General Hospital Fans Were Elated by the Return of Sonny’s Memories But Remained Divided Over Jason and Carly — Plus, Everyone’s Waiting to Find Out What’s Next?

September 13 - 17:

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It was the week fans of General Hospital have waited eight long months for, the return of Sonny! Of course, it came just as Carly and Jason said, “I do,” and not in time to stop it. Other storylines featured the surprising exit of a character/actress and possible developments that will lead to Drew’s return to Port Charles. Let’s jump right into the drama.

Jarly’s Wedding

My column last week had fans divided over Carly and Jason’s refound love, with some having waited years for this to happen, while others outraged that Sonny appeared to have been Carly’s second choice all this time. A second choice she married five times? Well, the wedding went forward, and overall, I thought it was beautiful. Carly looked great in that color dress, and it was nice to see so much of the cast gathered given the times and on-set safety protocols. I also really appreciated how the show wove together the scenes of Carly walking down the aisle towards Jason with “Mike” struggling to remember Carly, who is always walking away from him in his visions. It was a nice bit of symbolism marking Carly walking away from her past and towards her future, but we know it’s all going to hit the fan eventually.

Jason and Carly at the altar GH

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As the wedding played out, I was on pins and needles waiting to find out what Buscema, Novak, and Miss Wu were plotting. I kept looking at the time thinking, “This wedding is taking about as long as a real one, hurry up and get to the action!” Later when Wu whispered something to Jason after the ceremony, things really started to get interesting. I had noticed while Wu was watching the wedding she was smiling, and she was not sitting with Novak and Buscema. Did she come to the realization that the wedding wasn’t just a business deal and front? By the end of Friday’s episode, I think she did. Either that, or she realized Jason and Carly made better allies than the bumbling duo. When the car blew up, I was also reminded that Jason had told Spinelli before the wedding began he was sure about going through with something. It’s obvious the car that exploded was Novak and Buscema’s. We didn’t sit through all of this to watch Carly and Jason die. It’s just too bad that Gladys wasn’t in the limo with her date.

He’s Back!

Over in Nixon Falls, Wes Ramsey was on fire as Peter, who finally came across as downright evil in trying to kill Nina and Phyllis. Taking out Nina was one thing given he sees her as his enemy, but Phyllis was just a poor innocent bystander. For once Peter also did something right in putting duct tape over Nina’s mouth and telling her, “It’s about time you shut up!” Never in a million years did I think I’d be cheering on Peter.

Peter grabs Nina at Tan-O General Hospital

Of course, Peter slipped away, and “Mike” and Jax worked to save Nina and Phyllis, with “Mike” ending up trapped in the burning Tan-O. It’s fitting that a near-death experience turned Sonny into “Mike,” and so a second would help him get back to being Sonny. It was also great to have Max Gail return to lead his son back to his true self.

The fallout to come has been what this incredibly long and drawn-out storyline has been about. Seeing that so many characters have told Carly and Jason that they think Sonny would be happy for them and bless their marriage, my guess is that he’s going to be anything but understanding. As for Nina, as much as she deserves what is coming her way, when she thought “Mike” was dead, I actually felt her pain and even a little bad for her.

Naturally, when Nina went to see “Mike” in the hospital, she had no idea he was Sonny again. His reveal to Nina that he remembered everything was pretty damn scary. Yup, Sonny is back and is pissed! Be afraid Nina, be very afraid.

Somewhere in Greece?

Who is holding Drew is a question many of us are waiting to be answered, and the writers dropped a subtle hint that it could be the Cassadines when Drew noticed many of the guards at the prison speak Greek. They’ve already re-introduced Victor, and we know Peter was working with Helena back in the day, so could the time be right to bring Helena back from the dead? With Spencer back on the scene and his issues with his father, there is clearly story potential for her.

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We seem to be getting closer to Drew’s release, what with Chloe escaping the prison and taking off in one of the guard’s cars. And there really was no reason Drew had to stay behind so she could escape, other than to drag this storyline out further.

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Helpful Harmony

Harmony seems to be pretty popular in town these days. Frankly, I’ll take her over Willow on my screen in a heartbeat. Without Shawn, Alexis has found herself befriending Harmony, who has few friends herself. Harmony again warned Alexis that Spencer’s girlfriend was no good, and I loved her describing Esme as just the type of vicious viper Shiloh used to recruit for Dawn of Day.

Harmony again confirmed that Ryan seemed almost frightened of Esme. He must know who she is, and that remains the question and storyline I find myself most interested in right now. There is a large chunk of time of Ryan’s life he spent on the run and working for the DVX we don’t know about. Esme is the right age to be his daughter, but I still find myself leaning towards Ava as her mother. Ryan’s obsession with Ava could have led him to find out about Esme. Could he be afraid for Ava? Knowing Esme is coming after her?

Harmony has a warning GH

Dante and Sam also turned to Harmony for a lead on someone Shiloh knew that could have an idea where Drew could be. Frankly, there were far too many references to Shiloh and Dawn of Day for my liking, and hopefully, that is one character that is going to stay dead!

So Long Jordan?

I was as stunned as many to learn that Briana Nicole Henry has departed as Jordan Ashford. Just last week the show seemed to be hinting that a potential Jordan and Curtis reunion was possible, with Portia’s secret about Trina being the next big obstacle they’d have to face. Now, however, after going into renal failure, Jordan’s being sent off to a clinic for treatment. What about Aunt Stella and the unmailed divorce papers? Are they going to drop that storyline? Or will Jordan be recast for the third time? I’m on the fence as to whether they should recast the role. Her character pretty much ran its course, so is there a point in even bringing Jordan back?

As always, these are only my opinions. Please join the conversation below in the comments and let me know your thoughts!

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