General Hospital Teases Viewers With Hints That Sonny May Soon Return — Plus, Austin’s Connection to the Quartermaines Raises Questions

July 12 - 16:

Mike doesn't want to leave GH

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After what felt like a few slow weeks, General Hospital went into overdrive with their episodes this week. From a new set to Austin’s not-so-shocking reveal and Spencer finally coming home, there was a lot going on in Port Charles. And can we dare to hope the end of “Mike” and the return of Sonny is around the corner?

Nice To Meet You, Austin

Well as many guessed, Austin revealed himself to be the son of the now late Jimmy Lee Holt, who recently passed away. He crashed the Quartermaines’ vote on a new ELQ CEO and said he’d be contesting Edward’s will, which cut his father out. While the other Quartermaines were left stunned, Olivia was all about the drama and cracking jokes about Edward’s infamous affairs and the family’s unorthodox Thanksgivings. Lisa LoCicero was hilarious this week, and the writers really should use her comedic talents more on the show. Speaking of hilarity, Yuri calling Brook Lynn “BLQ” left me in stitches. We really need to see more of Yuri and Monica together, because it’s been a long time since Monica has had some fun!

Austin crashes the Quartermaine Mansion GH

As for Austin, BLQ’s assumption that something must have happened to drive him to come after the Quartermaines and ELQ got me thinking. Ned, Monica and Michael assume he just wants to set things right and honor his late father’s memory, but there has to be more to this. He or Jimmy Lee could have returned long before now, so what really is going on? I really hope that they aren’t setting Austin up as a villain, because we’ve been there and done that with both Todd and Franco, even if they both got reformed. Then again, if a formula isn’t broke, why tinker with it? As I stated last week, I’d love to see Roger Howarth become more of a leading man on the show.

New York, New York

As Anna and Valentin followed a lead on the pilot Peter hired to a hospital in New York; “Mike,” Phyllis and Lenny ended up at the same hospital to consult a doctor about Lenny’s heart condition. Honestly, I was surprised that Phyllis’ research didn’t end up leading her to General Hospital for a consult, but I am sure it’s eventually coming, especially after we learned Lenny has pancreatic cancer. Yes, I’m sure a visit to Port Charles and Dr. Teri is in the near future!

Lenny has cancer GH

While in New York, we had to deal with the very predictable and groanworthy near misses of Anna and Valentin spotting Sonny. One good thing to come from the trip is that it seemed to have sparked some of “Mike’s” memories. Not only did he remember his words to his father on his deathbed, but he seemed to recognize Anna’s voice in the hall. Unfortunately, when he went to investigate, she was gone. It really is looking like the end of Sonny’s amnesia is around the corner. At least we can hope it is. Plus, Lenny’s drilled it in that he and Phyllis don’t have the money to fight cancer. But you know who does? Sonny!

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Can You Keep A Secret?

Maxie reached her breaking point when it came to being unable to stay away from her little girl and spilled everything to a stunned Nina. It was nice to see Nina actually bring up her own mistakes in the past involving Ava and Avery, and admit to herself she couldn’t judge what Maxie’s doing given the lies and secrets she’s keeping. Still, when the truth eventually comes out, I wonder if anyone will be on Nina’s side except for Valentin? I worry this story could result in her character’s exit, but hope that isn’t the case. I’ve grown to like Nina and Cynthia Watros in the role. Nina’s scenes with Willow on Friday were touching, and I still feel the show should have made Willow her daughter instead of that awful, dead Nelle, who is bound to be resurrected someday.

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Father, I’m Home!

Last week we learned that Spencer was the stalker, which like Austin’s identity, most easily guessed. However, his vendetta against Ava could pose a problem with his friendship with Trina, especially after she went on and on about how great Ava’s been to her. And now that he’s come out, so to speak, to his father and grandmother, how will he explain lying to Trina about who he really was? I was looking forward to scenes between Spencer and Laura, but we really didn’t get that much. I also am looking forward to his reunion with Joss and Cam, and would love it if Emma came back to town to join the younger crowd for the summer.

Laura and Spencer talk to Nikolas at Wyndemere General Hospital

As for Spencer’s return home, I was glad to see Nikolas call his son out on his fake concern about his and Ava’s marital problems. I thought Nikolas reminding Spencer of his own facial burns as a way to try and find some sympathy and understanding for Ava’s past actions was a nice nod to Spencer’s history. And even though Spencer hasn’t done nearly as horrendous things as Ava, he’s no perfect prince to be. He really should have thought this revenge scheme through, because he’s no match for an angry Ava, and I can’t wait to see how Ava and the others react when it comes out what Spencer’s done! Oh, and as many other viewers have noted, how is it that Spencer no longer seems to think he’s above all the townies in Port Charles?

Dive In At The Metro Court

The Metro Court’s new pool is the new happening spot in town, and I’m loving the new set. Between it and The Savoy, there should be a lot of fun going on in Port Charles this summer! I was glad to see Curtis suggest to Portia that they give things another try, and Dante threatening to have Rocco arrested for doing cannonballs was hilarious. And while Dante and Sam both opened up a little to Chase and Maxie about their kiss without naming names, I’m still not sold on Dante and Sam as a couple. I also can’t help but wonder what Maxie will say when she finds out Sam’s new man is her best friend’s ex-husband. Then again, it’s a soap and everyone has dated everyone at some point, or are bound to. And as annoying as I still find her character, Gladys did look stunning in her new blonde dye job.

That Kiss!

The “I’m not surprised” reactions to Jason and Carly’s engagement continued, and it appears that even Sam, like Spinelli, has figured out it’s only a business arrangement. Wouldn’t you think the other five families would too? Still, I had to hand it to Sam for getting that dig into Jason about how she always knew Carly came first with him. As for Jason and Carly, that peck on the cheek he gave her on Friday’s episode was so awkward and made my skin crawl! And I’m no jewelry expert, but the ring he gave Carly looks like something plastic out of a bubblegum machine.

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