Selective Justice Against Nina and Nikolas Had Many Pointing Out the Hypocrisy of Characters on General Hospital

October 25 - 29:

Selective Justice on GH ABC

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This week on General Hospital, the trumped-up charges against Nina had many viewers scratching their heads, along with the fact that almost everyone on this soap opera is guilty of something yet quick to pass judgment. And there were a plethora of daddy issues for the characters in Port Charles. Let’s discuss what happened on the soap!

Nina Faces the Court and the Corinthos Clan

Michael’s plan was set into motion and Nina was arrested for fraud and identity theft. The charges had many viewers rolling their eyes because neither fits what Nina did, and nothing she did was for monetary gain. The fact that “Mike” refused to go looking for his past, and given Sonny’s businesses it would have taken all of five seconds on the internet with a reverse image search to learn who he was, could work in Nina’s favor.

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As for the crimes Nina committed, well Michael referred to them as a new type of crime that the DA was prosecuting Nina for. Nina was more direct in saying Michael and the DA basically were making up laws to punish her. That pretty much sums it up. And I don’t know what lawyer Michael consulted about the legality of his donation to the DA’s election campaign, but it sure seemed like a quid pro quo situation to me. Then there is the fact that Michael knows what his father and Jason do, but doesn’t seem to have a moral need to see them brought to justice. The hypocrisy wasn’t lost on some viewers.

Nina claims Sonny was better off in Nixon Falls GH

As I wrote in my column last week, Michael’s actions against Nina are sure to backfire on him. Nina will clearly be called to testify, as might Sonny and Phyllis. Are all three going to lie under oath about Nina and “Mike’s” relationship? Maybe Sonny and Nina would, but I can’t see Phyllis doing so. Michael’s actions have also caused tension between him and Willow, but they’ve worked it out for now. I still find them to be a boring couple who can only seem to talk about Wiley and pretty much nothing else.

A Call From Cyrus

Out of the blue Cyrus resurfaced to welcome Sonny back to the land of the living, and made him an offer regarding some information that might be valuable to him. Sonny refused, but just like Peter, we all know Cyrus will be back. Given we still have Peter around and he hasn’t been dealt with, was it really necessary to bring Cyrus back? There are enough stories that aren’t being given enough airtime as is.

The Name of the Game Is Blackmail

Of course, it had to be Gladys of all people to learn part of Brook Lynn’s secret, that Valentin is not Bailey’s father. Good thing she doesn’t know the entire secret about Bailey because she’d be sure to screw everything up. Just give her time because she likely will. She almost blabbed that Valentin wasn’t Bailey’s father to Sasha and Brando, and after a run-in with Austin, he clearly has realized BLQ has a problem with Gladys. Her intel is just the information he could use to pay Brook Lynn back for what she did to him. I can see this predictably blowing up in both their faces and unintentionally hurting Maxie and Louise. I think the next big storyline involving Peter won’t be his death, but his kidnapping of Maxie and Louise. I’ve reached the point that I’ve all but given up hoping that the writers will kill Peter off.

Gladys Blackmails BLQ

Developments, or Lack Thereof, in Crete

Vanna fans got another touching moment between Anna and Valentin, as Anna was on the verge of admitting her feelings to the Cassadine, but stopped short of doing so. Due to the delicate nature of the surgery removing the bullet fragments from Valentin, they headed back stateside. I did find Ava’s glee upon learning of Valentin’s shooting in Greece hilarious, especially when she hoped he fell out of a window and into the Aegean Sea after he was plugged with a bullet.

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Meanwhile, Britt and Jason found no signs of Obrecht or clues to her whereabouts. The mysterious screaming female prisoner again wasn’t mentioned and has all but vanished, and Peter, Obrecht, and the brainwashed Drew were also MIA this week. The story finally looks to pick back up on Monday, but again, the days to week-long breaks remain frustrating.

Victor is surprised GH

We did find out some interesting information about past events in Greece. It was Victor who rescued Nikolas after Valentin shot him and nursed him back to health. That was a great twist, and one I didn’t see coming. Nikolas in return gave Victor a compound to run his operations out of but apparently had no knowledge of his teaming up with Peter. What else could Nikolas be hiding regarding those three years he was presumed dead or his deal with Victor? Could Nikolas have had Victor hold Hayden hostage after he chased her out of town? It always troubled me how the investigation into Hayden’s mother’s murder tied into Drew’s downed plane, Victor, and the guy who worked at Crichton-Clark.

Welcome to Kelly’s

There definitely was something karmic about Spencer having to beg Cam for a job and slum it with the working class and the townies. Again, there are times I feel for him, but then he opens his mouth and my pity is lost. His rage and anger towards Ava have become a broken record.

Esme’s just as rotten, if not worse than Spencer. For a moment I really thought she was sincere when she spoke with Ava about helping Spencer at the courthouse, but her fake apology to Ava as a distraction for Spencer to try and convince his dad to dump his wife only proved that she’s a brilliant pathological liar. No wonder she is fascinated by Ryan the sociopath! She did drop another hint noting she is not close to her family. I hope November Sweeps will bring answers as to who Esme really is and what she’s up to.

Nikolas tries to talk to Spencer GH

Unfortunately, other developments may give Spencer a way to get exactly what he wants from his father. Alexis refused to back down from asking questions about Nikolas’ involvement in Hayden’s shooting and now wants to see him face the consequences of his actions, which seems to be an all-around theme on this show lately. Again the “justice for Shawn” crusade wasn’t lost on viewers. While Shawn wasn’t guilty of shooting Hayden, he did try to kill Drew.

Shawn felt Spencer could be key to forcing Nikolas to confess his role in Hayden’s shooting. However, I think Shawn may have just given Spencer the ammunition he needs to force his father’s hand. Either he dumps Ava, or Spencer will see to it that Nikolas joins Alexis in prison.

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The Mysterious Marshall

The show has been less than subtle when it comes to “Marshall,” the new man in town asking about Curtis. His interest in Curtis seems to make it crystal clear he could be his long-supposedly-dead father. Perhaps he walked out on his family and Curtis’ mother made up the lie about the heart attack to spare them more pain? Or could these questions all be a red herring? Frankly the fact they are beating us over the head with hints that he is Curtis’ father makes me wonder if it’s someone else he’s really come to town for. Could it be Jordan, or Shawn that “Marshall” is really connected to?

mystery man watches portia and curtis gh

Memories of Daddy

For the second time in two weeks, Liz’s father Jeff Webber was mentioned. Violet, who is always adorable and lights up the screen when she’s on, was shown an old photo of Liz and her dad, and she began asking to meet her Grandpa Jeff. There can be no doubt that Jeff is on his way back to town for one reason or another at this point.

As always these are simply my opinions. Please join the conversation below in the comments and let me know your thoughts! And with Halloween this weekend, check out our gallery of scary movies featuring soap actors.


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