Spencer’s Return Shakes Up Several General Hospital Storylines — Plus, Jason and Carly Are Just One of the Odd Couples in Port Charles Lately

Spencer and Trina bond flirt GH

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It was a week of celebrating the Fourth of July on General Hospital, and there were plenty of fireworks. Right now though it feels like the majority of the couples on the ABC soap are not supposed to be with one another, as everyone plays a weird game of trading partners. Let’s dive into what is going on in Port Charles.

The Trap is Sprung

The week began where last week left off, with poor Trina arriving at her party covered in blood, which yes as we all guessed was fake. She accidentally sprung a trap at Ava’s gallery as she came face to face with the stalker and she was sprayed with fake blood. Not only was she sprayed with it, but the entire gallery was, ruining many of the paintings.  Nikolas and Ava continue to tug at my heartstrings though, especially when he finally agreed to expedite the divorce after his failed attempt to catch the stalker and because he loved her, and she told him the same.

Trina springs the trap GH

Of course we the audience found out the stalker was Nikolas’ son, Spencer, as many had already deduced. He’s only made himself known to Trina, and is calling himself Victor, for the time being, a nod to late Victor Cassadine. Last week I had mentioned that Cam and Joss’ reunion still had me feeling that the show missed the mark in not pairing Trina and Cam as a couple. However, Trina and “Victor” seem to have instant chemistry, though she is not one who likes being lied to. When the truth comes out, and it will, how will Trina react? Especially when she told “Victor” how much Ava means to her?

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Until the truth comes out, we the viewers get to watch the classic soap plot of the newcomer, who’s not really a newcomer, play his game out until he gets caught by someone who knows him. Will Cam, Joss, Ava, Nikolas or Laura be the first to realize Spencer is back and is still a big troublemaker? I’m really looking forward to seeing the NuSpencer and how he connects on-screen with Nikolas, Ava and Laura. I’m really eager to see the young actor play opposite Genie Francis the most, especially seeing how the former actor had such a great rapport with her.

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More than Fireworks on The Fourth

Port Charles celebrated The Fourth with fireworks, but it was the explosions on the ground where the real action was at. I really enjoyed Liz being there to help Sam deal with learning about Jason and Carly’s engagement. Liz plastering Sam with alcohol and them burning Jason’s mementos was an enjoyable scene of female bonding, especially seeing the two women have historically been at each other’s throats over the guy. Frankly, drunk Sam was the most fun Sam has been in weeks and it would be nice to see more of this side of Sam. Her falling in the harbor with Dante, and them then sharing a kiss, was funny… However, I’m still not sold on Dante and Sam as a couple. Something is still missing between them for me.

Sam liz burn things GH

One couple that I’m shocked I’m warming up to is Liz and Finn. Don’t get me wrong, I’d rather have Hayden back in a heartbeat. However, there is something sweet between Liz and Finn… It’s the way they look at one another, and the way they rest on each other’s shoulders. I still think it’s too soon for both of them to move on, but we are dealing with soap time here. And as one reader said, they’re really enjoying Liz getting back to her wilder ways. I do wish they’d solve their Peter on ice problem because having to listen to Liz talk Finn down from turning himself in is getting old.

I mentioned in last week’s column that I’m all for Anna and Valentin getting together, but again, I want to enjoy this romance and not have it forced on us under the shadow of Peter’s memory. Even though Valentin pulled her into a kiss, and it was as smoking hot as the sparklers they were playing with, Anna realized she couldn’t go there… at least not yet. When they finally do get together, the wait will be worth it.

She’s Back!

I was really glad that Curtis quickly found out about Aunt Stella’s latest butting into his life by trying to push Portia away from him so that he and Jordan could potentially reunite. Sorry Aunt Stella, but even TJ thinks that ship has sailed. The writers could have predictably dragged this out for weeks, but fortunately, they didn’t. While I understand her motives in wanting Curtis to try and save his marriage, I wasn’t a fan of the old Stella coming out to play. I’m still not sure she doesn’t have more tricks up her sleeve either to keep pushing him back towards Jordan.

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The Marriage Tour

Carly and Jason made their way around Port Charles informing those they cared about, and those they didn’t, of their upcoming nuptials. Even though it really is a business arrangement, the reactions from people have just continue to be mostly odd. Joss, who just lost her Uncle Sonny, seemed thrilled by the idea and called it a no-brainer and was happy for them. Even Monica, who is no fan of Carly, understood and just wanted Jason to be happy.

Jax in bed with Britt GH

Of course, Britt’s reaction to the news, and Carly twisting the knife, were the most painful to watch. I and others have really fallen in love with the idea of Britt and Jason as a couple. Sure, there is still that idea that Sam and Jason are end game, but why not test some other waters out on the way and shake things up? So to see her get her heartbroken, and jump into bed with Jax of all people to forget her sorrows… yuck! Seriously, my eyes! Hopefully, that was a one-time mistake, because I’d rather never see them together again.

Then there was Carly, who just couldn’t believe Britt and Jax hooked up and wasted no time in telling Britt that what she had with Jason was nothing but a fleeting moment, and she was just a distraction for him. That was just damn cold! As much as I hate what Nina is doing in keeping the truth that Sonny is alive from his family, I really am having a hard time feeling sorry for Carly at all right now. Oh when Sonny returns with his memory and finds out what his bestie and his wife have done… I hope he doesn’t take the “understanding” route and instead blasts them.

Fighting The System

When Molly and TJ visited Shawn in Pentonville and learned about Alexis being thrown in solitary, and Alexis’ suspicions of Judge Carson, I thought to myself, “Holy Moley, Molly’s getting a real storyline!” However as quickly as it began it was over. Molly, with Martin’s help, got the goods on the corrupt judge and Jordan somehow sprung Alexis and Shawn pending new trials. Well, at least it appears we won’t have to watch Shawn and Alexis hanging out in prison for much longer? Alexis might have just served the shortest prison sentence on a soap.

Molly and TJ talk anniversary at Kelly's General Hospital

Austin’s New Gig

Finally, by Friday, Austin made his way to Port Charles and convinced Britt to hire him at General Hospital. Meanwhile, Anna told Maxie that she believes she knows the mysterious charmer’s father. How long are they going to keep us dangling with this storyline? I’d rather see a lot more Austin than some of the other storylines we’re being given, such as the Willow/Chase and Michael drama, and the whole Nixon Falls crowd. I’d like to see them make Roger Howarth’s character a real leading man and am still hoping for a surprise twist about his identity that nobody has guessed so far.

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These are only thoughts on this week’s episodes of General Hospital. Join the conversation by leaving your own in the comments below.

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