Peter’s Unwelcome Return From the Dead Could Finally Bring an End to Nina and Mike — Plus, Who Is the Mystery Prisoner?

August 23 - 27:

Peter returns from the dead GH

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The latest turn of events on General Hospital was one we knew would happen, even if many of us hoped and prayed it wouldn’t. Yes, Peter is alive! The long, drawn-out, boring saga of Michael, Willow and Chase came to an end. And another plot twist and mystery was thrown out there involving Drew’s return. Let’s dive into this week’s episodes.

Here’s Peter!

Just like in Star Wars when the planet Alderaan was destroyed, it was as if a million voices on social media cried out in pain when Peter resurfaced alive. Unlike last week with Drew’s return, which Richard Simms commented on in last week’s column, it was spoiled so far in advance, Peter’s was somewhat of a surprise. However it wasn’t that big of a shock, because the minute his body was not in that freezer in Helena’s secret lab, most of us expected this was coming. Still, it would have been nice if for once they just left him dead. Then again, that would have spelled big trouble eventually for Liz and Finn. The writers clearly had to find a way to get them out of that jam.

Peter makes demands on Nina at Tan-O General Hospital

If one good thing can come of this turn of events is that it may finally bring an end to the Nixon Falls storyline and “Mike’s” amnesia. With Peter having seen Sonny, he’s now blackmailing Nina to help him locate Louise and reunite with Maxie. So far the one mistake Nina hasn’t made is to tell him exactly where Louise is. Still, it’s hard to feel sorry for Nina, who had to have known this would eventually happen. Not the Peter part, but that someone would learn the truth about Sonny. Nina smartly called the one person she knew could help, and that was her Auntie Obrecht. Now Obrecht has put a plan into place to draw Peter to Saint Lucia, where she and Scott plan to vacation. If a second good thing can come out of Peter’s return, it’s that we the viewers will finally get a proper “Who really killed Peter storyline?” You know, one in which Peter is not only truly dead, he’s really most sincerely dead.

In a Prison Far Far Away

In a very unexpected turn of events, the real nurse Chloe turned up in the same prison that Drew was being held hostage in, clearly solidifying what we also suspected, that Peter’s likely been holding him the entire time. The part that doesn’t make sense is why keep him alive? It would be better for Peter if Drew was dead. Then again, perhaps he has some Faison-like brainwashing supersoldier plans for him. The real twist though was the mysterious screaming woman in the distance, who Chloe told Drew had just been relocated there and her accommodations downgraded. My first thought was it had to be Hayden, especially given her mother’s recent murder and Sam and Shawn’s quest to find her. But what would Peter want with Hayden? Others pointed out it could just as easily be Holly.

We knew months ago Peter had people following Holly, to try and throw Robert off his trail, which is when she mysteriously was presumed dead. The viewers learned she was alive and being held by someone unknown. With Tristan Rogers set to return as Robert, could it actually be Holly in that cell? The return of either character would be most welcomed.

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The Anti-Climactic Affair Reveal

So after what feels like months of the mind-numbly boring Michael and Willow affair, they finally decided to tell Chase the truth out of the blue. He in turn responded with, “Yeah I know, look guys I can walk!” And then Chase, after thinking about it for five seconds, was understanding and forgiving, at least of Willow. Heck, he couldn’t even seem to stay mad at Michael, proving he’s better off without either of them in his life. Chase confided in Finn that he just wants to move on with his life, and bravo to him. Leave Michael and Willow in the past, and let them have fun discussing potty training Wiley.

Stone cold Chase GH

While I am hoping Chase and BLQ will now finally be able to connect, Brook Lynn’s huge secret about Bailey could pose a problem for them. Then again, Chase’s outlook on keeping secrets definitely seems to have changed a bit. The innocent boy scout detective has been through a lot over the past year and has more understanding of the complicated circumstances people get mixed up in.

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Austin’s Big Shot at ELQ

Austin’s character has definitely shown he has what it takes to play dirty with the Quartermaines, but I’m still not sure of his true nature and agenda. Is this really all about getting vindication for his father Jimmy Lee Holt? BLQ doesn’t trust him, then again she also fears he may piece together her and Maxie’s baby-swap secret. Even Willow admitted she got major sketch vibes from the guy. Then there is the fact that he constantly seems to be running into Maxie. Could they be hinting that he’s a potential love interest for her? While I want Maxie to have a storyline that doesn’t involve Peter, I’m not sure if Austin is the one for her.

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Spencer’s Crazy Girlfriend

Upon Spencer and Esme’s visit to Springridge to see Alexis, Esme found herself drawn to Ryan. Of course she did, she’s clearly insane! Even Harmony later warned Alexis to keep her nephew away from that one. For whatever reason, Esme seems fixated on communicating with Ryan, who seemed to want her to get the hell away from him. Between her overeagerness to help Spencer torment Ava, and now her interest in Ryan, just who the heck is this crazy girl? Ryan, like Peter and Nelle, I could have gone years without revisiting so soon, but I have to admit this storyline has me hooked already.

Esme taken by Ryan GH

The Wedding of the Century

Maxie’s thrown herself into planning Carly and Jason’s wedding, which she sees as the wedding of the century as far as Port Charles’ weddings go. Carly continued to feel awkward about the idea of marrying Jason, though he seemed to be confident that it was the right move for them. After a major confrontation between Carly and Jax, Jason took her up to the pool to calm down, and they discussed old times at Jake’s. A dance, and a near kiss, spooked the heck out of Carly and sent her running. For me, well my stomach turned. However, as usual, I can’t say this is unexpected. With “Mike” having fallen hard for Nina, it only seems right for something to develop between Jason and Carly, simply to make the whole situation when “Mike” remembers more frustrating than a barrel of monkeys.


Jason and Carly Dance on GH

One thing is for sure, Maxie is right that this may very well be the wedding of the century. With much of Port Charles likely attending, and the five families there, Jax’s prediction that Carly has painted targets on her family members’ backs is probably right on. I don’t think it’s going to be Joss, as Jax fears who gets shot though. I’m putting my money on Michael, and perhaps somehow it will be Willow who takes the hit. Why? Because Willow just said, “It feels strange that we don’t have to hide anymore.” Plus, Michael has a history with his lady loves biting the dust.

These are only my opinions as usual. Please visit the comments section to share your General Hospital highs and lows of the week. And make sure to check out our gallery of Sonny Corinthos over the years.


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