that Sam, Jason (RIP), and even Obrecht know about the tarot card conditioning, why hasn’t Kevin or someone else undone it? Where is Andre Maddox when you need a brainwashing specialist?

GENERAL HOSPITAL - Episode “14836” - “General Hospital" airs Monday-Friday, on ABC (check local listings). (ABC/Craig Sjodin) CHARLES SHAUGHNESSY
Above: Could Mikkos have thawed out somehow? Is that what or who Victor is looking for?

I enjoyed the twist of Austin and Obrecht teaming up to try and locate Maxie and Peter. Austin is slowly growing on me. Now they’ve brought Laura in on Victor’s intentions towards Drew, she suspects whatever he needs from Drew is why Victor’s back in the first place. Indeed Victor revealed Drew knows a long-buried Cassadine secret that he’s been after for years. Given Drew was originally taken by Helena and turned into her supersoldier, does this involve the Cassadine evil queen? Does the Ice Princess tie into it somehow? When they brought up the uncharacteristic heatwave on Friday’s show, Mikkos’ weather machine immediately came to mind. And no sooner did it pop into my head than Laura was telling Spencer about the world domination caper. Whatever he’s up to, I just hope it doesn’t involve Count Dracula, aka Stavros.

Please Let This Be The End of Peter!

Once again, Peter has managed the impossible. He left Port Charles in a car with Maxie, and within a day they ended up in Switzerland of all places.

And not to sound like a broken record, but Kirsten Storms has been kicking ass as Maxie. Maxie leaving a message for Anna in the ladies’ restroom was brilliant! I’m still amazed at how dumb Peter is being when it comes to Maxie, but he clearly has blinders on where she is concerned, just like Anna did regarding Peter. Or does he know he’s playing her and has a new game in mind?

Above: There’s a message in the ladies’ room!

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Thanks to Maxie’s quick thinking, Anna Drew and Dante arrived in Switzerland to locate her. With some help from Obrecht, they are all inching closer to finding Peter. Like Ava and Nina’s friendship, I find myself liking how Obrecht and Anna have an evolved relationship thanks to Peter. Unfortunately not listening to Anna to stay put, Felicia made arrangements to head after Peter and her daughter on her own. While Felicia was a badass herself back in the day, I can only think somehow this will lead to Peter escaping yet again.

Franco’s Ghost

Above: Has Liz lost it?

Last week I suggested Liz, who they made a point to note was unusually tired as of late, could be sleepwalking and perhaps it was Liz haunting herself. Others suggested she has DID, disassociative identity disorder. Both are great guesses, though I hope there is a really good twist coming we fans haven’t speculated about yet. Especially seeing other soaps have done DID to death. This storyline could also be a great way to bring her father Jeff and her mother back to the show.

These are only my opinions. Please leave yours in the comments below and join the discussion with fellow General Hospital fans.

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