Cyrus Renault and Victor Cassadine’s Returns Are Stirring up Trouble on General Hospital — And Have Us Wondering Who The Show Will Bring Back Next?

August 30 - September 3

Cyrus and Victor return GH

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General Hospital seems to be bringing everyone they possibly can back onto the canvas. While it was a surprise to see Cyrus, the bigger surprise was to see who had taken over the role of Victor Cassadine. And the show continues to tease us with a possible major turning point in the “Mike”/Sonny storyline that could finally bring Sonny home. Let’s discuss what’s been going on in Port Charles!

The Return of Cyrus

In last week’s column, I pondered Jax’s warning that Carly and Jason’s wedding might be a bloodbath, and it’s looking that is exactly what could happen. Cyrus resurfaced out of the blue and is working with Mr. Buchema to get revenge on Carly and Jason, which we all can deduce will most likely occur at the big event. I enjoyed watching Carly come to the realization that Jax was right after she and Jason deduced that one of the five families was working with Cyrus, and they’d just invited all their friends and loved ones to a shindig that could make them all targets.

Cyrus talks taking down the Corinthos family in prison General Hospital

Meanwhile, Gladys continues to stir up trouble, flap her gums, and give too much dirt to the wrong people. This time it was Mr. Novak she blabbed to about Jason and Carly. Did she learn nothing from Cryus almost killing her? Maybe Gladys will become a casualty and the wedding. No, we likely aren’t going to get rid of that busybody so easily.

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The Plane, The Plane!

I’m loving that the show is giving us more of Scott and Obrecht on screen because they are comedic magic together. As the drama on their plane was going down, Anna, Dante and Sam were all discussing the case of Drew’s downed plane. As Sam theorized the WSB might have brought down his plane, and that the other passenger on the plane might be someone who knew Drew, they began discussing the past and Victor Cassadine. I wish they hadn’t though, because that was the tip-off that it was Victor at least behind what was happening to Scott and Obrecht. Could he also be the one that has Drew? If so, that would mean he’s also working with Peter because of the fact the real Nurse Chloe is in the same prison.

GH victor obrecht cassadine

After the plane ride from hell, Obrecht woke up in an elegant room that looked suspiciously like Cassadine Compound in Greece. Low and behold it may well be the compound because Victor returned from the dead and was the one who kidnapped Obrecht. The real shock was not that Victor was alive, this show loves to bring those Cassadines back from the dead, but that Mr. Sheffield from The Nanny, aka Shane Donovan of Days of Our Lives, Charles Shaughnessy was playing the role of Victor! It’s got to be hard to recast a role that Thaao Penghlis made his own over the years, but Charles Shaugnessy? Don’t get me wrong, I am a huge fan and think he’s a great actor… but as Victor? It’s going to take me a while to adjust to this. Others on social media are very excited about the development.

Since the show is bringing everyone back as of late, the fact that Nathan’s photo was shown in Obrecht’s locket made me wonder if Victor has him on ice in a cryo-chamber somewhere?

Back in Port Charles, Scott came tumbling out of the sky after being thrown out of the plane with a parachute, something that could only happen to Scott. Of course, he interrupted what was about to be Finn and Liz’s first kiss. I’m finding myself starting to warm up to these two as more than just friends. At the same time, it still bothers me that Liz is Hayden’s sister, and this feels incestuous to me.

Crazy Esme

Last week I wrote about how Spencer’s crazy girlfriend Esme had piqued my interest given her curiosity about Ryan and wanting to see Ava punished. This week Trina caught her referring to Kiki as Lauren, which almost no one called her. Who is this girl and what is she hiding? Many fans are speculating that she’s Ryan’s daughter, but I think it’s more likely that she’s Ava’s. The actress looks similar to both Kiki and Ava’s portrayers. Could she be Kiki’s long-lost twin? I know one thing, even though her mystery is interesting, she’s as unlikeable as Spencer and they totally deserve one another. Hopefully, Trina will be the one to expose them and prove to Nikolas that he was right about Spencer all along. Maybe this time Nikolas will cut Spencer off financially for more than a hot minute.

Esme and Nikolas GH

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The Secret is in the Sauce

As I said in the column intro, it appears we are getting closer and closer to the end of “Mike” and the Nixon Falls storyline, but we’ve been given false hope in the past. Between Joss identifying the bartender’s sauce as tasting exactly like Sonny’s, and Jax remembering seeing Sonny at the barn dance, Jax is slowly putting the pieces together about who the new man in Nina’s life might be.

Mike and Nina kiss GH

After grilling Ava about “Mike,” Jax is headed to Nixon Falls to confirm his suspicions. With Jason and Carly’s wedding supposedly happening the next day in Port Charles’ time, it doesn’t appear Sonny is going to be back in time to stop the nuptials. Then again, the show probably wants to save Sonny’s homecoming for November Sweeps. Plus, with Jason and Carly clearly developing real feelings for one another, it makes more sense for Sonny to return after they’ve been married. And who knows, maybe Carly will end up with a bun in the oven?

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As for Jax, knowing him, he will arrive in Nixon Falls and confirm his suspicions. However, instead of revealing the truth about Sonny, he’ll likely try and figure out how to help Nina out of the colossal messy lie she’s calling her new life. At least Nina is finally waking up from the dream world she’s found herself living in and realizes how much “Mike” will hate her when the truth comes out.

Random Musings

• Jason’s bachelor party was about as exciting as one of Michael and Willow’s conversations about Wiley, and Michael didn’t miss the chance at it to bring up how happy and love he and Willow are. Way to ruin an already boring party, Michael! The best thing to happen to liven it up was also the worst development that could have occurred. Joey Novak crashing the party led to a fight and Dante arresting them all.

• So Olivia hired Brando, who’s now working as a stripper on the side to make extra money, as Carly’s bachelorette party entertainment. Fortunately, she did not know it was Brando who she hired to entertain the ladies. Watching all the ladies fawn over him was both hilarious, yet uncomfortable at the same time given he knows them all and is related to the bride-to-be’s supposedly dead husband. However, he’s a shoo-in to resurrect The Magic Wands for the next Nurses Ball!

• How is it that “Mike” remembers nothing from his past, but knows the exact recipe for Sonny’s sauce?

• Why is Harmony suddenly going by Harmony again? She ditched it for her real name Lorainne after the Shiloh story ended.

• Friday’s episode made it clear that Jason and Carly are getting married in the morning, but September 17 is still 2 weeks away. This is clearly going to be one of those never-ending soap opera days. You know how we can pass the time? By seeing if we can remember all of the different people Sonny’s related to. We put together this handy gallery… but did we leave anyone out?

As always, these are only my opinions. Please visit the comments section to share your General Hospital highs and lows of the week. And make sure to check out our gallery of Drew Cain over the years.


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