Viewers Were Stunned By Sasha and Brando’s Son Liam’s Tragic Passing — Plus, Has General Hospital Actually Started Peter’s Final Arc?

December 13 - 17:

Brando Sasha and Liam storyline GH

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As we get closer to Christmas and the New Year, here is hoping General Hospital has some happier storylines coming up because currently there are a lot of people in Port Charles who could use some holiday cheer and a miracle or two. Let’s just get right to discussing what happened on the soap.

You Had One Job Brad!

As I predicted last week, even though Brad was sent to poison Peter in jail, Faison’s demon spawn is still hanging on by a thread. We still don’t know if Brad knew he was delivering poison to Peter, but clearly, it wasn’t a strong enough dose. However, Maxie running around the hospital getting Peter updates, and asking, “Is he dead yet?” was hilarious.

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As for Brad, his Aunt Selina obviously has big plans and sees great potential in him. Great potential in Brad? How close of an eye has she been keeping on him all these years? Being the future head of the Wu Family is not something I see Brad being good at, so I can’t fathom what part she sees him playing. At least Britt has no intention of listening to Selina and abandoning Brad, though Selina could still cause problems for the doctor.

In last week’s column, I noted that Michael acting like his mother Carly has been getting on my nerves lately. His confrontation with Selina over Brad’s release was just another example of Michael letting his temper control his mouth before his brain first stops to think. Did he really think just because of who his father is he could talk to Selina like that? If he wasn’t Sonny’s son, Wu would have squashed him! Michael reminds me of one of those tiny dogs that think they’re a big dog until they get sat on by a bigger dog.

Liz wants to kill Peter GH
Above: Close, but no cigar!

As for Peter, seeing how easy it would have been for Liz to kill him, perhaps one of the many other people who also want to see Peter dead will slip into the room to get rid of the villain. Liz noted to Britt on Friday how sad it was that Peter is alive given Liam’s situation, and it’s a shame they don’t get to pick who lives and who dies. Was that a bit of foreshadowing? Right now Peter is in the perfect position for a gloved hand to appear and pull the plug on him. Hopefully, someone will do just that and give us the whodunnit mystery the show should have played out so long ago.

Hanging Out In the Steam Room

Well, chatting about love and life in the steam room is one way to get men on the show out of their clothes. As Finn opened up to his brother about Liz planting a kiss on him, Liz did the same with Terry and Portia during their yoga class. I really want to not like Finn and Liz together, because Liz and Franco, and Finn and Hayden made such amazing couples. But darn if I’m not finding them sweet together.

Finn and Chase talk fatherhood in sauna General Hospital
Above: Funny seeing you here, bro.

Of course, the real steam came when BLQ stormed in to talk to Chase, naked men be damned! Brook Lynn was feeling down after Willow once again got on her high horse to lecture her about lying about Bailey and Chase, and went to Chase for some support and defense. I’m glad he pointed out to Brook Lynn that he’s supposed to be the victim in this situation.

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Still, as frustrating as Brook Lynn can be, I do feel bad for her given the grief she is getting. Sure she brought it on herself, but she was trying to do right by her family and Maxie. And those who have been shipping Brook Lynn and Chase got a little taste of what could be, as they finally came close to sharing a kiss. If only that janitor hadn’t interrupted.

How Stella Got Her Groove Back

Stella’s lack of a reaction, or having another stroke as Curtis put it, upon seeing Marshall was alive was a clear tip-off that Stella knew more than she was letting on. Indeed it was no shock to learn that both Stella and Curtis’s mother knew Marshall was not dead and why he had to leave. This hasn’t been a must-see storyline for me, but at least bringing Stella into the mystery has me a little more interested in it. We still don’t know why Marshall left, but given Stella’s lack of reaction, it is looking like Marshall might not be the low-life that Curtis assumes he is. If the writers could tie his disappearance into a past storyline, it would be a way to up the wow factor and interest in this storyline.

Stella sees Marshall GH
Above: Marshall has more secrets to share than his clarinet skills.

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Lingering Feelings

Sonny and Carly continued to have a hard time with their lingering feelings for Nina and Jason they are trying to forget and move on from. Between Wu reminding Carly to hold onto the memories of her wedding day with Jason, and Carly finding the old key chain with her name on it, she sure couldn’t shake Jason’s ghost this week. At some point, I’m expecting Carly to crack.

Carly and Sonny talk Jason at Metro Court
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Then there is Sonny, who can’t stop crossing paths with and defending Nina. It was good to see Sonny partially acknowledge that perhaps by some strange act of his father that he was supposed to be in Nixon Falls. Slowly Sonny seems to be realizing that he can’t run away from “Mike” and his time in Nixon Falls. Maybe Sonny needs to have another near-death experience so Mike can appear to him again and give him some advice on Nina and Carly?

There Goes That Christmas Miracle

And here I was sure Liam would survive seeing his presence would facilitate future tense run-ins between Carly, Sonny and Nina. However, never underestimate the writers when it comes to killing off a child on this soap. The storyline, as depressing as it is, and especially at this time of year, has given the actors involved some great material to work with. And it’s a brilliant way to make the audience feel for a couple that until now, weren’t on most viewers’ radar. The story has my heart hurting for both Sasha and Brando, and even Gladys was a decent human being for the most part of the week. And continuing the established trend, Mike’s ghost returning for Liam was a touching way to send off the little angel.

Above: Gone but never forgotten

Then again, General Hospital is predictable to a fault at times, so is it really a shock they went this route? I could easily see Liam’s death hardening Sasha’s heart, pushing Brando into becoming the new Jason for Sonny, and then Sasha turning back to drugs. I hope that’s not what is to come, but I won’t be surprised if the show goes there.

As always, these are only my opinions. Please join the conversation below in the comments and let me know your thoughts.

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