All Aboard the General Hospital Rollercoaster: Sonny Ditches His Lithium – Plus, Esme Continues to Give Us the Creeps

January 10 - 14:

Esme is creepy and Sonny's off his meds GH

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General Hospital is showing no signs of slowing down as we reach the midpoint of the first month of this new year. Carly and Nina’s feud is on fire, and Sonny going off his meds is perplexing but should be fascinating to watch. Then there is Victor, who is as dangerous and devious as ever. We can see why he seems to have taken a liking to Esme because she might be the scariest thing walking free in Port Charles right now!

Carly, Nina, and Sonny… A Delicious Hot Mess!

They say good things come to those who wait, and boy was the showdown between Carly and Nina worth the wait. As Nina put it to Ava, she scorched the earth and then some with Carly and laid it all out on the table, including gloating she wouldn’t turn Sonny away the next time he came to her for comfort. That led Carly to deliver the slap heard around the world to Nina’s face. I have to give kudos again to Nina for standing her ground against Carly, but we the audience are the real winners as we wait to find out what happens next between these three. With Ava as Nina’s bestie and advisor, Carly could be in for one heck of a battle.

Above: Carly takes delight in slapping the smirk off Nina’s face

Carly was one confusing, yet devastated, mess this week. One minute she is warning Nina to stay away from her husband, the next minute she’s telling said husband that either he leaves their home or she does. Newsflash Carly, it’s Sonny’s house, so maybe you should go back to that blue-painted-walled home of your own? Perhaps she sold it, or more likely the set no longer exists, so she’s back at the Metro Court for now.

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Then there is Sonny purposefully going off his lithium. What is the purpose of this? Does he delusionally think it will give him clarity? Is he hoping to conjure up Jason or Mike’s ghosts for a chat on what to do? I jokingly noted on Twitter that if Sonny was going off his meds then the least he could do was shoot and kill Peter for us. While many loved the idea, others gave their own excellent thoughts on where this storyline could be headed.

Marshall and the Mob

Marshall finally began to open up to Curtis about why he had to leave his family so many years ago, and I doubt anyone was shocked to learn the Port Charles mob was involved. Marshall crossed someone dangerous in his past, but won’t say who. Now obviously real-time is not the same as soap time, but if we were to try to merge the two, my thinking is that Marshall may have been mixed up with the Asian Quarter storyline back in 1985, which initially involved Mr. Wu. Given the show is propping up Mrs. Wu and her organization all of the sudden, this seems like the logical direction this storyline is headed. Plus it would be a great use of the show’s history, flashbacks, and of course the vets.

Curtis confronts Marshall for ansers GH
Above: Marshall said what he said and worries he said too much.

Those Crazy Cassadines

Victor’s ulterior motives in bringing his family together is still my favorite storyline right now due to the air of mystery surrounding it. In last week’s column, I had commented how I couldn’t believe Valentin hadn’t figured out Bailey was Louise. Unfortunately, Victor is getting very close to that, thanks to Austin running his mouth about Brook Lynn and Maxie’s unorthodox friendship. Given Victor keeps reflecting on Peter wanting Maxie and his daughter in exchange for the information Victor needs to get what he wants from Drew, it’s not a stretch to assume Victor more than likely will be the one to provide Peter with the location of his daughter.

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Laura at least is onto Victor and knows not to trust him, but his desire to make peace between his family has resonated with her as it’s her family too. Laura tried to mediate a discussion between Nikolas and Spencer before Spencer went off to serve his sentence, which went south fast. Spencer still refuses to accept his father back until he cuts Ava out of his life. Frankly, Spencer can’t get locked up in Spring Ridge fast enough as far as I’m concerned. His attitude toward’s his father’s marriage, and demands for reconciliation, have gotten old. Both he and Michael should form a club for the spoiled brat whiney babies of Port Charles who throw tantrums when they don’t get their way.

Laura plays mediator GH
Above: Laura hopes Nikolas will reach out and let Spencer knows he cares, just like an old AT&T commercial.

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Esme’s Intentions

What are the pills Esme picked up from the hospital? More importantly, who and what they are intended for? My first thought was they were fake birth control in order to get a baby out of Spencer. Then again, until he gets his money back, I doubt she’d go down that road. Then I pondered if she was planning to roofie the younger crowd during their winter getaway, especially Trina.

Esme big problem GH

Above: Esme is one scary, and shady, young lady!

Of course, by Friday, Kevin was once again conferring with Esme about her bizarre fascination with his brother. Realizing she had no plans to stay away from him, he made a call to the warden at Spring Ridge to restrict visitors to his brother. Could Esme be attempting to bring Ryan out of his locked-in syndrome with the pills? If so, we are back at square one when it comes to what the heck her fascination with Ryan is.

Odds and Ends

• Liz’s wedding ring transporting from her kitchen junk drawer to her hospital locker was interesting for all of two seconds until she and Finn theorized one of her kids put it in her bag thinking she misplaced it.

• Watching how the Nixon Falls drama is impacting Michael and Willow as a couple has been the most exciting storyline these two have been involved in since… ever? I was surprised how quickly Carly and Michael forgave Willow for not exposing Nina and Sonny’s affair, but when they learn she went to Nina to try and keep the peace where Wiley is concerned they will likely lose it. The end of this boring couple can’t come soon enough for me!

• Britt and Austin’s night at The Savoy may have been the most fun and likable Austin has been as a character. Still, it feels like he’s already been written into a corner and is more or less a background character at this point and just there to prop up others.

• Austin finally admitted to Britt that he liked Maxie as more than a friend, which we could all see from a mile away. Maxie apparently feels the same, given her conversation with Felicia, but I’m still feeling about as much chemistry between them as I do Dante and Sam.

• I was glad that Sam told Drew about the deal she made with Valentin regarding his ELQ voting shares, though wish she admitted in hindsight what an awful move it was given she still left Jason in the end. Still, she pointed out given Drew’s not dead that he should be able to get the shares back. The real takeaway from that whole conversation seems to be that Drew is still very hung up on Sam.

• Kudos to Carly for finally apologizing to Drew for dropping him like hot coal the minute Jason returned years ago and thanking him for giving her a chance to get to know him as Drew.

• Chase and Brook Lynn moving in together should bring a lot more close calls and eye-catching moments between these two. How long must we wait before they give in to passion, and give us the audience, what many of us are waiting for?

As usual, these are just my opinions, and I always enjoy hearing yours. Please leave them in the comments below and join the discussion with fellow General Hospital fans.

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