Carly and Nina’s Epic Confrontation Ended With No Clear Winner — But Spencer Was Definitely General Hospital’s Loser of the Week

September 27 - October 1

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After Sonny’s return to Port Charles last week, which I felt was a major letdown, we finally got plenty of fireworks from Carly. She embarked on a tour of finger-pointing, laying blame, and threatening to spit in Nina’s ashes after burning her life down. And speaking of burning lives down, Spencer and Esme made an even bigger mess of things after falling into Trina’s trap. However, the best part of the week for me was the kiss between Anna and Valentin. Let’s get into discussing all things General Hospital.

Carly versus the citizens of Port Charles

Maxie of all people was the one to break the news to Carly that Nina had known Sonny was alive and in Nixon Falls for months. I appreciated that the writers had her character torn about getting involved in something that wasn’t her business, but that she felt Carly had the right to know. Like Valentin, she cares for Nina and wasn’t excusing what she had done, but felt she also wasn’t one to throw stones. Then Maxie dared to ask Carly if she was in a position to pass judgment. Definitely not what someone should say to Carly if they want to stay on her good side, even if it’s true, and boy Carly’s next moves proved it was.

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Watching Nina pay the consequences for her decisions and lies has been something many fans have been waiting for. When pressed for her reasoning, Nina again went to her flimsy excuse that she was going to tell Carly, but Carly blasted her about Wiley before she could say one word. Sorry Nina, but that excuse is as pathetic as it sounds. Points to Carly for pointing out that being mad at her was no reason to punish Sonny or his children. Then it came back around to Nelle. Lord knows I couldn’t stand Nelle and am glad she’s gone, but Carly and Jax did lie to Nina about Nelle, which kept her from Wiley. Nina’s lies sadly did the same to Sonny’s children, and Avery and Donna were the biggest victims in all of this. Nina offered to apologize to everyone but said she’d never apologize to Carly. Points to Nina for not kissing up to Carly!

GH carly nina fight screenshot

However, when Carly gloated about what she had done to Nelle, was glad she was dead, and even laughed about it, I thought, “You’re losing me girl! You need to just stop talking at this point!” Carly actually had me feeling for Nina in those moments. Saying Nelle was a terrible person and the world was a better place without her, some could say the same about Sonny. Of course, when Nina brought up Saint Morgan, who she didn’t even say one negative word about, Carly lost it completely. Fortunately, or unfortunately for those who wanted to see a WWE-type smackdown, Jason stepped in before blood was shed. Even though we didn’t get to see a catfight, the acting by both Laura Wright and Cynthia Watros was amazing and Emmy-worthy.

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Make no mistake, there is no excuse for Nina’s actions. But Carly’s attack on her just showed her hypocritical side, which is when she always ends up losing my support most of the time. Carly only made it worse by later going after Jax and accusing him of helping Nina. When she told him that he should have come to her immediately about his hunch because she might not have married Jason, I said, “Oh pahleese!” She would have likely accused Jax of lying to try and stop the wedding. Again for the second time in recent weeks, I couldn’t believe I was actually agreeing and siding with Jax when he had to defend his decisions to Carly. I laughed so hard when Carly accused Jax of trying to dictate how she lived her life. Pot meet kettle!

Carly, Joss and Jax talk Nina at his place General Hospital

When Jax realized Carly didn’t know what happened between Nina and Sonny in Nixon Falls it appeared he was about to tell her, only for Joss’ arrival to interrupt that reveal. While Carly has been busy blaming and yelling at everyone she possibly can, I have to wonder when she’ll confront Sonny. After all, shouldn’t Sonny have been the one to tell Carly about Nina? He knew he had to during a chat with Jason, but it was clear he’s still conflicted about the feelings he likely has left over as “Mike.” Even Jason couldn’t understand why Sonny wasn’t angrier with Nina. By the end of the week, it seemed Carly was ready to have the talk about Nina with Sonny. Either Carly and Sonny will come out stronger when this is said and done, or we are headed toward their millionth break-up and Sonny hating Carly again when he finds out her and Jason’s marriage was going to be real in every way. Yeah, still waiting for that to be revealed too.

The Trap Is Set and Sprung

The storyline I’m enjoying the most, Spencer and Esme’s machinations, didn’t fail to delight me this week. Though I was starting to find Ava’s farewell tour to be laughable because she’s been on her way out of town for what seems like weeks now. Then again, I think only a day has passed since early September. Her goodbye to Ryan, and torturing him knowing he couldn’t react, was a deliciously fantastic scene. And of course, her run-in with creepy Esme and the girl’s obsession with Ryan continues to have me wanting to know more about Miss Prince.

Trina, Cam and Joss laid their trap, and the stalking twosome fell for it hook, line and sinker. Esme once again didn’t stop to think or consult Spencer and decided to handle things herself. Relaying the news to Sonny, and flat out lying that she overheard Nikolas booking tickets to leave with Ava and Avery, was a huge mistake. I’m hoping that won’t be forgotten by Sonny or the others, especially Trina.

Spencer admits the truth GH

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Predictably Sonny went to confront Nikolas, who had no idea what was going on. I don’t understand why Sonny didn’t make calls to find out if in fact, Nikolas had booked the tickets as Esme claimed, or if there had been anything odd going on at home, such as Avery’s belongings being packed up. Then again, logical thinking doesn’t make for good soap drama.

To save his father from Sonny’s men, Spencer finally confessed. Unfortunately, he claimed it was all his doing and Esme only did what he told her. So Esme lives to see another day, which will make her downfall that much more fun to watch. I was disappointed that Sonny wasn’t angrier at Spencer for using Avery in his games, only saying he’d deal with him later. Sonny just isn’t the same and that is becoming more and more clear. Sonny also couldn’t man up and apologize to Nikolas for being oh so wrong, but that’s more like the old Sonny. Between Carly confronting Sonny, and Ava walking in on Spencer’s confession at the end of the week, Monday should prove to be another excellent show.

Love and Longing in Greece

Finally over in Greece, one of the other most important storylines the show has going is still getting little screen time. As we get closer to November Sweeps I think that will change. Poor Obrecht found herself in the dungeon with Drew and told him who was holding them both prisoner. I loved that Obrecht found the one bright side in all of this, that when Victor was done with Peter he’d probably end his life. From her lips to God’s ears!

But the highlight, and winning scene for me, was a drunken Valentin pouring his heart out to Anna and the two finally shared a kiss. Sadly Valentin passed out before it could go any further. However, we were given yet again another mysterious clue, as the bartender in the hotel has the exact same Cassadine crest tattoo on his arm as Valentin. Is he simply a Cassadine goon, or is another Cassadine about to come out of nowhere?

These are only my opinions as always. Please join the conversation below in the comments and let me know your thoughts! And don’t miss our photo gallery of the soap actors we’ve lost in 2021 so far.


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