General Hospital Threw Several Surprises to Viewers as November Sweeps Began, but Peter’s Storyline Remains Predictable in Every Way

November 1 - 5:

General hospital sweeps column

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Well, November Sweeps are in full swing, and General Hospital was dropping surprise bombs left and right. However, there is also a fair amount of predictability still with some of the storylines, especially the one that needed to be over with a year ago. Let’s dive into this week’s episodes.

Shocking! But Also No Surprises

Britt accidentally shooting her mother with a harpoon gun was pretty morbid and shocking, and completely unexpected. However, Peter, with a brainwashed Drew’s help, got the upper hand over Jason and the gang. I don’t think anyone was surprised by that development. I recently wrote that I wanted to see anyone but Jason take Peter out, but at that moment, I would have been glad if he had done so. However per my column last week, I’ve given up hope that Peter will ever die. And as for Peter wanting Obrecht to condition Maxie to love him again… Enough! No more brainwashing, memory swapping, and conditioning! And why have the brilliant Anna and Valentin not deduced that’s where Peter is? If Peter IS to die, I could see him falling into that not-so-bottomless pit on the island, which we know he’ll come back from at some point.

Peter is cornered by Jason on Cassadine Island General Hospital

That Greedy Busybody Gladys

Like Peter, Gladys is another character I could use a break from. Too bad she wasn’t in that limo with Novak when it blew sky high. Granted she does have her hilarious moments, such as when she told Austin he was no fun and ditched him at the bar. However later when Austin started to realize Gladys had something on BLQ, it was apparent that Austin will quickly begin putting two and two together and likely be integral in accidentally leading Peter to Maxie and Louise. As for Austin and Maxie, I’m enjoying their friendship, but that’s about all I see between the two. The show has been heavily hinting at a romantic pairing between them, but I’m seeing no romantic sparks between the characters or that type of chemistry between the actors. The show made a huge mistake in my opinion killing off Franco and giving us Austin.

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What is Victor Up To?

First up, how adorable were Anna and Valentin this week? Especially Valentin referring to Anna as darling several times. Squee! Having gotten that out, I’m really growing to like Charles Shaughnessy as Victor. The fact that he refused to give up Peter without an immunity deal because he has bigger plans gives me hope that he’ll be around for a while. Plus, I love a good mystery, so trying to figure out what Victor’s game plan is should be fun. Often soaps can be so predictable and give away too much ahead of time that when things come to fruition it’s no longer a surprise. That’s likely why I’m enjoying Victor and Esme’s storylines right now because they are still an intriguing mystery.

Victor is surprised GH

The Hot-Head Mob Boss Versus Marshall

The fact that Joey Novak made and failed to take over the Novak family, and challenged Sonny and the Corinthos organization for Port Charles, was laughable. Especially seeing that it appears Curtis’ “daddy” Marshall, after overhearing Joey’s plans to take over The Savoy, is likely the one who beat him almost to death and sent him to the hospital. After Sonny forced him to fork over the entire Novak Empire to him, it looks like we may not see much of Joey, but never say never when it comes to a soap character. Once again though, Sonny’s way of dealing with him is another example of Sonny 2.0 and how Nixon Falls has changed him.

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As for Marshall, Curtis not recognizing Liz’s masterful sketch of him, but noting something familiar about him, may actually mean he’s not Curtis’ father. Then again, this may be one of those instances where General Hospital is basically giving it all away before making the reveal we all see coming.

Let’s Make a Deal

I was glad to see Spencer confront his father over orchestrating Hayden’s shooting because like Britt, Hayden was the closest thing he had to a mother figure for a while. So he had a right to be upset. Again, with all this talk of Hayden, I hope she returns soon. Not just because I loved the character, but because she has so many connections to various characters on the show.

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As for her shooting, Nikolas bought off Shawn’s silence in a game of Let’s Make a Deal, just without the silly costumes and boxes. Shawn used to set up a non-profit to do good things with and asked Alexis to help him run it. This is not exactly the exciting storyline fans of Alexis were hoping for her. However her being pardoned, was a nice surprise. I mean how long can we continue to watch Alexis get visits from her family members? And yes, this stinks of Nikolas’ doing, which won’t go over well with her.

Trina is over Spencer

Getting back to Spencer, just when it appeared he was about to give in and suck up to Ava and his father to get his trust fund back, he went and left me flabbergasted by disowning his father, relinquishing his princely title and claim on the Cassadine fortune. Frankly, he may come to regret his actions, because as he said, Esme didn’t sign up to be the girlfriend of a pauper. However, we all know this storyline is really about redeeming Spencer in Trina’s eyes. And hey, if it saves us from hearing Spencer whine about Ava, it’s an added bonus!

A Promise to a Psychopath

Esme started her internship at Spring Ridge, and far too many people already have her number that she’s trouble. In her talk with Harmony about Dawn of Day, for a brief moment, I thought, “Oh no, she’s not somehow related to Shiloh is she?” But it appears to have been just a hint to what we all know already, Esme is dangerous and has a warped way of thinking. Though previously it appeared that even Ryan seemed afraid of Esme, given the way she talked to him about the plan and taking care of everything, I’m now wondering if he’s somehow in cahoots with her? Or is Esme’s plan all of her own doing? These are the type of storylines, the ones that keep us guessing, that make soaps so enjoyable for me. Many viewers still think Esme will turn out to be Ryan’s daughter we never knew about. Other’s feel she’s nothing but a Nelle-knockoff, which I also once feared she could easily become.

The Awkard Virginity Storyline

Esme’s comments to Cam and Joss seem to have them feeling uncomfortable about still being virgins. Now she’s pushing for all of them to take a trip and rent a cabin in the woods to relax and for her to get to know Joss better. Why is she so hell-bent on Joss liking her? It’s not going to happen! However almost nothing ever good occurs on soaps when a cabin is involved, and Cam and Joss’ romance is way too fresh for them to sleep together. It will be a mistake they will likely regret.

Cam and Joss kiss

Drunken Kisses

I’ve always enjoyed Olivia, until recently. Her refusing to see the truth about Leo has been difficult, and it was nice to see Austin tell Ned that Olivia wouldn’t be the first parent to be in denial about their child. Once she opened up to Robert, there seemed to be a glimmer of hope that she might be seeing what’s been in front of her all along with Leo. Unfortunately, then she went and pulled Robert into a drunken kiss and told Ned their marriage was basically over. Ned and Olivia were one of the few happy couples on this show, and now I feel like they’ve been ruined for good.

These are only my opinions. Please join the conversation below in the comments and let me know your thoughts. And as it is the anniversary of her character’s birth, take a look at our photo gallery of Kirsten Storms as Maxie over the years.


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