Maxie and Peter’s Showdown on General Hospital Was Both Chilling and Tragic — and Nina and Sonny’s Affair Had Us Saying, ‘Oh No!’

February 7 - 11:

Maxie and Peter's showdown ABC GH

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General Hospital was on its A-game this week. Even if you didn’t like the direction some of the storylines took, it was still a great week full of drama, surprising turns, and hopefully, it’s all leading up to the end of Peter! Let’s just dive into all that happened in Port Charles.

Well It Took Them Long Enough

The turning point we all knew was coming, even though it seemed to have taken forever to happen, finally did: Sonny and Nina slept together! All three actors showcased their superb skills in the scenes that followed, and for once Nina did the smart thing and stayed in the cabin and out of Sonny and Carly’s way. It took her long enough to learn that lesson, didn’t it? I wonder if she locked the door for protection?

Above: Knock Knock! Who’s There?

Both Carly and Sonny got some good digs in at one another in the aftermath of Sonny cheating. Sonny had a great turnaround to Carly asking him how long he had been wishing to sleep with Nina before he did, and he responded, “Maybe as long as you’ve wanted to with Jason!” Damn, that stung, but did he lie? Carly had a great comeback with, “Jason didn’t cheat on me, you did!” After everything was said and done, it really looked like Carly and Sonny’s marriage was over.

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Of course, after Carly stormed off and went looking for Michael, she ran into Drew, who had just had his hopes of anything happening with Sam dashed. All I can say is hallelujah that Carly stopped the kiss with Drew before they both had their own version of crypt sex. That would have just made the situation completely worse, especially given Drew would have been nothing more than a stand-in for Jason. As they leaned in for that kiss, all I could hear in my head was the Aerosmith TikTok song lyric, “Oh no… Oh no… Oh no no no!”

Carly tells Drew she's passed the point of no return in gatehosue General Hospital
Above: Poor Drew is as unhappy as ever.

I did have to scratch my head when Drew asked Carly if she truly thought her marriage was over, and that sometimes couples can forgive and move on from infidelity. Does he remember what couple he’s talking about? Then again, they have worked through cheating before, which Ava brought up to Nina and advised her not to give them the chance to do so if she wanted Sonny.

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Sonny meanwhile reconnected with Nina at the hospital and hysterically seemed to find her a lot more intriguing after learning how she conned Peter in Nixon Falls to help protect Bailey Louise. Then again, should we be surprised that scheming and conniving are qualities that get Sonny hot and bothered?

The Truth Will Set You Free!

Maxie and Brook Lynn finally revealing the truth about Bailey Louise was a long time coming. And with the truth out, it was another sign that we were hopefully coming to an end of Peter’s storyline.

Robert calling Maxie’s plan brilliant was definitely my favorite of all the character’s reactions to the truth coming out, but I also adored Ned and Brook Lynn’s talk. Ned could have been predictably Ned and gone off on his daughter for her hair-brained scheme. Instead, he told her how proud he was of her for protecting the baby from Peter. If Olivia was there I would hope she’d be proud of her husband’s growth of character.

Above: The viewers called it!

Brook Lynn finally going to tell Valentin the truth, though he already knew it, was equally an amazing scene. It proved what we fans had known from the beginning, Valentin would have understood if he was let in on the plan earlier! Like Ned, I loved that instead of raking BLQ over the coals, he admired her cleverness and thanked her for protecting “their” girl from her true biological monster, I mean father.

Meanwhile, Chase breaking down to Finn had me as usual feeling for the detective. You had one job Chase! I’m just kidding… but sadly that’s where his mind was going. Once Bailey Louise is safe, I can’t wait to see where BLQ and Chase take things. Hopefully, their guilt over what happened won’t become a predictable stumbling block between them. Instead, the fact that she’s safe should bring them closer than ever.

Austin tells Maxie he's to blame at General Hospital
Above: Did I just feel some electricity in the air? Or was it just static?

Last week I had noted, which I have many times over, that I just haven’t felt the chemistry between Austin and Maxie. However, for a brief moment when Austin told Maxie about Mac, and later when Maxie broke down after learning Peter had Louise, I finally felt a spark between the actors and their characters. Was it simply a moment? Was it just the excitement of everything going on that suddenly found them clicking? Only time will tell.

Where In the World Are Peter and Maxie?

Peter sure got away with some miracles this week that aided him in his attempt to escape with Bailey Louise. For example, how easy it was for him to kidnap Charlotte. Shouldn’t the mayor’s place have some type of better protection, especially given who her brother is?

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I really enjoyed seeing, if only briefly, the vicious side of Victor come out. And what better situation than trying to off Peter! Sadly he didn’t get to pull the trigger thanks to Peter’s quick thinking to nab Charlotte.

Victor and Peter Confront One Another GH
Above: We all wanted to see Victor put a slug in Peter.

However, it all came back to where it all began, with Maxie, Peter, and a baby. Their confrontation brought them full circle since James’ birth. All I could think when Maxie showed up on the pier to meet Peter was, “I hope you brought a gun!” Sadly she didn’t, but she did come armed with her wits and quick thinking. Somehow she convinced Peter to leave their girl behind for her own good and agreed to go with him so they could start their lives over…

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My first thought was, is Peter really going to fall for this line of crap? But of course, he did! Chalk it up to Peter’s delusions of grandeur and having it all. Watching Maxie having to leave Bailey Louise in a firehouse dropbox was truly heartbreaking, and Kirsten Storms played every scene out masterfully.

Sadly we were left with the cliffhanger of Peter and Maxie racing out of town together, but she seems to have left one of her earrings with the baby and has the other. Could there be a tracking chip, courtesy of Spinelli, in them? Also, seeing Peter was in the hospital getting all these tests done, couldn’t someone have slipped a GPS tracker into him so he couldn’t ever get away again? Yeah, I know that would be illegal, but this is Peter.

Odds and Ends

• So it would appear Terry’s date is none other than Nurse Amy’s brother, Chet. Really? Chet? It’s been so long since we’ve seen him that I forgot he existed!

• Liz had another run-in with the ghost of Franco, so to speak when she discovered her wedding dress had been shredded. Given that the show not-so-subtly pointed out a lot in Friday’s episode that Liz was overly tired and she didn’t know why, could she be sleepwalking?

• Austin’s hair went from man-tail to down and back up over an episode, and It annoyed me. The character looks far better without it in my opinion.

Above: Ava was so stunned she almost spilled her martini!

• Ava’s reaction and the faces she made when Nina told her about sleeping with Sonny were hysterical! She stole the scene with them.

• Laura’s threat to Victor, and her comment about still having to deal with bad guys in her city, was an awesome way to remind everyone how bad-ass she is.

As usual, these are just my opinions. Please leave yours in the comments below and join the discussion with fellow General Hospital fans.

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