General Hospital Has Everyone Wondering What Happened to Peter’s Body — and Many Praying He’s Still Dead!

July 26 - 30:

Anna and Finn and the Freezer GH

Credit: ABC screenshot

The revelation we all knew was coming came to pass on General Hospital, could Peter actually be alive? Plus, are Hayden and Drew also still alive, and have they just set up Chase to fake his paralysis? Join me as I speculate what could happen.

Where is Peter?

That’s the question on everyone’s mind! Not only in the fictional town of Port Charles, but also with viewers who want to know if Peter is alive or dead. Finn confessed everything to Anna, who naturally told Valentin, while Liz opened up to Jason. Unfortunately, when they all went to check the freezer, Peter was predictably missing. The blood droplets at the scene of the crime indicate one of two things, either someone moved the body or Peter walked away!

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GH Peter in freezer liz finn screenshot

If someone moved the body, the question is who did it? The only person who might have reason to help Liz and Finn is the same person on everyone’s lips lately… Hayden! But how would she know what happened, unless she’s secretly back in town and somehow found out? Plus, would she even have the means to move the body?

The other option, that many don’t want to see come to fruition, is that somehow Peter is alive. Was that freezer they tossed him in one of Helena’s magical rejuvenation tanks? It definitely doesn’t look like the ones Stavros and Drew were kept in. So who knows! Valentin seems convinced that Peter’s alive and has escaped to bring about more terror another day. I knew deep down that Peter’s death wouldn’t be a done deal because he was such a loathsome villain that he was essentially too good to permanently kill off. And as Valentin noted, he wouldn’t be the first person in Port Charles to come back from the dead. But like Nelle, viewers got tired of him literally getting away with murder and many need a break from him. At the same time, we also want to know where he is! Like it or not, it’s a good mystery, even if it involves such a hated character many don’t want back.

I’m With Joss When it Comes to Spencer.

Spencer isn’t just on Joss and Cam’s nerves, he’s on mine. I have to agree with Joss that maybe he should have just stayed in Europe at this point. I loved Joss repeatedly shoving him in the pool, and Carly pointing out she had to stop as it was a safety hazard made me chuckle. However knowing he’s the stalker was bad enough, but watching him continue to dig into and torture Ava is heartbreaking. I know many have no sympathy for Ava, but I really like her and Nikolas’ relationship, and Spencer, as grown-up as he is, is still acting like the spoiled snot-nosed brat he always was.

spencer asks ava to put past behind them gh

I was hopeful in last week’s column that Nikolas would figure out Spencer was the stalker. Unfortunately, he’s got Hayden issues to deal with. After Spencer’s fake olive branch to Ava, and pushing her to cut off all contact with his father for his own safety, here is hoping Ava will get a clue. She’s a smart cookie and I think she, along with Trina’s help, can figure this out and expose Spencer. My guess, with Spencer promising to throw a rager of a party for Trina, that’s where the big reveal will happen. Because no party on a soap is an event without some kind of a shocker.

Remembering Hayden and Drew

For weeks Hayden has been mentioned a lot, and on Friday’s episode, Liz feared something could have happened to her sister which has prevented her from returning. Could she be dead? Or as hypothesized above, is she in town and secretly helping Liz and Finn? If she is, is she alone? Friday’s episode had Sam and Shawn discussing Hayden’s shooting, and Drew’s part in the whole scenario as he was who Shawn was supposed to be aiming for. Liz and Nikolas also discussed Hayden and Drew’s past and how Ric paid Hayden to claim to be Drew’s wife. Could Hayden and Drew be together and both returning? We know Cameron Mathison is due to turn up soon, and many suspect that he will be a recast Drew. It would be a great twist to have them both back on screen, and the former All My Children actors who were such a popular couple reunited.

nik wants to help hayden on general hospital

Wiley’s Big Day

Wiley, the most beloved child on the show, is gearing up to celebrate his birthday Quartermaine style. Of course, the party set the stage for a good bit of drama. After nearly catching Willow and Michael in a lip lock, Carly warned Willow that she was wearing her feelings for Michael on her sleeve. If she can see what’s going on, so will others. Michael and Willow’s relationship is the worst kept secret on the show right now, and it isn’t even an enthralling secret. You either love Michael and Willow together or are bored to tears by them. There seems to be no middle ground among fans.

Meanwhile, Chase, determined to walk and fulfill his marital duties to Willow, was able to at least do the former on Friday’s episode. Now we don’t know if he’ll remain stable or not, but this is progress. Austin spied on the detective on his feet, and something tells me Chase is going to keep this a secret. I’ve long suspected ever since the reveal that he was paralyzed that the show would pull out the over-done fake paralysis storyline in order to keep the girl. I hope I’m wrong, because I like Chase, and he deserves a lot better than Willow. I don’t want to see Chase dragged down into a predictable deception storyline after he learns Willow is sleeping with Michael behind his back. Chase needs to dump her and get with BLQ, with who he has a great connection. Watching him sing to Bailey/Louise was adorable, and you know it tugged at BLQ’s heart.

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Speaking of BLQ, her and Maxie’s plan continues to unravel. Valentin is suspicious of why she’s on edge around Austin, and Austin has revealed he’s having strange dreams about Maxie and another woman talking after the nasty nurse knocked him out. She not only has Austin remembering to worry about, but she herself has admitted she getting too attached to Bailey, aka Louise. Then there is possibly alive Peter, who if he’s really alive, will not stop until he finds Louise. If I was a gambling man, I’d put money on Bailey/Louise turning up missing very soon!

Brook Lynn and Louise GH

These are only my thoughts about this week’s episodes of General Hospital, and pure speculation of what could happen. Join the conversation by leaving your own in the comments below.

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