Peter Needs to Be Stopped on General Hospital, but Not by Jason — Plus, Unresolved Plot Points Involving Victor Linger

October 18 - 22:

Peter Jason and Victor on GH

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Peter once again was a major source of frustration, both for the characters on screen and the viewers of General Hospital. A mysterious new character entered the canvas, though we question whether it’s necessary at this time seeing the pacing of stories still remains problematic. And while Spencer still hasn’t got his comeuppance, Michael made sure Nina got hers. Let’s discuss what went down in Port Charles. 

Peter Slithers Away Again

Once again, as I noted in last week’s column, I’ve found the pacing with the storylines frustrating. The action in Greece is the most exciting thing on the show right now, and every time there is a big development, it takes days, or a week, to get back to it. Case in point, Valentin being shot and then leaving the audience hanging for days. Anna also irritated me when she informed Robert that when it comes to Peter, she wasn’t going to shoot to kill. Fortunately, Robert, delivering the line of the week, responded he would! After everything, Peter has done, and once discussing with Valentin the possibility of having to kill Peter to stop him, suddenly she’s back on the fence. After Peter shot Valentin and faked Drew’s death again, hopefully, Anna will no longer feel the need to take Peter alive.

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That Peter was able to as always escape, with Drew as his puppet and Obrecht as a hostage, was bad enough. But to have him be able to convince all of Victor’s men to turn on him, betraying a Cassadine, was utterly ridiculous seeing the power they supposedly wield in Greece. Victor also dropped the hint to Robert that Peter was forcing him to help him. Again, are we supposed to believe Peter has this kind of power to make Cassadines tremble? The next great soap villain Peter is not! With Jason and Britt now in Greece, and November Sweeps around the corner, hopefully, we will finally see the end of Peter once and for all. However, I don’t want to see the predictable end to him with Jason taking him out. I’d rather see Robert, Obrecht, Anna, or even Maxie blow his butt out of the water. Sure Peter wronged Jason, but seeing Peter done in by his hand just doesn’t seem satisfying enough.

Victor is surprised GH

As for locating Peter, Victor’s offered to help Anna and the WSB nab him, in exchange for his freedom. Valentin pleaded with Anna not to take the deal because it was likely a trap. That felt like a hint that there’s still much we don’t know. For example, aside from Victor still lusting after her, what was it that Victor desperately needed Obrecht’s help with? It can’t have been Drew now that we know Peter was given that task. On Friday Britt even questioned what Victor could want from her mother. It would be great to see another over-the-top crazy Cassadine plot come out of this, and a way to keep Victor around. Especially given Valentin likely will have a lot of questions for his uncle-daddy. Plus, the actors have already shown through the limited banter they’ve engaged in that they work well together on screen.

By the way, what happened to that mysterious screaming prisoner that was also in Victor’s dungeon? Was she transferred back to where she came from? Or is this going to be a dropped storyline until the writers decide to return to it? Much like the person who has Holly a prisoner? With Jason and Britt heading to investigate Obrecht’s cell, perhaps this tidbit won’t be forgotten.

Will Nina’s Trouble Bring Back “Mike?”

Sonny definitely seemed to have a hard time processing Carly and Jason’s almost real marriage. Again Jason and Carly continued to maintain they just wanted things to go back to the way things were, but that’s just not possible. Though Sonny knows about them, Carly still doesn’t know about “Mike” and Nina. And Sonny made it clear to Nina that he doesn’t want Carly to know. That’s not going to sit well with Carly when she finally finds out, but it almost seems that Sonny is equally as concerned about hurting Carly as he is Carly destroying Nina. Given Michael’s move to have Nina charged and arrested for fraud and identity theft, it begs the question… Will the “Mike” in Sonny lift a finger to help Nina? Oh and many on social media had a field day with Michael going to great lengths to see Nina pay for the illegal things she’s done…

While on one hand, I’d like to see Sonny be displeased with Michael’s action. However, if he did move to help Nina it would raise questions with Carly and Michael. The better scenario would be for Michael’s plan to backfire, and in court and under oath, Nina is forced to reveal her relationship with “Mike” as Sonny’s family listens.

Nina is arrested GH

The Mysterious Stalker

Could the show have been any less subtle about the possible identity of Curtis’ mysterious stalker? Just as Curtis was telling Portia the story of his family and how Aunt Stella came to take care of him and his brother, after his father never came home because he died of a heart attack, this dude shows up. Ya think it’s Curtis’ supposedly dead father? And are we ever going to get back to the story about Trina and who her father really is? Perhaps they are connected? With all the other storylines going on, I question if this really was the best time to introduce another new character and mystery before resolving some of the other stories still left hanging.

mystery man watches portia and curtis gh

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BLQ versus Austin… It’s Only Just Begun!

Just when I was starting to enjoy Brook Lynn, and her friendship with Maxie, she went and used Leo’s condition to force Austin’s hand and give up his claims to any ELQ shares. It was a low blow, but I loved Austin’s speech about how he wanted nothing to do with ELQ or the Quartermaines seeing how they act over their company. Austin warning Brook Lynn that she thinks this is over, but it’s not, was also a bit spine-tingling. There definitely seems to be a darker side to Austin the show has yet to explore. It’s been heavily hinted at that Austin deep down knows Maxie and Brook Lynn pulled off a baby switch, but he hasn’t put it all together. Should he, would he use this against BLQ? Hopefully, he won’t, because it would hurt Maxie in the process, and the show has not been subtle that they’re trying to pair Austin and Maxie up. For me though, this is another Dante and Sam pairing where I’m not seeing any sparks.

Austin signs over ELQ rights GH

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Spencer’s Day in Court

Spencer finally faced the judge over his stalking of Ava and plead not guilty, which apparently went against all the advice Esme and the others had given him. I take back what I said in my column last week about feeling a bit sorry for Spencer. He’s letting his hatred of Ava blind his judgment. But Kevin’s demand that he get a job should be good for a few laughs. Meanwhile, Esme showed her true colors to Spencer, who didn’t seem to bat an eye. When she pointed out if he didn’t take his father and Ava’s deal and he went to jail, what would happen to her? Frankly, she should be in jail with him! How he can continue to stand by her when her selfishness is always on display baffles me, but not as much as the mystery of what Esme’s overall plan is. Faced with Spencer facing jail, she suddenly seemed to do a one-eighty when it came to Ava, even kissing up to her at the end of Friday’s episode. Esme certainly is calculating, and I’m down to find out more about her and her infatuation with Ryan.

Helping Leo

While I commend the writers of General Hospital in introducing an autism storyline, the way it’s unfolding is definitely aggravating. Even though BLQ used the situation to her advantage, she seemed to begin to come around to the fact that Austin might be right about the little boy. Olivia on the other hand refuses to entertain the idea and subject her son to a specialist. Does she truly not notice Leo’s behavior? Or is she in the biggest case of denial?

Paging Jeff Weber?

Out of nowhere, Terry got a call from Jeff Weber of all people, who wanted to know how Liz was doing. Is this a hint that Jeff could be headed back to Port Charles? A few weeks ago when I was hoping we’d see Hayden return, I noted it would be great to have Jeff back too. It’s time to give Liz back more of her family.

There are only my opinions. Please join the conversation below in the comments and let me know your thoughts! And speaking of the possibility of Jeff Weber’s return, check out our photo gallery of more soap characters we want to see return.


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