Dare We Hope That Victor and Valentin Just Set Up Peter’s Final Arc on General Hospital? Plus, Esme Hits a New Low

January 24 - 28:

Peter's Final Storyline on GH

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After what feels like months, the PCU crowd finally went on their ski trip where Esme was up to no good. Sonny’s lack of lithium came to an end earlier than most probably would have thought it would have. And Peter is once again poised to get exactly what he wants. Let’s dive into this final week of January which sets up February Sweeps on General Hospital.

Back On Track… At Least With Meds

Last week I noted that the break from Carly, Sonny, and Nina was a breath of fresh air. This week they were more heavily focused as Sonny continued to experience manic episodes. I really thought they’d drag Sonny’s spiraling out of control for a little longer than they did, with a more drastic event than manhandling Nina pushing him to agree to get help and back on his lithium. Playing manic Sonny must be taxing for Benard, but did he ever give a powerhouse performance. His words to Drew, calling him a nobody, a Jason-wannabe, and that Jason should have left him to die, cut deep. I mean, I wanted to cry for poor Drew!

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General Hospital
Above: Nobody puts Sonny in a corner!

Many viewers felt Nina stuck her nose in where it didn’t belong once again with Sonny. On some level though, her being the one to help Sonny works because for once she was able to do something right by him after keeping him from his family for so long. And while Carly doubtfully wouldn’t have answered a call from Nina, heck neither would Michael, she could have called Dante or Willow regarding his condition.

Then again, where would the drama be in that? What makes sense in real life doesn’t always exude the drama soaps live off of. Case in point, when Nina finally ran into Carly and tried to tell her about Sonny, she danced around the truth instead of point-blank telling Carly, “Shut up and listen, Sonny’s off his meds!” And we all know this gives Carly another reason to call Nina out when she finally learns what has transpired.

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The entire incident also seems to have given Nina some clarity of mind as she told Carly she knows what Sonny felt for her doesn’t compare to his love for Carly, and Carly is who he needs. Of course, if Sonny as much as smiles at Nina next week then she’ll convince herself she’s his soul mate!

Of Sonograms and Pawtuck

I’ve been saying for weeks that it’s surprising more people haven’t put two and two together and figured out Bailey is in fact, Louise. Likewise, so many viewers have noted had Maxie and Brook Lynn told Valentin the truth, he would have moved heaven and earth to help them… albeit after the hurt subsided. However, it’s making sense from the drama unfolding, why the writers didn’t go that route. Now that Valentin has figured it out, and Victor has spilled the beans to Peter, it will inevitably pit Valentin against Victor. In fact, it’s already begun with Victor having Valentin abducted so that he doesn’t interfere in his plans, which involve Peter.

Victor tells Peter where Louise is GH
Above: What game is Victor playing?

Very colorful words came out of my mouth when Victor told Peter where he could find Louise. As slimy as Victor is, I really didn’t think he’d sink so low as to hand an innocent child over to Peter. It also stung because Victor has been so much fun and figuring out his real game has been a good ride so far. This is what makes Victor such an interesting character. On one level we know he’s a villain, but on another level, he’s a family man and charmingly likable. He’s the opposite of Peter, who has just devolved into a detestable creature with no possible salvageability as a character.

Peter’s learning how far Maxie was capable of going to deceive him, and his realization that Miss Jones was lost to him and must pay gave, me the tiniest hope that we may be heading into Peter’s endgame story. Everything is unraveling for Maxie and Brook Lynn, and Peter is sitting far too pretty at the moment. For once, things actually feel like we are at a pivotal tipping point. Hopefully, it doesn’t turn out to be Peter getting away with Louise, making Maxie’s worst fear come true.

Above: A kiss to shut you up and turn your brain off.

Over in Pawtuck, Austin was getting close to figuring out Maxie and Brook Lynn’s game, close… but no cigar. This is another example of, “How the heck have you not figured it out?” Especially given Britt told him the entire plan! To distract him, Maxie pulled him into a kiss, and it worked. Still, I found the interaction and chemistry between Britt and Austin during their outings at The Savoy and Metro Court far more believable than what’s developing between him and Maxie.

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The Ski Trip From Hell

The PCU crowd finally made it to Sonny’s cabin for their big trip, and that devious Esme came armed with a bottle of Tramadol. Serving Trina a spiked drink, Esme used a game of ‘Never Have I Ever’ to cause big drama that ended up with Trina in tears and feeling the effect of Esme’s cocktail.

GH spencer joss cam esme trina cabinAbove: Esme played a very deadly game, Tramadol and alcohol don’t mix!

I was expecting Esme to do something devious, but never thought she’d plant a camera in Joss and Cam’s room to inevitably record their first time together. The focus on the Tramadol really was a great misdirection for the even dirtier trick she pulled. And don’t get me started on Cam and Joss just abandoning their poor drunk and drugged friend to hop into the sack together in the next room. How romantic!

Odds and Ends

• Though he still hasn’t said who he got mixed up with, Marshall had a strong reaction to the idea of Curtis owing any favors to Sonny. I am hoping this is just him not wanting his son getting mixed up with anyone in the mob, and not that Marshall has some kind of past with Sonny. Sonny doesn’t need to be involved in any more storylines than he is right now!

• Jennifer Smith came and went, and if you blinked you basically missed it. However, she served her purpose in teasing a new threat to Sonny and Port Charles from the West Coast. As I just said, Sonny’s got enough going on, so do we really need to set up another storyline for him? Then again, seeing this is General Hospital, that tidbit could take a long time to come to fruition on screen… or it could eventually just be forgotten.

Kristina is upset GH
Above: Kristina needs to check-in, and check her sister, Sam, more often.

• A big “hell yeah!” to Kristina for standing up for herself and telling Sam it’s not their place to dictate who their mother decides to be friends with. While Alexis is right to be concerned about how being friends with Harmony might impact Kristina, she needs to talk to Kristina and not let Sam make decisions for both of them.

• More Monica and Yuri, please!

• Sonny and Brando’s scenes discuss the importance, and courage, in knowing when to seek professional help was brilliantly written and acted by both actors. Brando and Sasha’s struggles may be just what will bring Carly and Sonny back together in the end.

As always, these are only my opinions, and I always enjoy hearing yours. Please leave them in the comments below and join the discussion with fellow General Hospital fans.

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