The Even Bigger Problem With Peter’s Predictable Escape on General Hospital — and Who Knew Willow Could Be Interesting Again?

January 31 - February 4:

Peter's Escape and Harmony's Secret GH

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This week General Hospital did something I never thought possible, make me interested in Willow again. Sprina fans were given a bit of hope, but Esme’s still lurking in the wings and plotting trouble. And Port Charles really needs to invest in a better prisoner transport system. Let’s get to discussing what went down on our favorite soap this week!

Sonny’s Medication Drama

In last week’s column, I noted that Sonny got back on his meds, and a lot sooner than I thought he would. And while he’s certainly not acting as manic as he was previously, his obsession with this grand gesture to prove his love for Carly clearly indicates he’s not yet fully balanced out. Frankly, I’m having a difficult time understanding how no one, not even his family, has noticed he went off his meds due to his behavior. Even Drew seemed to indicate he understood that Sonny, at The Savoy, was having a manic episode. So why did he not tell Carly when he told her about Sonny’s erratic behavior? Why hasn’t Carly seen it? Or Michael? Or Dante?

General Hospital

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Oh, and did anyone catch that Sonny’s magic changing color hair is back! He went from fully grey at Ned and Olivia’s wedding, to a darker black the next episode, which was still the same day.

Peter and the Predictable, Overused, Plotline

I don’t think anyone was shocked that Peter was able to escape. We all saw it coming. Even if Victor wasn’t involved, somehow, someway, Peter would have never made it to prison. The writers just don’t seem to want to let go of this character, even if the majority of fans are lining up to plug a bullet in him.

Peter gloats to Dante GH

What’s worse than Peter’s escape is the way it happened. How many times while transporting a criminal to Pentonville can a police van crash? It’s seriously time to retire this trope. It’s also time for the PCPD to invest in a new way to get their criminals to prison because this one isn’t working anymore.

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And what did Peter then predictably get away with? Yup, kidnapping Bailey! The only thing not predictable about this storyline at this point was Mac getting shot during Peter’s escape. Franco’s death still hasn’t been avenged, and now Mac’s life is on the line all to prop up a character and storyline almost everyone is sick of. Hopefully, this is the tipping point and we will see Peter die.

And Just Like That… Willow Is Interesting Again

Well, sort of… I really enjoyed Willow when she first came on, her feud with Nina over Charlotte, and Chase helping to protect her from Shiloh. However once she hooked up with Michael, she became bland and boring and Millow just do nothing for me. So imagine my surprise that the show has been able to make Willow interesting again. Well, Harmony made her interesting by revealing to Alexis that she forged Willow’s birth certificate after giving birth to her in a commune.

Harmony has a warning GH

Of course, many fans immediately went back to the popular theory that somehow, Willow, and not Nelle, is Nina’s daughter. It would be a stretch at this point, but hey, soaps are known to rewrite their own history all the time. Likely the real issue that will play out is who Willow’s father actually is. We’ve been led to believe it was Douglas Miller, who was killed by Shiloh long ago. But what if it isn’t him? What if it’s someone much closer to Port Charles, say someone in plain sight? Of course, the trick is who her father could be that wouldn’t make Willow and Michael related. Then again, that would be a way to end this couple pronto! It would be interesting if Willow turned out to be a Cassadine given her history with Valentin and Charlotte.

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A Sprinkling of Sprina

Spencer and Trina fans finally got a glimmer of hope that they could be getting together sooner rather than later. Spencer said goodbye to her before heading to Spring Ridge, and they came close to kissing. Unfortunately, that devious Esme interrupted them, and now has an even bigger reason to target Trina. I can’t wait until we find out who Esme really is, and why she’s determined to be with Spencer who clearly wants Trina. If it was just about his money I could understand her motives, but he’s renounced his family fortune and she’s still sticking with him.

Esme interrupts Sprina Kiss GH

I still found myself annoyed that Joss and Cam didn’t check on Trina and kept thinking she should sleep it off. Also, I really didn’t understand how none of them suspected Trina was slipped a roofie. The whole, “I guess I’m a lightweight” excuse was pretty bad, especially given how much young women are taught to be careful of unattended drinks. By the end of the week, it seemed at least Trina had finally started to question what made her so sick, and it wasn’t the drink alone.

Did Someone Order Waffles?

I just can’t with Sam anymore! It’s bad enough that I find her and Dante fairly boring together, but now she’s back to waffling. With Drew back, all of the sudden she’s thinking about all the plans and dreams they had. And now even Spinelli is pushing her to possibly explore what could have been between her and Drew seeing Jason is gone. Are we just supposed to forget her, “I wasn’t myself with you like I am with Jason,” nonsense she spewed after the real Jason resurfaced? I don’t think Sam knows what she wants anymore. She should book a session with Kevin immediately.

Sam Spinelli talk Drew GH

Odds and Ends

• I can’t say it enough, but I’m loving Kristina being back on the show. From her talk with her mother about Alexis’ friendship with Harmony to giving Carly hell about ditching her meeting with her father, she’s been great. Now if they’d only give her a storyline.

• BLQ and Chase continue to be literal fire. I hope their complimenting each other’s parenting skills was a bit of foreshadowing that one day they’ll have a baby of their own.

• While I was glad Austin finally figured out Maxie and BLQ’s scheme, he and Maxie continue to do nothing for me. And when I tweeted about feeling zero for them as a couple, boy did I get a reaction. I have to wonder, are there any viewers that are for Austin and Maxie?

• The Marshall mystery is getting more and more interesting. We know he wasn’t in the witness protection program, but he was mixed up with the mob somehow. I still hope this goes back to the Asian Quarter storyline. A big problem with this plot showcases one of the problems with this soap, the uneven pacing. Some of the most interesting stories, like Esme’s obsession with Ryan, are constantly taking back seats for Sonny and Peter.

• Ned and Olivia’s wedding was beautiful… and so much more well attended than Luke’s memorial. Poor Luke!

• I’m sad to see Tracy off the canvas again, but I hope this doesn’t mean an end to the Ice Princess mystery they seem to have started.

I would love it if they could find a way to keep Lindsay Hartley (temporary Sam) somehow. Can’t they find a role for her?

These are only my opinions as usual. Please leave yours in the comments below and join the discussion with fellow General Hospital fans.

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