We’re Thankful for Peter’s Arrest on General Hospital — But Sasha and Brando’s Baby Drama Was a Holiday Bummer

November 22- 24:

Peter arrest Sasha baby drama GH

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Due to Thanksgiving, it was a shorter week on General Hospital. However compared to last week, there was a little more excitement and it actually felt like I was watching November Sweeps episodes. And even though it was a three-day week, I have a lot to say!

Exit Stage Right

Down in Greece, the tunnel collapse buried Jason under the rubble, and the WSB high-tech scanners could find no trace of him, alive or dead. The news broke that Steve Burton was out as Jason, but clearly, the door has been left open for his return somewhere down the line given there was no body recovered. I’m not going to focus on the issues behind Burton’s exit, but instead on how the timing of this just plain stinks.

Unlike Jax, who also exited this week, there was still a lot of potential for Jason’s character. Not that Jax doesn’t have potential, but his character had been written into a dead end with most of the characters for the moment. Jason however has plenty of connections and opens storylines. Jason’s changed relationship with Sonny and Carly is now left stuck dangling like a hanging chad. Sure both Jason and Carly stated they wanted to go back to the way things were before they thought Sonny was dead, but that’s easier said than done. Just as Sonny has “Mike’s” unresolved feelings for Nina to deal with, Carly and Jason still could have been shown struggling to deal with theirs. Now, however, Carly will be left to mourn Jason and deal with those feelings alone. Perhaps that could be an impetus for Sonny to really question his marriage to Carly.

Jason saves Drew GH

Then there is the reintroduction of Drew. It was great to hear Jason and Drew finally acknowledge each other as brothers. There was a lot that could have been explored going forward between them, which was one of the things I was looking forward to. They had just begun getting cordial when Billy Miller exited the show. And it was bad enough that Britt was already hurt when Jason dumped her for Carly. So to tease us with their refound closeness and “kill” him off was just downright cruel to fans of the potential couple. Plus, now Britt has to live with the guilt that Jason “died” helping her. Lord help her when Carly finally gets a hold of her because we all know she’ll probably blame it on the britch.

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Peter’s Down, But is He Out?

Even though Jason’s “end” was a  downer, there was still something to celebrate with Peter’s arrest. However as Anna told Maxie, he’s in custody, but this is far from over. Why they didn’t just dump Peter and leave him in Steinmauer, even if it was just to await his trial, clearly indicates what we all likely know is coming. With Peter being returned to Port Charles, it’s probably a pretty safe bet that somehow he’ll escape custody. Someone better have the smarts to de-program Drew so that Peter nor Victor can use him for their own devious plans again. And speaking of Victor, who is nowhere to be found lately, hopefully, won’t lift a finger to help Peter. I’d really like to believe that should Peter escape and get near Maxie, it will set up a scenario for someone to finally blow him away for good… Then again, it is clear the show has no intentions of getting rid of Peter permanently.

Big Time Baby Bummer

Last week I noted how I found it odd that the birth of Sasha and Brando’s baby took up so much of the week’s focus, especially during a sweeps month. They haven’t exactly been in a front-burner storyline, which perhaps is why the writers realized they needed to throw a bone their way. Sadly they went with the predictable, “There’s something’s wrong with the baby” trope. It’s probably safe to assume their boy will pull through, otherwise, Sasha and Brando are back to having no real story. Then again, just giving a couple a child does not make for an enthralling soap storyline, just look at Michael and Willow. I do have to give kudos to Sofia Mattsson’s amazing performance these past two weeks. This storyline has got to be difficult for her to play seeing Mattsson is a new mother herself.

Sasha and Brando gives birth at General Hospital

The Other Baby Drama

Watching Valentin come to terms with the fact that Bailey wasn’t his continued to be heartwrenching. His confiding in Nina about Bailey was an awkward situation seeing she already knew the truth and had to bite her tongue. Then there is the fact that he did the same thing to her that BLQ did to him, and he felt it was a bit of cosmic karma. I appreciated Nina forgiving Valentin for that, and advising him to give Brook Lynn the same opportunity down the road. That won’t happen until the whole truth comes out. It still seems like a mistake on Macie and BLQ’a part to not bring Valentin in on the bigger reason for the lie. Then again, that would definitely prevent Peter from getting his hands on Maxie and eventually Louise, which is where everything seems to be headed.

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Where is the Pizza and Singing?

The end of the week teased Thanksgiving drama, which obviously will spill over into next week. It’s a shame some of the more B storylines, like spending a good chunk of Wednesday’s episode focusing on Marshall, couldn’t have been put on hold for more Thanksgiving drama. And even though Sam and Dante are major characters, watching them watch the Thanksgiving parade was as about as fun as Michael and Willow gushing over the latest thing Wiley has done. Couldn’t we have gotten to enjoy this year’s turkey snafu, pizza and singing before we all sit down to our own Thanksgiving family drama?

I was glad to see that the scare with Leo has brought Ned and Olivia closer, and that Olivia apologized to Austin for doubting his sincerity where Leo was concerned. It was big of Olivia to extend an invitation to Austin to the Quartermaine Thanksgiving, which he initially turned down. Probably for the best, but something tells me he’s going to turn up to stir the pot, especially with BLQ. Not that she doesn’t have it coming after what she did to him. As I noted last week, I’m still finding it hard to understand the reason for Austin at this point. My hunch? Somehow, Valentin will turn over ELQ shares to Austin, who will vote to keep Valentin in the CEO seat. That way both Valentin and Austin can stick it to BLQ.

Olivia corners Austin at General Hospital

As for the happenings at Casa de Quartermaine, Ned going off on his tirade about Chase, after BLQ claimed he was Bailey’s baby daddy, had me rolling my eyes. I get that he’s protective of his daughter, but Chase is not the bad guy here! I feel bad for poor Chase showing up to dinner not knowing Ned has a bone to pick with him. And my head is already hurting thinking about the fact that eventually, Brook Lynn is going to have to tell her father she lied about Bailey’s entire existence.

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Drew turning up on Sam’s doorstep in the final moments of Wednesday’s episode was a nice way to end the week, even if we didn’t get our pizza and the Quartermaine song. I am looking forward to seeing how Cameron Mathison and Kelly Monaco interact on screen together, and between his return and Jason’s “death,” perhaps Sam’s storyline will become more interesting than it has been these past several months.

These are only my opinions. Please join the conversation below in the comments and let me know your thoughts. Also, I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday weekend if you are celebrating! This year I am in fact, inspired by the Quartermaines, making a turkey and cranberry pizza as a side dish!

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