Valentin’s Heartbreak Over Losing Bailey on General Hospital Left Us Heartbroken — and Chase’s Curveball Has Viewers Wondering What Happens Next?

November 15 - 19:

Valentin's Heartache GH

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We are in the middle of November Sweeps, and only in the past day or two has it finally felt that way on General Hospital. The storylines that should have been front and center all this time finally were, but not after we had to sit through a lot of fluff and other lackluster plots. It felt like the never-ending barrage of movie trailers you have to endure to get to the main show.

The Merry-Go-Round In Greece

The Greece storyline has become like an amusement park ride you just want to get off of. Not only has it felt strange in terms of pacing, only being featured every few days, but scene wise it became the same thing over and over. Between people coming and going from dungeons, a brainwashed Drew carrying out missions, and Peter always being one step ahead of Jason and the others, it seemed to be going nowhere. I wasn’t alone in my frustrations with how this storyline panned out, with one viewer comparing it to an episode of Scooby-Doo. However, at least Scoob and the gang always catch the bad guy in the end!

Peter and Jason exchange gunfire GH

Friday’s episode found everyone lost in the maze of tunnels under the island and as usual, getting nowhere.  Throughout the entire episode, Obrecht kept warning the tunnels were on the verge of collapsing, which pretty much spoiled the cliffhanger that was to come. After shots were fired, and Peter was actually hit in the arm, the tunnels collapsed and it looked like Jason has been buried in the rubble. Of course, we wish it was Peter who was buried, but then again, that’s not a permanent enough ending for him and we’d expect him to live to come back another day. And slip away it appears he does. Given Robert was shown in the previews for Monday threatening to shoot someone, I’m willing to put money on that person being Peter. Hopefully, Robert is a better aim than Jason, Drew and Anna, who can’t manage to hit let alone mortally wound Peter. You shot him in the arm, Jason? Really?

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Is It Still November Sweeps?

As I noted in my column last week, some of the focal storylines during a sweeps month have had me questioning what is going through the writer’s heads. The Joel Sartore exhibit pretty much served as an infomercial for the National Geographic Photo Ark Project, and a backdrop for other drama. The only problem? The drama wasn’t that dramatic. Leo running off, only to be found five seconds later safe and sound, served to bring Ned and Olivia closer to resolving their marital issues. But it never felt as if Leo was in danger.

GH Joel Sartore photographer jerome gallery

Likewise, Esme locking Gladys and Sasha in the backroom, thinking it was Trina that was in there, was resolved in a matter of seconds. Then there was the fact that Sasha’s pregnancy and delivery took up a large portion of the week. While I like Sasha and Brando, they are quickly are beginning to feel like clones of Michael and Willow, who only have their baby to talk about and nothing else.

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Speaking of kids, another storyline that feels like it’s been eating up far more airtime than needed has been Curtis’ mysterious stalker Marshall. Was anyone shocked when he revealed to Curtis that he was his father? It has been apparent from the beginning that’s who he was, so it was no surprise that’s who he turned out to be.

Broken Hearts

One storyline did finally come partly to a head and delivered some must-see tv, and that was Valentin learning the almost-complete truth about Bailey. Thanks to Gladys’ blackmail, and Austin’s vendetta against BLQ, he realized he was not Bailey’s father. He didn’t even need Maury Povich and a DNA test to tell him! James Patrick Stuart and Amanda Setton gave powerful performances and my heart not only broke for Valentin, but I even felt sorry for Brook Lynn. She finally showed some remorse for the con she was pulling on Valentin, and it was so sad that the one thing she felt she finally had done right in her entire life was their little family, which of course was just one big lie.

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I’ve got to give kudos to Kirsten Storms as well, as she was phenomenal as Maxie giving Austin a piece of her mind. Telling him that trying to justify his actions for the greater good didn’t make him any less of a creepy jerk was right on the money, and the extra burn that Maxie didn’t consider him a friend any longer was just icing on the cake. Unfortunately, as much as I enjoy Roger Howarth, Austin is quickly becoming unlikable and I’m finding it hard to see the purpose of his character.

Chase and BLQ meet on GH

The next arc of this storyline looks to be interesting, with Chase claiming to Valentin that he is Bailey’s father in the final moments of Friday’s episode. It seems obvious that after Bobbie told him of Maxie’s initial plan, that he’s deduced Bailey is in fact, Louise. Honestly, I’m surprised the do-good cop would even consider lying for Brook Lynn at this point, but then again he likely sees the bigger picture and wants to keep Louise safe. Plus this set up Chase and BLQ to finally get a shot at some romance with one another, assuming he can forgive her and Maxie for their deception.

Spit It Out!

After yet another altercation between Nina and Carly, and Sonny again coming to Nina’s defense, Carly demanded Sonny help her understand why he doesn’t want to see Nina pay. It appeared Sonny was about to tell her the truth when Bobbie interrupted them. Thanks Bobbie! Really though, the truth is right in front of Carly, and she just either doesn’t see it or doesn’t want to see it. However, after Bobbie’s comment about how there is nothing worse than feeling like there is a third person involved in your marriage, Carly’s eyes are probably going to start to open. And if Nina thought her problems with Carly weren’t already bad enough, she has no idea what she’s in for when Carly realizes Nina has the hots for her husband. Unfortunately, I don’t think we’re going to see that happen before sweeps is over, and likely that drama will come to a head-on New Years’ Eve, maybe with a forbidden kiss.

Carly wants to destroy Nina

As always, these are only my opinions. Please join the conversation below in the comments and let me know your thoughts. And as Carly and Sonny’s marital problems persist, check out a photo gallery featuring real-life relationship advice from the soap stars.


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