Fans Weren’t Shocked at All by Jason and Carly’s Engagement on General Hospital — but Anna and Valentin’s Scenes Were a Nice Surprise

June 29 - July 2:

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The past few weeks of the ABC soap had felt a bit slower. As I wrote in last week’s soapbox, it seemed as if General Hospital was getting back to normal after the loss of Peter and Cyrus and setting up new storylines. This week several storylines advanced, even if there was some predictability to them, including a major hint as to who Ava and Nikolas’ stalker is. And the stalker helped close out the week in an exciting way.

Who Didn’t See This Coming?

Faced with threats from the Novak family, who were making moves on Sonny’s territory, Jason and Carly realized the only way to present a strong front was to get married. The scenes between Carly and Jason weighing the step, the pros and cons, without ever saying the word marriage, were well written and acted. However the viewers have been speculating this was coming for a while now, so it wasn’t a big surprise.

The reactions to Carly and Jason’s news seemed to be a mixed bag. Carly’s friends and family predictably weren’t all that shocked, as if they expected this to happen just like the viewers did. Michael’s always been especially close to Jason, but I found it odd that even he wasn’t somewhat weirded out by this “business” marriage, and even told them he was happy for them. Say what?

Michael grills Jason and Carly GH

Carly meanwhile knows the rest of Port Charles won’t be so happy and will judge her. She also fears everyone will think the marriage was her idea because she’s chased every woman out of Jason’s life. Well duh, Carly. What do you expect given you, Jason, and Sonny had/have a weird relationship! They’ve basically been a throuple, though without the sex. Given Carly is the queen of judging everyone else, any bad reactions she gets to this news she has coming to her. I did however feel sorry for Carly, just a little, while watching her have to remove Sonny’s rings, especially since we all know he’s not dead.

Britt’s reaction to the news was heartbreaking, especially since Britt and Jason really had something good going on between them. It was also nice seeing Jason defend Britt, and stand up for her and their – whatever they had – to Carly. Sadly as Britt pointed out in her visit with Brad, she should have known better, because there is only room for one woman in Jason’s life.

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Nina learns Carly is getting married GH

Then there was Nina, who learned of the upcoming wedding from Jax, leaving me once again shaking my head. Nina had become one of my favorite characters over the past few years, and now bit by bit, I feel she’s being destroyed by keeping the secret about “Mike.” Heck, as much as Ava hates Carly, even she probably wouldn’t condone what Nina is doing. I can only hope that Nina will come to her senses stop the wedding by either revealing the truth or maybe even bringing Sonny home to crash the nuptials. And while that would be a very soapy thing to do, something tells me that Sonny won’t be back until after they are married, because that would bring even more drama.

Graduation Parties

The teens, now young adults of Port Charles, celebrated their graduation with several parties. At Trina’s party, after Nina gifted Joss a new journal, Joss and Cam finally had it out about the faux entry that Dev wrote about their homecoming kiss to break them up. The writers really took their time in clearing that mess up! Honestly, until Joss opened the journal I had put it out of my mind!

Cam tries to talk to Joss GH

Though they still haven’t pieced it all together, Joss let Cam know she never wrote he was a bad kisser and proved it by pulling him into a kiss. Frankly, this seemed out of left field given the tension between these two for months now, as well Joss’ anger towards Cam. Then again, strong emotions make us react in unusual ways. Hopefully, they can all move on from this, though I still think Trina and Cam make a better couple.

Trina and Nikolas Versus The Stalker

Ava wasted no time in filing for divorce from Nikolas, hiring Scott as her lawyer. The scenes of Scott blabbering all of Ava’s private information and violating lawyer-client confidentiality were hilarious, and totally Scott. However, Nikolas is refusing to give up on their marriage and put a plan to catch the stalker in motion. Yeah, the minute he said he had a plan, you knew things were going to go wrong, and they did when he didn’t expect Trina to be in the gallery so late and the young girl maced him.

Ava and Nik's stalker on GH

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However, the real surprise was that we got a look at the stalker, even if they were wearing a ski mask. It seems that all the speculation that it has been Spencer looks to be correct given the stalker appears to be a male similar in age to Trina and the other kids. While this is not surprising, the end of Friday’s episode where Trina and the stalker appeared to spring Nikolas’ trap was unexpeted. In a scene straight out of Carrie, Trina arrived at her big party covered in what looked like blood… or strawberry syrup. Oh and does anyone NOT think that the stalker and Trina are going to end up a couple?

It’s Getting Hot in Pautuck

Anna and Valentin were the true surprise, and treat, of the week as the heat between these two was off the charts. While searching for clues about Maxie’s baby they were caught in a rainstorm and took refuge at Austin’s cabin. The scenes of two of them, warming up in front of the fire, and the glances between them, it was all pure magic. As they discussed their past and how much they mean to each other, I really expected them to go there… but they didn’t, and I’m actually glad.

Anna and Valentin get close in cabin General Hospital

Anna is still on the rebound from Finn, and Valentin also has his plate full with his new fake baby and only recently realizing Nina isn’t coming back to him. Rather than pushing these two together over Peter, as the show seems to be doing with Liz and Finn, I’d like to see Anna and Valentin take their time. I’ve been waiting for these two to get together for a long time and don’t want it to be all about Peter. Obviously, Peter is a major connection between them and always will be, but the thought that they finally get together because of him makes what they have just feel icky.

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Austin’s Mysterious Motives

Austin arrived back in Port Charles and hired Scott for a secret mission. All we know is it involves ELQ, Austin wanting to know more about the families in Port Charles, and he’s especially interested in Jason Morgan. Many viewers have wondered if he could be the son of Jimmy Lee Holt, a Quartermaine through one of Edward’s affairs. This would explain his interest in ELQ. But what about his curiosity about the Corinthos wing at the hospital? And even though Jason Morgan is a Quartermain, he really doesn’t have much involvement with the family. So why the interest in him? Whatever his motives, I’m really enjoying the story and his character… but would rather have Franco back in a heartbeat.

auston questions sam about being suspicious gh

Hopefully, we won’t have to wait much longer to find out who he is, because Anna uncovered a major clue at his cabin. Not only did she get a sense of deja vu when she met Austin, which I think in part was a nod to Roger Howarth playing his third character on the show, but she found a photo of his father at the cabin and recognized him.

Finally… Where’s Holly?

Yeah, don’t think we viewers haven’t forgotten about Holly writers. Hopefully one day soon the show will pick that storyline up again.

These are my thoughts on this week’s episodes of General Hospital. Join the conversation by leaving your own in the comments below.

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