General Hospital Delivers Big Right Out of the Gate in 2022 With Tracy’s Return and News of Luke’s Tragic Death

January 3 - 7:

Luke is dead according to Tracy GH

Credit: ABC screenshot

In last week’s soapbox, I shared my hopes for some happy couples, adventure and mystery on General Hospital in 2022. Well, this first week of the year delivered on the mystery, threw in a major return, and brought the shocks!

2022’s First Double Blindside

It’s always great when Tracy returns to town, but viewers also know it likely means trouble is afoot. However, the writers really hit us over the head with a whammy when Tracy revealed Luke had died in a cable car accident in Austria while following up on a new get-rich-quick scheme. Okay sure, Anthony Geary is not likely to return to the soap anytime in the future… or maybe ever, but to kill off Luke? Surely this is a lie!

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Bobbie immediately refused to believe the circumstances of Luke’s “death,” and it appears she is is on the right track.  Victor’s cryptic call from someone unknown to discuss the fact that Luke had been dealt with, and they were proceeding with the next step in the plan for Laura seemed to indicate all is not what it seems. Victor has also dropped hints that Drew has information he needs to access, which is why he likely needs to know how to activate his conditioning. If all of this isn’t connected back to Helena on some level, then I don’t know what is going on. However the unknown, the mystery, the drama… this is the way right to start a new year off on a soap opera.

Luke meets with Helena
Above: She was always obsessed with Luke and Laura. Is Helena’s return imminent? 

Some on social media have begun to speculate that Luke was the mysterious screaming prisoner being held in the dungeon in Greece by Victor, though we’d have to ignore the fact that nurse Chloe and Drew both spoke of the individual as a woman. Of course, this wouldn’t be the first time a soap has glossed over some minor details and thrown in a rewrite. This entire story could set up the return of the still imprisoned Holly, and who knows, maybe we could see Lucky and Ethan back too? Hey, I can dream, even if they only return for a limited run.

The Worst Kept Secret Baby Swap

Secrets on soaps never stay secret for long, but when far too many people know the secret, is it even a secret anymore? The Bailey Louise drama is the current example of one that far too many know about, with Tracy being the latest to figure out who BLQ’s baby belongs to. If Tracy has figured it out along with Chase, then why hasn’t Valentin put it all together? I mean his IQ has got to be triple both of theirs combined.

Tracy and BLQ talk mothering at Quartermaine estate General Hospital
Above: Tracy thinks Bailey looks more like a Louise.

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Not only has Valentin not realized what’s going on, but neither has Anna or Felicia, who vowed to work together to find Louise. How can everyone be so blind at this point? Especially given how tied at the hip Brook Lynn and Maxie have been. To add insult to injury, Victor is playing on Valentin’s anger and pushing him to punish Brook Lynn. While Valentin has every right to be angry, going back to his Cassadine ways for revenge will not sit well with Anna, and the Vanna fans don’t want to see their ship run ashore again.

Could He Fall Back Into the Coma?

Peter waking up was not likely at the top of many’s 2022 wish list, yet here we are. Mac questioning whether Peter might possibly fall back into a coma was hilarious, and I think many of us were hoping for the same. And somehow Peter is sucking more people into his depraved existence, this time hiring Martin to defend him.

Peter hires Martin at General Hospital
Above: Isn’t it time for another meal from chef Brad?

Martin is supposed to be the decent brother, but this is something Cyrus would do. Martin’s grown on me as a character, and this feels like he’s backsliding in his growth. Is this simply business as he told Maxie, payback for Valentin’s temper tantrum about him dating Lucy, or dare we hope Martin plans to tank Peter’s case? As Martin pointed out, Peter is facing charges in multiple countries at this point, but does anyone think he’s going to get convicted? Yeah, unfortunately, me neither…

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The Nixon Falls Fallout Continues

As much as I’ve come to adore Ava and Nina’s friendship, Ava’s delight over Sonny and Carly’s troubles saw her giving Nina some pretty crummy advice in suggesting perhaps Nina had a chance with Sonny. That sent Nina back into the land of delusional thinking, which is what always gets Nina into trouble. Fortunately, Phyllis brought her back to reality and warned her to stay away from Sonny, but will Nina listen? If I asked a Magic Eight Ball I’m pretty sure it would tell me the answer is no!

Above: Carly has mastered the “if looks could kill” stare.

Meanwhile, Sonny headed home with his tail tucked between his legs to try and make things up to Carly. As often as I call Carly out for her hypocrisy, she definitely won this round with Sonny. Carly was right in pointing out that she came clean with Sonny about Jason within days of his return, while Sonny kept the truth about Nina from her for months. And as much as Sonny keeps saying he wants to be with Carly and move on from Nina, his constantly thinking of Nina tells another story.


  • I had high hopes for a PCU storyline involving Alexis as a professor, which would have been a great new direction for her character. Alas, it seems her criminal record nipped that career in the bud before it got started, and she’s taken the job with Shawn at The Invader. I’m trying to keep an open mind, but so far, it seems like her character still has no real direction. However, her and Sam toasting while watching Dante arrest Tracy gave a glimpse at the old Alexis, who’s still in there somewhere.
  • I was glad to see Alexis and Harmony patch things up on New Year’s Eve because Alexis really needs a friend other than Diane. However, I’m still wondering why Harmony returned to her Dawn of Day name instead of reverting back to her real name, Lorraine. Maybe the writers thought it would just confuse viewers?
  • Sasha’s thrown herself back into work, but her colleagues think it may be too soon. Hopefully, this doesn’t take the predictable turn into Sasha turning back to drugs. But that looks like exactly where this is going.
  • Gladys’ scenes consoling Brando were surprisingly refreshing given this is Gladys we are talking about. Liam’s tragic death actually has brought out the mother in her we’ve never really gotten to see.
  • How can Valentin continue to hold onto Drew’s voting shares when Drew isn’t actually dead?
  • I found Ava’s talk with Spencer about his working at the gallery not to pay her back, but to make amends to Trina, refreshing. For one small moment, Ava and Spencer actually connected and gave me hope that they could move past the stalker business.
  • Esme dropped more hints about her adoptive family troubles and her hatred for people who tear marriages and families apart. Clearly, that’s a big hint about who she really is and what she’s up to. Plus, exactly what was that prescription she picked up from the hospital? Birth control, or a surprise for Ryan?

These are just my opinions, and I always enjoy hearing yours. Please leave them in the comments below and join the discussion with fellow General Hospital fans.

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