Sonny’s Return to Port Charles Was a Major Letdown for General Hospital Fans as the Truth Continues to Be Kept From Him — and We Wonder How Long Before Carly and Jason Give In to Temptation

September 20 - 24:

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It was the week fans had been waiting for on General Hospital, Sonny finally came home! Of course, it wasn’t in time to stop Jason and Carly’s marriage, though as I’ll discuss, that seems to be a moot point now. The fireworks and big reveals many were hoping for have yet to play out, but inevitably are coming. In other stories, we could be on the cusp of seeing Spencer and Esme exposed and finally a return to Drew and Obrecht’s storylines, which are clearly converging. Let’s get to dishing on the week that was.

Not the Return Many Expected

While it’s good to have Sonny back, his return to Port Charles fell flat for me. As fellow Soaps’ writer Matt commented, “Sonny just waltzed into his house and no guards bothered to alert Jason or Carly that he was coming. How nice of them!”

But even more outrageous was the fact that he barged into his bedroom to find Carly about to jump Jason’s bones, and never once questioned what was going on. Even after learning Jason and Carly had to get married to please the Five Families, he never thought to ask why they were in his bedroom together on their wedding night. Come on! And before the audience could blink, Jason was out and Carly was putting Sonny’s rings back on and recommitting herself to the mobster.

Fortunately, Britt of all people didn’t dance around the insanity of the situation and pointed out she thought Jason and Carly really loved one another. Jason shrugged it off and said with Sonny back things had to go back to the way they were. It was nice to see Jason admit perhaps he had this coming after how he treated Britt. Yeah, Jason, you did deserve it and so much more!

The talk at least pushed Jason to go see Carly, but even that conversation was frustrating. They both pondered what could have been, and admitted they meant the vows they took. Not once did they even bring up that Carly said it was always Jason for her, and the fact they were about to have sex when Sonny interrupted them. I’m also still baffled how everyone is claiming their marriage isn’t valid because Sonny is alive. Didn’t Diane have him declared dead specifically so Carly and Jason could legally marry and take over?

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Nina, Nina, Nina

Meanwhile, slowly people are learning about Nina’s part in keeping Sonny from his family. I think everyone is waiting for the epic showdown between Nina and Carly when she learns the truth, but for now, we had to settle for Sonny telling Nina off. Even that conversation clearly foreshadowed what’s likely to come. The old Sonny would have popped a cap off into Nina for what she did, but I guess we are to assume this is Sonny 2.0, who still has Mike’s feelings and memories. As Nina blubbered her way through a million apologies, Sonny recalled loving Nina and quickly dismissed it and told her to forget about Mike. That’s clearly easier said than done for both Nina and Sonny.

Sonny is livid GH

The fact that Sonny, Jason and Carly are trying to go back to a normal that is no more is only going to make an even bigger mess of what’s already a mess. I was glad to see Carly, at the end of Friday’s show, finally bring up to Jason the million-dollar question. What should they tell Sonny? Jason being Jason will probably answer, “Nothing, Sonny can never know the truth.” Seriously though, how long can Sonny’s friends and family dance around the fact that Jason and Carly’s marriage wasn’t just about the business? Everyone at the event could see they had fallen back in love, or as the show is now playing it, never fell out of love. Nobody wants to hurt Sonny more than he’s been hurt, but after nine months of being lied to, he’s still being lied to! It seems obvious where this is headed… Carly and Jason will inevitably give in to their lust for each other, likely to be caught by Sonny. And we all know at some point, Sonny will bed Nina.

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The Nine Lives of Peter

After finally catching up with Peter in Nixon Falls, super-spy Anna shot him in the shoulder. Really Anna? Now I get that she couldn’t shoot to kill because she needed answers about Drew, but couldn’t she have incapacitated him a bit more by taking out his leg? And couldn’t Anna and Valentin have focused on subduing him better? Instead, they decided to chat, allowing Peter to jump into the river and the police declare him dead. Yeah right! He’s like a bad penny that keeps turning up. Hopefully, the third time will be the charm and someone will finally be able to kill Peter and make sure he’s really dead. I’m talking I want to see him in a body-bag like we saw Kiki and Shiloh.

Anna catches Peter GH

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Welcome to Crete

The show finally returned to Obrecht and Victor’s storyline, as well as Drew’s. We learned that Chloe actually made it to a US embassy, which surprised me because I truly was expecting Chloe to be caught and thrown back in the prison. As I noted in last week’s column, Drew could have escaped with Chloe, but didn’t, which was just a ridiculous way to keep him a prisoner and this storyline going.

Victor and Obrecht GH

After Victor checked on Obrecht, we learned what many had guessed, that Victor is working with Peter. So the prison Drew is in probably is in the basement of wherever Victor and Obrecht are. Victor also revealed outside of the fact that he still loves Liesl, he needs her help with a project. I’m really hoping the writers aren’t planning on tampering with Drew’s memory again, but that’s probably where this is headed.

Stalking the Stalkers

Last, but certainly not least, the stage is being set to bring down Esme and Spencer, which currently is my favorite storyline on the show. As long as I’ve been watching soaps, never in a million years did I think a storyline involving “the teens,” though I guess they’re really young adults, would be the one I was enjoying the most. Though I had been thinking that Esme was possibly Ava’s long-lost daughter, after her interest in Ryan and talk with Kevin, I’m starting to agree with many that she may be a Collins or Chamberlain somehow. And Kevin warning Nikolas that Esme was basically a high-maintenance hot mess was hilarious!

Joss Trina Cam discuss Spencer GH

These are simply my opinions. Please join the conversation below in the comments and let me know your thoughts! And don’t miss our photo gallery below of soap characters who fizzled.


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