Sonny 2.0 Continues to Be a Breath of Fresh Air — and Brad’s Teased Return Was a Nice Treat — But General Hospital’s November Sweeps Storylines Aren’t All Winners

November 8 - 12:

Sonny Brad and Curtis on GH

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As we get further into November Sweeps it sure didn’t feel like it on General Hospital. Especially coming off of last week and some major story developments. Several of the featured storylines just didn’t feel like must-see-TV, with more to come. Let’s discuss what went down in Port Charles.

Brainwashed by Tarot Cards

Peter finally made a mistake that could bring him down when he overplayed his cards, literally. Peter flashed the tarot card that puts Drew under his spell, as well as the card that brings him out. Just when it looked like the brothers separated at birth were about to get the upper hand, the soap’s focus shifted gears and left us all hanging. And several of the other storylines had me scratching my head. I know I sound like a broken record, but how long are they going to continue to toy with us by dropping this storyline every time something important happens to focus on less exciting fluff?

Peter holds Britt Hostage

I also can’t understand Peter’s 180 where it comes to Britt. Suddenly he wants her back as a sister? We already know he’s downright deluded, especially in his thinking he can win Maxie back. But now it seems he’s had a complete break with reality. Frankly, this show could use a long break from Peter.

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What’s Next for Alexis?

As I said before, Alexis being sprung and working with Shawn at his new non-profit isn’t exactly the storyline Alexis fans were likely hoping was next for her. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad she’s out of her white-collar prison, but it seems she’s just been moved from one boring story to another. Given soaps rarely follow the laws of reality, and nobody pays for their crimes forever, can’t Alexis just somehow get her law license back? Yeah, it may derail this redemption arc and Alexis trying to discover who she is if not a lawyer, but so far the storyline has fallen pretty flat. Like offing Franco, killing Neil was a major mistake and Alexis’ stories have basically stunk since then.

Teens in Trouble

It was nice to see Joss and Cam decide to hold off on sex and not let themselves feel pressured into it by the likes of Esme the sociopath and pathological liar. However had they gone through with it, it was refreshing that they made safe sex a priority and had condoms on hand.

Esme apologizes to Ava GH

Meanwhile, Esme continued to be a crazy mystery, and at points, I wasn’t sure whether I was supposed to feel sorry for her, or frightened of her. She’s clearly a lonely and troubled girl. It was great to see Trina put Esme in her place after she accused her of trying to steal her man-boy Spencer. However, Esme pointed out that discussing certain intimate topics was off-limits for her and Spencer seeing they are inappropriate for friends of the opposite sex. I don’t recall them discussing intimate topics? And it was pretty hypocritical of her considering she’s all up in Cam and Joss’ sex life. After trying to suck up to Trina, who wasn’t having it, the camera panned to Esme unclenching her fist and revealing she had drawn blood. I’m starting to think Trina could be in trouble, and Esme is far more dangerous than she appears.

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The Return of Brad?

One of the best developments was the return of Miss Wu and her asking Sonny for a favor for her nephew Brad, who it appears may be up for parole soon. Brad’s return has been long overdue, and once Britt gets out of her current predicament, she could use her best bud back. I’m also eager to see what shenanigans they get into again.

Britt and Brad's Valentine's Day GH ABC

Sonny 2.0 Continues to Surprise

Michael fumed when he learned of Miss Wu’s request, and once again was baffled by Sonny asking him not to exact justice on Brad. While Michael has a right to be angry at the idea of Brad’s release, his using his Quartermaine influence to sway his idea of justice is getting tiresome. Even though Sonny told him not to, it wouldn’t surprise me if he decided to act. Frankly, I wouldn’t mind seeing Michael knocked off the self-righteous pedestal he’s put himself on.

Nina asks about Sonny's power

I found Sonny 2.0’s talk with Nina at Charlie’s actually enjoyable and refreshing. The way Nina opened up and was vulnerable with him, but also playfully flirtatious, was great work on Cynthia Watros’ part. Benard’s blending of the old Sonny, warning she had no idea what he could do with his power, with the new more compassionate Sonny, was also masterful. Nina pointing out Sonny was bending his own rules in her favor, and Sonny claiming it was for Phyllis and just worked in her favor, was a great bit of dialogue.

Brook Lynn Is Headed for Major Trouble

Just as it looked like Brook Lynn got the upper hand against that troublesome Gladys, Austin stuck his nose in and suggested to Valentin that Brook Lynn was playing him and Gladys may know what she’s up to. I don’t begrudge Austin for wanting to stick it to Brook Lynn, she absolutely deserves it for what she did to him. And him saying he wanted to see her in the hottest corner of hell, and asking Valentin to say hi to her for him when he dealt with her, made me chuckle. However, we all can see this is going to blow up and Maxie and Louise will be collateral damage.

Chase doesn't believe BLQ

It’s not just Austin and Gladys that BLQ has to worry about, as it appears Valentin and Chase are both onto her as well. Valentin has sicced Yuri, whose humor I’m woefully missing on-screen, to watch her every move. Chase meanwhile has figured out Brook Lynn has been lying about Bailey’s birth. Perhaps she should cut her losses and confide in him? He could be of help to her and Maxie. Then again, Dudley-Do-Right probably would feel a legal obligation to reveal the truth.

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At this point, Brook Lynn and Maxie are drowning in this lie, and just need to come clean with Valentin. Given his own issues with Peter, I think he could be understanding… Well maybe not completely with Brook Lynn’s con, but I think he’d have compassion for Maxie’s situation. Plus after all of this, I don’t think Maxie would cut Valentin out of Louise’s life.

Guest Stars and Bizarre Sweeps Storylines

It’s always nice when the soaps bring on guest stars, and obviously, November Sweeps is a great time to pull out such casting moves. However, the choice to push them in major storylines that many aren’t exactly invested in is puzzling.

When Curtis’ big opening night for live music at The Savoy was about to crash and burn, Marshall, along with the skeevy record producer Linc’s help, saved the day. General Hospital director and musician Phideaux Xavier brought the house down, with what honestly wasn’t my type of music. But to each their own! Still, the screen-time this storyline has been taking up during November Sweeps is baffling. Not that it’s not a good storyline, and it looks like next week we will finally find out who Marshall is. But it’s not exactly what I’d call a ratings-grabbing storyline. It’s a B-story at best.

Dante question Curtis GH

Then there is Trina’s upcoming photo exhibition featuring the very talented Joel Sartore. I appreciate them bringing a real artist in for a gallery exhibit, but again, it just doesn’t scream November Sweeps to me. Especially given unless you are a photography lover, you might not even know who Sartore is.

As usual, these are only my opinions. Please join the conversation below in the comments and let me know your thoughts. And as we wait to see if the role of Jordan Ashford will be recast again, browse our gallery of the most recast soap characters.