General Hospital Bids Another Farewell to Luke Spencer — Which Brought Several Delightful Twists and Turns

January 17 - 21:

Luke's memorial GH

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It felt like General Hospital threw everything including the kitchen sink into their episodes this week. I don’t think they left out a single character of their very large cast. Carson was put on the back burner as other characters and stories took the wheel, and like the snake he is, Peter revealed he has yet another ace up his sleeve. The week ended with Luke’s memorial which we all knew going into would reveal some big surprises, and it did!

Peter, Peter, Peter

I was glad that Martin shut down Peter’s plan to bring Finn up on attempted murder charges. Given what he did to Finn and his family, it would have been a pretty petty and vindictive move, which sums up Peter in a nutshell. At the same time, it was nice that they brought the whole freezer incident back up, introduce a new twist to the story, and that Chase has his brother’s back. Finn and Chase’s relationship is the best sibling relationship the show has going right now, and they are always magic when onscreen together.

Peter and Victor bargain at General HospitalAbove: Peter has to run out of tricks eventually.

The above-mentioned twist of course is that Peter revealed he is willing to sell out who helped him escape from the hospital last summer when Finn and Liz left him for dead. Of course he has another trick to pull out of his magic hat because there has to be some ridiculous and unrealistic explanation as to how Peter is going to be acquitted in the end. And given that everyone from Martin to Dante to Chase has pointed out with all the charges against Peter that there is no way he’ll ever be a free man, he’s probably going to skate on all charges.

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As for Peter’s accomplice, while it probably is Victor, I still can’t help but feel it has to be someone even more evil and powerful is the real culprit. After all, said person must be a big deal if Peter thinks giving them up will help his case, and Victor has cut an immunity deal for his past crimes. Helena has been on my mind a lot, but Luke’s memorial looks to have shut that possibility down for now.

Who’s Haunting Liz?

In my column last week I found Liz’s mysteriously transporting ring interesting for a whole two seconds until it looked like it was one of her kids’ doing. However not only is the ring continuing to jump around all over, but Liz got the news that someone burned down Franco’s studio. Is Liz being haunted by the ghost of Franco? Or is something else going on?

Above: Liz and the case of the haunted wedding ring.

I’m always up for a good soap mystery, and I love any storyline that deals with ghosts. However, soaps never really do the ghost thing well, and I wish the show would focus more on Liz’s missing parents. She had just begun opening up about them to Finn, including her barely mentioned mother, when Marshall’s health issues interfered with her and Finn’s date.

A Breath of Fresh Air

While the Nina, Sonny and Carly drama continued this week, it took a much-needed back seat. Frankly, my ears welcomed the break from Carly screeching at Sonny. Though there are many who still feel Carly is being a hypocrite towards Sonny in regards to her own feelings for Jason, she rightly pointed out that she shut things down with Jason the minute Sonny was back. Sonny, however, has continued to defend and protect Nina. Sonny going off his lithium should complicate this storyline even further, but at the same time, it still comes down to this just feeling like another Carly and Sonny break-up only to eventually remarry storyline. Been there, done that, have all the past wedding invites to prove it!

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Luke’s Memorial

Luke’s memorial was great, and if I’m being honest, was far more entertaining in one episode than the entire storyline they sent Anthony Geary off with back in 2015 when he retired.

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Sadly neither Lucky nor Ethan made an appearance, but at least it was explained that they’ll attend the memorial in Europe that Tracy is planning. There were also others mysteriously absent, which didn’t go unnoticed by fans.

Helena gets the last word GH
Above: Helena tries to get the last word in

Helena however did appear from beyond the grave in a video that she had specially prepared long ago for this occasion. The minute they rolled that TV in, which reminded me of the TV/VCR cart combo many of us recall from school back in the day, I knew it was going to be Helena. And I was jumping up and down in my seat when she came on screen to gloat that Luke had finally died. I was really expecting Helena to tease a new mystery, but instead, Laura hilariously unplugged her saying she’d heard enough from Helena to last a lifetime. I mean if someone’s going to shut Helena up, it might as well be Laura!

Scott and Sonny brawl GH
Above: Luke always loved a good brawl.

Across town, Scotty and Sonny got into it at Charlie’s. While they’ve always had disdain for one another, Sonny’s lack of lithium was apparent in the way he was acting. That, fueled with Luke’s memorial, sent them into fisticuffs until Victor walked in and it became an all-out brawl. It felt oddly out of place, yet at the same time, there was something fun and comical about it all. I can’t believe the actors were able to keep a straight face through it! Also, Sonny delivered a great line in response to Phyllis asking who was going to pay for all the damages. “I own the bar!”

Here's Jennifer SMith GH
Above: Here comes crazy!

One of Luke’s other exes showed up at the memorial, shocking Laura. It was none other than Jennifer Smith, daughter of former mob boss Frank Smith. Earlier in the week, Brick warned Sonny there was someone new making moves in town, and it looks like it could be Jennifer. Then again, Jennifer was always crazy and only about obsessing over Luke. She doesn’t strike me as a brilliant mob boss.

Of course, the piece-de-resistance was Scott standing on the docks as Tracy poured Luke’s ashes into the ocean, which blew straight into Scott! In the end, Luke still got the last laugh at poor Scotty’s expense. That is of course if those really were Luke’s ashes.

Odds and Ends

• Tracy trying to give Laura the Ice Princess at Luke’s memorial, and Spencer’s eyes lighting up at thought of seeing it, clearly means something. These throwbacks to past storylines, and past characters, have been really enjoyable.

• Even though Britt and Austin had some pretty great scenes last week, the writers seem set on moving forward with Austin and Maxie as a potential pairing. I still don’t see much chemistry there, but appreciated the talk Felicia had with Austin and telling him that she likes him. Austin is showing himself to be a decent guy, he just doesn’t feel right for Maxie to me.

• With Jennifer Smith back in town, could she, or more likely her father, be who Marshall crossed years ago?

• I was glad to see Anna call Valentin out on his and Victor’s revenge scheme against Brook Lynn, noting it wouldn’t get him anything and that he wasn’t that man anymore. Vanna fans have been waiting too long for them to become a couple only for Valentin’s rage to muck this up. Fortunately, he promised to shut Victor’s plan down if it went too far. And Valentin calling Anna ‘Darling’ was everything!

• Even if it was a flash in the pan scene, Portia pushing Terry to get out and date gave me hope that the show is finally going to give Terry a proper storyline.

These are only my opinions, and I always enjoy hearing yours. Please leave them in the comments below and join the discussion with fellow General Hospital fans.

And as Port Charles mourns Luke, take a look at the photo gallery below of the life and times of Luke Spencer.


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