Selina Wu Is Quickly Becoming One of Our Favorite Characters and Appears to Have Done What No One Has Been Able to Do — Take Down Peter!

December 6 - 10:

Miss Wu, Sonny and Peter on GH

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Nina and Sonny’s big secret is getting closer to being blown out of the water, and dare we hope the end for Peter on General Hospital is finally here? Let’s discuss what went down in Port Charles!

Who’s Afraid of The Big Bad Wolf?

As I predicted in last week’s column, Peter’s confrontation with Nina and Carly amounted to nothing, with him realizing he can use what he knows to his advantage. That’s just what he did when Sonny visited him in jail to threaten him. Peter quickly claimed he had an ever convenient recording detailing “Mike” and Nina’s relationship tucked in a safe to be revealed upon his death. Yeah, the lengths Peter is going to, and the show as well, in keeping him around has long passed the pathetic mark.

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To make Sonny of all people bend to Peter’s threats is a new low when it comes to a character so many viewers want gone.  Sonny’s reasoning to Maxie for not killing Petet was that he could lead them to Louise. Maxie assured Sonny that Peter doesn’t have a clue where Louise is. Honestly, given Maxie’s loose lips when it comes to her remarks about Louise and what she’s done to protect her from Peter, I can’t believe more people haven’t pieced together her and Brook Lynn’s scheme.

Maxie lashes out at Peter GHAbove: Maxie gives Peter some advice on how he can get out of their lives.

Maxie’s confrontation with Peter was epic and continued Kirsten Storms’ powerhouse performances as of late. Maxie telling Peter to “choke on it” was a great line and a nice bit of foreshadowing.

Like Sonny, I was sorely disappointed in Anna bending over backward just so Peter could potentially give her another swift kick in the butt. Telling Peter she would do what she could to help him if he would simply plead guilty to his crimes was just a bad reminder of how un-Anna-like she became under Peter’s spell.

Help Us Selina Wu, You Are Our Only Hope!

Though Sonny seemed to initially cower at Peter’s blackmail, when he partially came to his senses, he reached out to Selina Wu to take Peter out for him. Of course, she wanted something in exchange, and that was Sonny’s help with Brad’s upcoming parole. Sonny agreed, and I can’t wait to see how this plays out. Carly already has her suspicions that Sonny isn’t telling her everything about Nixon Falls, and her run-in with Peter has her convinced he knows something as well. Then there is Michael, who will feel completely betrayed by Sonny when this all comes out. I think I can almost hear the words, “Jason would never have done what you did,” coming out of one or both their mouths. At least, if I was writing the show, that’s the stinging type of line I’d use to go for Sonny’s jugular.

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Miss Wu means business GH
Above: Don’t mess with Wu

As for Ms. Wu, she is quickly becoming my new favorite character on the show, and I can’t wait to see her and Brad interact on screen. Who knows, maybe Brad will be brought into the family business? However, I wasn’t a fan of Selina telling Britt to stay away from Brad, but understand she’s doing it to help Brad’s case. We must have Brad and Britt back together!

Thanks to my new fave, viewers were treated to an outstanding Friday cliff-hanger, with Brad reappearing and delivering a poisoned breakfast to Peter in jail. We don’t yet know if Brad knew what he was doing, but my guess is he does and this will help ingratiate him to Sonny and others. As for Peter, well Maxie told him to choke on it, and he did and then collapsed. Of course, it’s just too good to be true that he’d actually be dead, and I worry this will only set him up to escape custody somehow.

The Keeper of Secrets

Not since the disastrous Dawn of Day storyline have I found Willow as interesting as I have this past week, and that’s because she’s finally in a storyline that doesn’t involve discussing Wiley’s latest favorite toy. Willow overhearing Nina and Sonny discussing what happened in Nixon Falls was a great way to throw a giant monkey wrench into her and Michael’s relationship.

Willow confronts Nina about what she heard in General HospitalAbove: Willow is treading on thin ice by keeping Nina’s secret.

Willow has climbed on her pedestal far too many times to preach about how secrets hurt people, and keeping one of this magnitude from Michael will destroy his trust in her. And while I normally like Michael, he and Willow are just dull. Plus, he’s been acting far too much like his holier-than-though mother lately. He had some nerve going after Chase for not realizing he was Bailey’s father and stepping forward sooner. I was glad to see Willow say she’d be a hypocrite not to forgive Chase, though her trying to talk to Michael about the power of forgiveness was moot. Just like Carly, Michael tends to carry grudges, and Willow could end up being the target of one before long.

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Meanwhile, protecting Bailey really seems to be drawing Chase and BLQ closer. Even though I have not approved of a lot of BLQ’s actions lately, her protecting Bailey at least shows she’s not as selfish and thoughtless as most of Port Charles thinks she is.

Baby Drama

Sasha and Brando continued to hold out hope for little Liam Michael. I even felt a little sympathy for Glady, who was clearly a mess over her grandson’s condition. It was nice seeing Carly being as pleasant and supportive of Gladys as she could. That was until Gladys started going off about the baby’s name being a poor choice, and even I was rolling my eyes along with Carly. Unfortunately, as hopeful as everyone has remained, Britt and Dr. Flemming’s faces at the end of Friday’s episode when they came to see Sasha and Brando didn’t exactly look like they were bringing them good news about their son’s EEG.

Sasha and Brando get baby news GHAbove: These two might need a Christmas miracle for their son.

Siblings Against The World

Laura and Martin were finally back on our screens, and just in time for the holidays. Hopefully what Laura said about Cyrus being out of connections and moves is true, because with everything else going on, Cyrus is the last thing we need to add into the mix. I was happy to see their time together brought them closer as siblings. Hopefully, we will get to see that over the holidays. And the Christmas movie Martin wanted to watch, Christina Comes Home For Christmas, was a nice nod to the One Life to Live Christmas episode of the same name.

martin gives laura a warning gh
Above: No Martin, Laura doesn’t want to watch a Christmas movie that’s not on Hallmark!

A Cabin In The Woods… What Could Go Wrong?

Esme still won’t stop gabbing about this winter ski trip she’s basically forcing all of Spencer’s friends to attend, and now Joss has offered up her Uncle Sonny’s cabin for them to stay in. College kids, unsupervised, in a remote cabin… yeah this is going to go well! In fact, we’ve already speculated that it could usher in Ryan Chamberlain’s killer return.

These are just my opinions. Please join the conversation below in the comments and let me know your thoughts.

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